1. DD says

    Just a girl having a good time with her friends. And by friends, she seems to mean hustlers and whores and other people who she has to pay to spend time with her.

  2. MarkUs says

    Reminds me of her “Music” video which was much better. She’s probably filming in Europe because it’s still where she’s very popular.
    And where the majority of her income is generated now. Their buying public is less ageist. Ask Tina Turner who could fill an arena there in her 60s.

  3. says

    Can someone ‘artistic’ explain why you’d degrade the picture to look like it was shot on a Soviet-bloc attempt to manufacture color film in the 1950’s? And then add simulated chromatic aberration for that cheap plastic lens effect?

    Because it’s retro? I remember retro when it was new and it was never that ugly.

  4. Paul R says

    The video is fine, but I too wonder about the “explicit” warning and whether she did all her moves in a real moving car. The illogical chronology threw me off.

  5. shane says

    cute song. good for her. hope she’s still grooving when she’s 80– that’s probably one thing that will make me feel young because i’ll be 70 at the time.

  6. MattS says

    @Fenrox, not sure who in the video is in their teen, as most look to be mid to late 20’s or older.

    Cute, fun and Madonna looks amazing, as usual! Love it.

  7. Rob P. says

    Awesome!!!! Fun song and fun video. Too bad that so many people are ageist and don’t just enjoy the music and video for what it is – ART! I love that Madonna continues to create art that she is passionate about – to me that is the most important thing – not her age or the people she chooses to be around or date. All those people making comments about her age – I hope that no one tells you not to stop doing what you love!

    Peace/love –
    Together we can make the world a more positive one!

  8. jakeinlove says

    I forgot I haven’t listened to this CD for about 3 weeks now. I guess I better give it another listen or I’ll be ‘not cool’. Cute song, maybe I’ll make it my theme song for a road trip to San Diego.

  9. Stephen says

    Does it seem as though the person in the overalls and mohawk is a girl? If so, she shows a full breast in the video. This may be a sneaky way of getting an androgynous person by the censors.

  10. dms says

    the sheer number of responses makes it clear she still matters. But whoa, what a banal song. these trite lyrics seem to be a first draft of a third grader. It’s just so simplistic. And while madonna has never been a technically great singer, post Evita when she really learned to make the most of her thin voice, she had some great vocal performances, particularly on Ray of Light. Now? Thin, tinny and squeaky as if she learned nothing from that period of her career. I just don’t get it. How did the bar get so low? And then there is the matter of this video. Fine, she looks like a drag queen with those tarantula eye lashes, fake hair and boobs by Jell-O, but the concept, that she is annoyed by paparazzi and wants to be left alone and then opens up the convertible so she can be adored by the masses and bask in attention doesn’t make sense. Or maybe it does, at this point in her career, she just wants to be adored unconditionally. I for one am perfectly willing to do that, but on one condition, that she create more interesting music.

  11. Sad says

    Plain song for a plain video. And as others have said, why doesn’t she have people her own age in the video instead of all 20-somethings making her look their grandma? She makes it seem like you’re only “cool” if you hang out with young people, which is ridiculous considering she’ll be 54 next month.

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