1. graphicjack says

    Lady Xerox strikes again… seriously? A fragrance? With black and white ads? And a provactive pose? With a mask? Right after M did one? Come on… get your own identity and stop ripping off Madonna’s, Gaga… geez.

  2. Grover Underwood says

    pretty damn inspired-to take it literally, famous people have people climbing all over them wanting a part of their fame

  3. denison says

    How is this work unfriendly? Or even meriting a blur, when there is nothing shown here you wouldn’t see on someone w/a bikini?

  4. Tim says

    She’s most famous for thinking she’s famous. She’s a useless no talent that needs to go away — with force.

  5. Icebloo says

    I like the image. It’s a great idea and it’s been done very well.

    I’m not a huge fan of Gaga but you have to give credit where it’s due – this picture is very good. It’s good to see something different.

  6. Jesus says

    I’d recommend checking out Youtube Professor Felix Bernstein’s critique of her work. It’s absolutely brilliant!

  7. Nanna says

    This ad was shot many months ago, before Madonna’s was released + at her performance at New Years Rockin’ Eve & appearance at David Letterman in 2011, Gaga wore a mask similar.

  8. Jonathan says

    Of course everyone who been brainwashed into Gagaology thinks it’s great. Madonna has guts. Gaga has gimmick.

  9. Tommy Girl says

    This is why no daughter of mine will attend classes at Convent of the Sacred Heart!

  10. Tommy Girl says

    This is why no daughter of mine will attend classes at Convent of the Sacred Heart!

  11. Marcus says

    I assume it’ll be like Wode by Boudicca, except kind of reverse. Whereas is clear, sprays out as blue, and then fades to be clear again, I assume this starts black and opaque and either changes color when atomizing or changes color once exposed to air on the skin. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be fun to apply. I just wonder what the notes are!

  12. TomJck says

    What’s the big deal? NSFW? Whaa? Compared to the Calvin Klein ads that have been up in Times Square? Compared to the Victoria’s Secret ads put up by so many hetero guys in there cubicle’s?

    Andy, you or your guys must be either seriously naive or posted this with your tongues firmly in cheek. ( I suspect the latter, lol.)

    Cool ad, btw VERY cool.

  13. Reality says

    Madonna just sucks. Needs to be said. Her most recent album was garbage and most recent music video is boring. She’s desperate. Lady Gaga on the other hand has something new every day.

  14. says

    Lady Gaga has done far more for the gay community then Madonna has ever done. Whether you like her music or self-promotion -or not- you have to admit her fame and dedication to support us has been beneficial to you and every other gay person reading this today.

    I applaud her.

  15. steve says

    to all the gaga haters ….shut up…… go listen to an 80s maddona song ……..the ad is brilliant………….

  16. Yawn says

    The fact that the word “Fame” appears in her tour names, album titles, song lyrics, and now her stupid fragrance shows what a FAMEwh0re she really is. She doesn’t care about music, all she cares about is FAME! You got that? FAME! Next thing she’ll probably do is release some stupid clothing line called FAME! Got it? FAME! Don’t forget it – she’s got FAME!

  17. Thomas says

    So GaGa releases an image of herself covered in jock strap clad lilliputians, but because the image is in black and white, and she has blonde hair…it is a Madonna rip off? What is wrong with you people? Annie Lennox and Grace Jones both wore BDSM inspired masks long before Madonna.

  18. AngelaChanning says

    It is so nice to be 12 years old again and hear Gaga versus Madonna trash talk. LOL.

  19. says

    @ANGELACHANNING True, and why don’t they realise that it’s also about how creative the photographer is, there can be the same photographer or director and even if they are different they can still get inspirations from each other, copy each other, have similar style of working and sometimes being friends with each discuss their ideas and though unknowingly end up doing similar things. It’s not that these singers have this much time to plan everything my themselves nor they would like to take risk by doing that. Also as someone said that it was shot before Madonna’s came out so it’s very possible that they were shot during the same period when this concept was in vogue. Stop guys grow up, if you want to criticize these singers than go to them and say it because if instead of doing that you keep only posting here and engaging yourself into falme wars then you’re only hurting others’ feelings and judging, criticizing and questioning their taste and choice. And seriously haven’t we already had enough of this?

  20. AZEXPAT says

    At the risk of evoking yet another scary “icon” – Grow up! Fame Ho (Gaga) vs. Fame Ho (Madonna). What does this matter? Like them, don’t like them. But don’t become sad queens decorating your houses with memorabilia of someone else’s life and thereby thinking you have one. Think velvet Elvis.

  21. Tristram says

    I really do think that 99% of the world (and reading the comments, a large section of people who read this blog) don’t understand Gaga. Gaga is a performance artist and her whole act is a pastiche of fame and of artists like Madonna who so desperately crave it. In this way, it’s not a surprise that there is an overlap in styles, but that can be said of Grace Jones, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson et al.

    I’m not saying that Gaga is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but people love what she does, even if they don’t always understand why.

  22. says

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  23. MDK says

    Gaga can sing circles around Madonna. Nothing else really matters, you bitter old queens. :)

  24. MichaelJ says

    Oh how nice… another performer whose image is more important than their performance, selling themselves to help other sell things. How creative… how refreshing!