News: Pet Shop Boys, Barney Frank, Dustin Lance Black, AARP

RoadTeen victim of anti-gay beating at Ohio high school speaks out.

ElysiumRoadPet Shop Boys release cover, tracklist for new album Elysium.

RoadNYT on Romney's disastrous London Olympics trip: "The aftermath was swift and vicious, with the British press devouring Mr. Romney like a pile of mushy peas. His campaign was slow and flat-footed in recognizing it had a problem, and unable to improvise a quick response. Instead, staff members were forced to watch as David Cameron, the British prime minister, offered a tart and public rebuke on Thursday. 'Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere,' Mr. Cameron said, an obvious allusion to the Games Mr. Romney oversaw in Salt Lake City."

RoadWorld's biggest gay nightclub to open in Las Vegas: "Kelly Murphy, who owns Las Vegas's largest gay club, Krave, as well as the recently-opened drag queen bowling alley, Drink and Drag, announced plans to open the world's largest gay club, called Krave Massive, in downtown Las Vegas in December."

RoadDustin Lance Black to script Earthquake film for JJ Abrams. "While Universal made the 1974 film that starred Charlton Heston, I’m told that the title and natural disaster subject is all the films share. So it is not a remake."

RoadDennis Rodman on Ricky Williams: "He's not gay. I'm just saying, he just talks like that."

RoadAARP: The gay man's guide to dating after 50.

RichieRoadLionel Richie approves of massive tribute to his song "Hello".

RoadCathy and Catriona, Colorado lesbian couple with three children applies for green card to keep family together: "Cathy is a beautiful, funny, intelligent, hard-working, adventurous woman, and a great mother and life partner.  As her wife, it is heartbreaking for me to watch her worn down and demoralized by the angst and worry that is imposed by the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that cruelly denies the existence of our family, and that so emphatically refuses to recognize her as the spouse and mother of U.S. citizens."

RoadRick Santorum defends Penn State over sexual abuse charges.

RoadBarney Frank speaks out for marriage equality at hearing on platform contents: "Frank, who sits on the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee, expressed the views at the committee hearing in Minneapolis today after Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan and her wife, Karen, asked the Democratic Party to make clear in the platform that the party wants to see the Defense of Marriage Act repealed and same-sex couples given equal marriage rights."


  1. jason says

    I can never understand why gay men have allowed their sexuality to be taken over by the drag queen set. Drag queens are not the definition of homosexuality.

  2. EatGine says

    @ Jason – well said in my opinion…but brace yourself for the usual backlash and attacks from the usual politi-tard nellies that lurk on here.. After all, this *IS* Towleroad, where having a different opinion makes you an automatic troll. Oh yeah, and “self hating”. Love that one.

  3. AT says

    To be fair, Santorum didn’t defend Penn State. He just said we should give due process and wait for the process of law to finish. Innocent until proven guilty. I hate the guy too, but I care about the facts, and there wasn’t any defense in his statement.

  4. Don says

    Jason: Better face the fact that Drag Queens are part of gay history. I’m sorry we can’t all be “straight” like Lance Dustin Black. If we paid more attention to Drag Queens instead of Lance’s every career move we would be better off, unless he starts filming “Without Protection” And it’s time for his “boyish” hairdo to go. Who cares about this ego maniac. He’s old news.

  5. jason says


    Well, of course drag queens are a part of the gay liberation movement. I’ve never denied it. They played an important role at Stonewall.

    However, being a drag queen is not the definition of homosexuality.

  6. gr8guya says

    I have gone to Krave 3 times when in Las Vegas. It was always quite empty and totally lame. Why they think that going into a bigger space that is off the Strip will be better is inexplicable. Closing in 3….2….1….

  7. Don says

    But it is the denial of drag queens, now that assimilation to “straight hood” is in action. Was there ever a “definition” of homosexuality? Everybody’s subconscious is different. It’s obviously an attraction to something male. Even if straight. I love to use my skills on a straight who’s never had it from a guy. It helps to bring a stop watch.

  8. Michael DeSelms says

    Jason…take a look at our history. Stonewall riots. They were drag queens. No they do not define homosexuality. But we must remember their place in our history.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    Regarding Romney’s diplomatic missteps…

    Let’s not forget one of his advisors made the racist remark that Romney, as an Anglo-Saxon, would have a better understanding of the special relationship with the UK than Obama, who is an African (to be more accurate: only 1/2 African). Hmmm… Once upon a time Romney had a gay foreign policy advisor who was supportive of marriage equality and who was drummed out of the campaign because he was gay. While I understand Romnay has distanced himself from the advisor’s racism, when will he be driven out?

  10. Caliban says

    It’s bizarre to me that people don’t understand that Mormonism is NOT a Christian denomination. If they did understand that Mittens wouldn’t have a chance.

    People who follow the New Testament, a “sequel” to the Torah, are not Jewish. People who follow the Book Of Mormon, a sequel to the old and new testaments, are not Christian. The BOM is not “canon,” it changes the rules and mythology of what came before it, so it can’t legitimately be called Christian even though Jesus is IN the BOM. And if it’s not a cult it’ll do until one comes along.

  11. Acronym Jim says

    “I can never understand why gay men have allowed their sexuality to be taken over by the drag queen set.”

    We haven’t.

    “Drag queens are not the definition of homosexuality.”

    No one has made that claim. Not even Merriam-Webster.

    Non sequitur much?

    I really wish this site allowed block quoting…in comic sans.

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