GLAAD Responds To Kirk Cameron’s NOM Video


Calling Kirk Cameron's anti-gay politics "outdated and irrelevant," GLAAD president Herndon Graddick admonished the actor for teaming up with the National Organization for Marriage and claiming that children can only thrive — "incubate" was the word he used — when raised by heterosexual parents.

"Kirk Cameron and the anti-gay activists at NOM are making a claim that Americans know to be false," said Graddick. "This rhetoric won't work anymore. Communities across this country love and cherish their LGBT neighbors, friends and family members. This includes people in families headed by LGBT people. Their implication that LGBT couples can’t create loving and stable homes is not only outdated and irrelevant; it’s designed specifically to hurt those families.”

And, as we learned today, almost all the major American medical associations agree with GLAAD's assessment.


  1. JauntyJohn says

    If you’ll pardon me for “going there,” it looks as though, from the most recent photos I’ve seen, that hate-mongering is apparently quite aging.

    And regarding Mr. Graddick’s comments, I would say “irrelevant” is now the perfect description of their tired lies.

  2. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Sorry, but ‘incubate’ is such a crypto-gay word to use. It’s hilarious how the closet case’s true colors somehow manage to show. Always.

  3. says

    More weak arguments from our incompetent leadership. They don’t bother to point out that the AMA and the rest passed judgement on these questions years ago, or that Camembears words are an assault on innocent people. And he’s not ‘irrelevant.’ Many agree with him, and the fight continues.

  4. PLAINTOM says

    If the haters would spend a fraction of their money and energy on the problems which stress all marriages instead of spending all their efforts trying to stigmatize and attack LGBT families maybe we wouldn’t have a 50% divorce rate.

  5. Dawson says

    Hey Kirk

    Should we outlaw divorce too to make sure there is a husband and wife raising children?

    History and all of mankind has shown that the world would be saved with a two parent household. Haven’t we all seen that there is no crime, unemployment, drop outs with a two parent household. Yes, every child is living happily ever after in the str8 world.

    What type of fantasy land do they live in?

  6. Wyett Earp says

    Kirk, go away!! However many attempt you make to get a career going, it’s not going to happen. You time to shine has pass. You do not possess an iota of intelligent and that’s the death knell. You can be stupid publicly or privately. That’s your only choice. Oh of course, there will always be Sean Cody. Even that,I think it will be as short live as John Wayne Bobbit.

  7. jason says

    Kirk looks awfully gaunt in that photo. I wonder if he’s suffering from an illness…..?

  8. Mike says

    Kirk Goebbles Cameron is the new Christian Minister of Propaganda for the anti-gay Christian religious fanatics, NOM and other anti-gay Christian hate groups. Just like Joseph Goebbles was the Minister of Propaganda for Hitler and Nazi Germany that put Jews and Homosexuals into concentration camps to be murdered for being “different”.

  9. jason says

    The mere fact that gay men had a crush on Kirk Cameron is cause for alarm. It proves that gay men base their opinions on physical attractions and not substance. As a community, you are too lazy to go beyond looks. Everything you do is based on looks.

    No wonder you have fallen as a community.

  10. JerzeeMike says

    Outdated & irrelevant are two very accurate words to describe Kirk Cameron to a tee.

  11. Greg says

    News flash: Gay and lesbian couples already have children! And they will continue to have children. So all this talk about “protecting children” is hogwash because it ignores some children (because of some warped sense of morality).

    Jason, please! Playboy magazine has been around a lot longer than Playgirl – women have always been judged by men for their appearance. Are you actually claiming that you vastly superior heteros don’t make judgments based on looks?

  12. UFFDA says

    What the hell is this worm doing out in the open anyway. Like most worms he dines on rot.

  13. Tony says

    When it was on the air Growing Pains had several time slots.

    One of which is now the home of Modern Family. I like the irony in that.

  14. candideinnc says

    We are listening to this no-talent, has-been…why? I didn’t think he wasn’t cute in his prime, which was a looong time ago. I KNOW he wasn’t talented.

  15. nick says

    Just go away Mike Seaver and be sure and get more counsel from Paul and Jan Crouch -two paragons of the Xtian Reich-

  16. Rob says

    Cameron is an ignorant rental tool for hire. I guess this is the only way he can make a living. Sad.

  17. aneas t. says

    Nobody except gay blogs are paying attention to Kirk Cameron. I don’t know why you continue to bother with this bore.

  18. Michael says

    Kirk Cameron is gay. GAYgaygayGAY.

    I’m ok with you being a self-loathing queen on your own time and in your own closet, but the minute you start cashing in on it as a money-making venture, or legislating against it, it’s open season on self-loathing queens…

  19. says

    NOM is panicked because the polls are going against them in all four states. If Kirk Cameron is the biggest “celebrity” they can get, they are in trouble.

  20. Robert K. says

    I’m so tired of this talentless actor from this mediocre former sitcom speaking out about us. And I agree with Michael, the allegations about Cameron being gay were in effect years ago; apparently Mr. Cameron slept around quite a bit before he was “saved.”

  21. Mykelb says

    The now debunked Regnerus study is academic fraud and scientific bunk. If Mr. Cameron is relying on that study, he is well aware that the results are under scientific scrutiny via academic inquiry at the University of Texas, Austin.

    From Scott Rose, Investigative Reporter, New Civil Rights Movement

    I propose that you do an in-depth report on a scientifically invalid sociological study, funded by top Republicans through the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage and carried out by the University of Texas, Austin’s Mark Regnerus, who describes himself as a “fundamentalist Catholic.” Though the study makes no sociologically valid comparison between its test and control groups, it is being very heavily promoted by the Republican establishment, with hopes of “messaging” voters that homosexuals are dangerous to children, thus motivating them to vote for Romney, who has signed the anti-gay “pledge” from the National Organization of Marriage, which is tied to the funding of the sham study. In states with marriage-related ballot measures for November, this study already is being pushed very aggressively, for evident, Rovian reasons. Note that over 200 Ph.D.s and M.D.s have signed a letter, protesting the study’s lack of intellectual integrity. I have done some reporting on this matter, so to further acquaint you with it, here are some article links:
    “NOM-Regnerus ‘Gay Parenting’ Study: A One-Percenter Dirty Campaign Trick”
    Publication Of Invalid Anti-Gay Regnerus Study Referred To Committee On Publication Ethics”
    “Bombshell Letter: 200+ PhDs And MDs Question Scholarly Merit Of Regnerus Study”
    “U. Of Texas Stonewalling On Regnerus Inquiry; TNCRM Reporter Sends Complaint E-Mail”
    “Mark Regnerus And NOM’s Anti-Gay-Rights ‘Expert Witness Project’”
    “NOM Shill Mark Regnerus’ Long History Of Using Religion To Attack Gays”

  22. jhr459 says

    I always thought we missed the perfect rejoinder to the ‘Adam & Steve” BS – we should call them Adam & Yves – perfect!

  23. Big Boy says

    Wow. The propaganda is in full force. Were are these “loving” LGBT neighbors, family and friends? Don’t be so threatened by the opposition. You wanted this didn’t you?” If there is a God you know they’ll win so don’t worry. Or get a puppy instead.

    “With “gay marriage” the only question, what’s truly put in question is “gay” — the legitimacy of our very lives. What’s put beyond question is “marriage.”
    A system rooted in rights of property, long treating women and children as property; an institution long critiqued by feminists, social activists, children’s rights advocates, gay liberationists; an edifice visibly crumbling — has become the Gay Holy Grail.” rb

  24. Josh says

    “Almost” all agree with GLAAD’s assessment? That’s like Corvair testing its’ own cars and telling you how safe they are. Until Ralph Nader tells you they are “unsafe at any speed.” (early ’60’s)

    Get a Barbie doll, you can avoid the formative years. And you won’t have to be rich like most gay parents portrayed are.

  25. Icebloo says

    I have no idea who this actor is so I looked on Wikipedia and discovered he is a former child actor and his career is now in the toilet. I should have known. He is using this platform to cause controversy to raise his profile.

    It’s time to stop these idiots using us for free publicity. Stop reporting stories by these D list “celebrities” – let them fade back into obscurity.

  26. Randy says

    Here’s what happened. Cameron made a mildly anti-gay statement a few months ago. It made the news, and the big gay organizations jumped all over him, claiming he was homophobic.

    He was taken aback by this, and tried to back pedal, but still held fast to his homophobia. This got him more news coverage.

    Blogs liked Towleroad and others kept the story alive. So he became rather visibly anti-gay.

    NOM sees that he’s something of a celebrity, so they contact him and offer to pay him for a this speech. Having no other gigs, he accepts.

    We now give him MORE publicity, which means he is becoming even more valuable to NOM and the other anti-gay groups.

    When will we learn! When a washed has been like Cameron or Victoria Jackson says stupid things, we should just ignore it. Otherwise, we just help revive their career on anti-gay hysteria.

  27. Swiminbuff says

    Does this man actually have a regular job since his career basically has been in the toilet for 25 years?

  28. Mag & Brian says

    Anyone noticing the strange troll tactic du
    jour? “Why are we responding to this, blahdee blah.” Rakshasas, you have no power here. Be gone.

  29. says

    Their implication that LGBT couples can’t create loving and stable homes is not only outdated and irrelevant; it’s designed specifically to hurt those families.

  30. theotherlee says

    “Here’s what happened. Cameron made a mildly anti-gay statement a few months ago. It made the news, and the big gay organizations jumped all over him, claiming he was homophobic.”

    You are severely misinformed. Kirk has been a vocal homophobe for many, many years. Do some more research.

    Here’s on of his classic wrong-headed ideals about religion:

  31. wkm1965 says

    i for one am tired of the bible beaters claiming that gays getting married is the fall of american society when heterosexuals continue getting married, having cildren, getting divorced, getting remarried, having children, etc. children are being raised in multi blended families with different last names. there are no full blooded siblings, half brothers and sisters with step families are now the norm. why arent the protesters storming divorce lawyers and churches for allowing people to remarry?

  32. mari says

    Kirk is allowed his opinion…..where is all the tolerance you guys preach…..only goes one way I see….what hyppocrites

  33. says

    oh man, jason’s comment made me laugh so hard i had to respond. anybody remember tiger beat and all of its clones? (does tiger beat still exist? there’s probably a 2012 version in checkout lines somewhere.) i’m pretty sure queers don’t have the market cornered on pre-teen/teen celebrity crushes.