1. kpo5 says

    Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

    Right, because going there to solely score political points was done out of “respect.”

  2. says

    Remember when Teresa Heinz Kerry said “shove it” to reporters on the eve of the Democratic National Convention? Here’s hoping Gorka’s response gets at least an equal measure of the contempt and outrage that she got hurled at her and John Kerry.

  3. james says

    Maybe all the reporters should come back to the US and ignore the rest of Mr. Romney’s trip. I’m only interested because I want to know what his next mistep will be.

  4. Opinionated says

    I just hope that this trip resonates with the independent voters as to just what a joke this man is. The wackado regular base of the Theological Teabagger party probably have warped this visit into a success somehow (or chalked it up to liberal foregin countries and a “liberal” press )but hopefully the swing voters see just how inept this guy truly is. These idiots that surround Romney need to focus more on doing their research when they visit other cultures as most people traveling out of the country do and stop whining and complaining about people asking questions for god forbid we question the presumptive nominee. Another notch on the Republican dispicable card.

  5. say what says

    and with Israeli President shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ehud Barak(netenyahu is prime minister) yesterday praising Obama

    “PERES: When I look at the record of President Obama concerning the major issues, security, I think it’s a highly satisfactory record, from an Israeli point of view.”

    etc while romney was still in Israel was a huge slap in the face to team romney

    team romney is not ready for prime time

  6. cadence says

    “The New York Times and Washington Post are obviously in the Obama camp.”

    Or maybe they decided to act childish, because they were upset that someone who is running for President has been ignoring them for about a week. They have jobs to do, and Romney hasn’t been accommodating them. That would be fine, except for the fact that he’s trying to get elected to the highest office in the country.

  7. TerryA says

    Greta Van Susteren, from Fox News, hardly hostile to Mitt Romney, recently complained about the poor treatment of the press by the Romney campaign. I guess the Romney people don’t really care.

  8. johnny says

    This is just a HINT at what type of administration he would have if voted in, people. Just exactly like Bush, never was in the “I work for the American people” mode, it was simply a peg on the ladder for him and he felt like he didn’t have to answer to anyone.

    Don’t be fooled, this is simply Mitt’s attitude being voiced by one of his minions. It’s all trickle down, whatever the tone is at the top, that’s what’s being handed down.

  9. BSmart2 says

    Kiss my ass, show some respect this is a Holy sight? I thought they were Mormons not Catholics. LOL

    Using curse words is more offensive to me than reporters shouting out valid questions.

    It just goes to show you that just because you are running for President, doesn’t make you Presidential.

  10. Caliban says


    Classy. How better to honor a “holy site” than to yell KMA at someone? That shows lots of respect.

    What was Willard doing there anyway, converting the unknown soldier to Mormonism posthumously?

  11. Bernie says

    if Rommey’s press person acts like this and Romney has acted like this in the past, what does that tell you about the character, etc of Romney? Is this someone who should or could be president?!?!?!?!?!!?

  12. DeeVee says

    Had they done some actual advance work, maybe they wouldn’t be so testy. It as if he were given a list of everything NOT to do. I’m sure he wants to forget about this failed trip as soon as possible.

  13. mormon thugs? says

    Well, maybe, Romney will follow the tradition of Nixon, you know, the one Repubs don’t like to mention, and have an “imperial presidency.”

    He’s no Ronny Reagan, that’s for sure.

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