1. e.c. says

    Glad to see the tide is turning against the mis-named AFA and their “boycotts” of any company that markets to the gay community or has anti-discrimination policies. Guess the “free market” that conservatives are alway touting has spoken, bigotry is bad for business.

  2. says

    Indeed! “Test the Meat of your convictions!” Clearly America has irretrievably gone to hell! Suddenly a good, god-fearing christian might actually get a ticket for assaulting a homo in public. It’s too late for America, but it’s not too late for you, AFA! Pack up and head off to a true, god-fearing nation! Angola, or Uganda, or Bosnia, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran is welcoming you with open arms. You will fit right in. Able to rape your wives or beat a homo with impunity, and even encouragement! Go! Now! GO!!!! Hurry!!!

    You’re still here…?

  3. anthony says

    @ Anastasia…

    I am honestly on the fence about this possible AFA protest. Though I agree with the posts by all. Yet- I have learned so much from the very creative “Hate Groups”. I look forward to reading some incredible Sci FI novel I am sure some author is currently composing and or drafting.

  4. Matt26 says

    “Family” Ass. That’s a laugh.
    Well AFA supporters, I guess you’ll have to boycott everything Google is offering. Ta-daa, you’ll turn back time like you prefer anyway.
    I think Google is doing a wonderful thing.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    Young kid sitting at Starbucks in his Nikes and A&F jeans and hoodie, surfing on his MacBook Pro, checking his Facebook status says, “who the F is the AFA?” Move over grandpa Wilson, young people would laugh if they had a clue you were even around.

  6. shle896shle says

    I hope they do boycott Google. Sicko homophobic bigots have no place in our society. Give them the state of Texas and tell then to STFU already. We don’t need or want them.

  7. jamal49 says

    There must be a God.

    “Test the meat of our convictions”?

    Oh, yes! Oh, yes! We all shall have much fun with that one. For days! YEARS, maybe!

    I have a feeling that right now, even as we type, evangie-fundies the world over are holding conference calls and somberly they are asking themselves:

    What Would Jesus Do?

    Woe be to the heretic who dares to Google for an answer!


    NOW, I UNDERSTAND WHY SO MANY Towleroaders ARE Googling MY NAME. I DID NOT KNOW Google IS, “gay-friendly.” THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION, Andy Towle!


  9. Matt in NYC says

    Hmmm, no Google, no Microsoft, no Apple, Well, the good news is that Linux Torvalds has called people F*** in public before, so I guess they can use Linux and Alta Vista.

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