Hateful Group Pens Song Claiming Gay Boy Scout Leaders Will Molest Kids: VIDEO


We’ve heard about dear Turley’s plan,
And we’re here to say,
It’s sad that such a senseless man
Is with the B.S.A!

Morally, Morally,
That’s the way we like.
Do not touch our girls and boys,
Just go take a hike.

We have seen just what can come
When anyone at all
Can get quite close to little ones
And frankly, we’re appalled!

Morally, Morally,
What will it be like
If we let the unsavory
Get close to our dear tykes?

Morally, Morally,
That’s the way we like.
Do not touch our girls and boys,
Just go take a hike.

You say that we should open doors
And welcome one and all.
With no attention to the boors
Who’ll make our children bawl.

Morally, Morally,
Whatever shall be done
If we hire Sandusky,
and let him near our sons?

Morally, Morally,
That’s the way we like.
Do not touch our girls and boys,
Just go take a hike.


  1. Madcitymike says

    Truly disgusting……..and yes, some of them hiding behind the paper bags is very cowardly. Why are they scared to show their faces? Someone may recognize them and file charges for “Child Molestation”?

  2. J says

    I’m so ashamed I know that guy (and several of his siblings, and his late mother)…

    Let me tell you all something about Eugene Delgaudio.

    Eugene Delgaudio is the type of guy who disowned his entire family because his mother (who was an AWESOME lady, btw) had the audacity to divorce his abusive, violent, addict of a father. Yes, to Eugene Delgaudio, it didn’t matter that the old man beat the living crap out of her every day, she was the horrible sinner for getting the hell out of that situation, and his brothers and sisters for supporting her in her escape.

    THAT is the kind of man Eugene Delgaudio is.

    Oh, and he was picked on mercilessly as a child for having “gay” mannerisms, which he still does. Is he a closet case? That I don’t know, but it’s not a coincidence “the gay agenda” (ooooooooo!) is his pet issue.

  3. Caliban says

    How very “brave” for them wear paper bags over their heads. If you’re going to spout crap like this in public then have the guts to show your face and stand behind it.

    Someone there should have ripped those bags off.

  4. endo says

    Careful, ya’ll. You’re just baiting Rick to come in here and say that Sandusky was a “homosexual pedophile.”

    For once, maybe we all ignore him?

  5. says

    @Endo – the entire commenting world needs to ignore him once and for all. one more miserable basement-dwelling troll who’s never been kissed and comes online to vent his anger at everyone else who has.

    i’m with you, buddy.

  6. Paul R says

    “Boors”? What kind of insult is that for gays? He clearly doesn’t know the meaning of the word. I wonder how long he spent coming up with that absurdly stupid “song.”

  7. Cocoamonk says

    Huh…. You know, I know this may sound wierd, and bear with me, but is no one else flattered in a really odd way? Not by their words of course or the song, but by the bags? Think about it. The gay community is making people scared to show their faces while they do this… They’re starting to think-somewhere in those minds of their’s, that “this may not be a good thing for people to remember me by.”

    I think this shows that we have some pull now.

  8. Rick says

    “Sandusky was heterosexual.”

    “Jerry Sandusky is not a homosexual. Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile. These protesters need to review terminology.”
    Webster definition of HOMOSEXUAL:

    1) of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex

    2) of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex


    But apart from the “Jerry Sandusky is not a homosexual” nonsense, a lot of the other comments in the thread directed at these clowns with the paper bags over their heads are quite hilarious.

    I think somebody ought to sneak up on one of them and set his paper bag hat on fire. Now THAT would be hilarious on the evening news. LOL.

  9. MateoM says

    Rick, wanting to have sex with children of any gender is an entirely different sexual orientation. While the act of molesting a child of the same sex would render his actions homosexual in nature, it doesn’t make him a homosexual.

  10. Rick says

    Oh really? Then how do you explain my father having sex with me when I was a child? He was married to my mother, who was a whore, but he also beat her and had sex with me.

  11. Urmensch says

    Clinically, the terms androphilic and gynophilic are preferred as terms to describe adults sexually oriented towards other adults.

    This is because aside from the ‘true’ paedophile who is only interested in young children, there is the regressive paedophile who normally will have sexual relations with adults, but under certain circumstances can act out on children.
    So you can have a gynophilic man, (usually known as a heterosexual) who can assault young boys (a homosexual assault) but that doesn’t make him a homosexual, as used in common parlance.

    The tactic of labelling all men who rape male children as homosexuals diverts attention from the reality that all the studies show that men who are attracted to other adult men are no more likely to offend against young children than men who are attracted to adult women. Some studies show less likelihood.

    Jerry Sandusky committed assaults on young boys, which makes them homosexual assaults, but that says nothing about his sexual orientation. He might be a: closeted gay man who married, and went on to abuse, a heterosexual man who abused male children, or perhaps he is a true paedophile who married.

  12. Jason says

    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    Sanctuary of fools
    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    What DO they teach in schools?

    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    Refuge of the evil and dumb
    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    By honest-to-goodness scum

    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    Whatever could be worse?
    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry,
    Set your bigotry to verse.

    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    My high school English teacher would have failed you so hard in absolute mortified astonishment at the notion that you would use the beauty of the English language to propagate your insecurity and intolerance, and probably given you a good tongue lashin’
    Bad Poetry, Bad Poetry
    It never was in fashion.

  13. Francis says

    The boy scouts kick out and disallow openly gay troops, one of the reasons being fear of child abuse, yet there are several stories yearly of children being abused by scout leaders in the Boy Scouts. Sad, but just goes to show their stance is nothing more than a statement of “being gay is wrong” and nothing more.

    As for these weird bigots, they do more disservice to the entire anti-gay movement than they could ever imagine.

  14. Jerry6 says

    I really cannot believe what is going on with the Boy Scouts today except that the Mormon Church is out to destroy it. When I was a Scout, our Scout Master was a known Homosexual. We had four patrols; One for us Queers (Homosexual was not in use in those days), and three for the Straits. At Summer Camp, the morning and afternoon swims found that only the life guards wore bathing suits; While the 100 or so campers were all naked. (Except for Saturdays when parents were around dropping off or picking up Campers.)

    At my age, I expect to be dead soon. But I am glad that I was priviledged to have lived in the Greatest Country the World has seen at the peak of its existence. I fear that it has started on a slippery slope to its end; much as Europe did when the Catholic Church ruled.

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