J-Lo’s Lesbian Drama

Jennifer-Lopez-jennifer-lopez-13689270-1024-768Deadline Hollywood reports that ABC Family is "fast tracking" an hour-long drama about a lesbian couple and their large, and ever-expanding, brood.

Jennifer Lopez is the show's producer, along with her partner at Nuyorican Productions, Simon Field. The show, which has yet to be named, will reportedly center around the lesbian couple, one of their biological children, an adopted set of twins, and a "wayward" teen girl who wanders into their collective life. J-Lo promises to guest star.



  1. bruce says

    Yawn, I’d rather see a male couple, not a lesbian couple. Lesbians have never had it as bad as gay men.

    Besides, J Lo is awful. Can’t sing, can’t act, panders to the sleazy straight guy fantasy…how low can you go?

  2. Nope says

    I agree with Bruce. Gay men have it harder and I’d much rather watch a male couple instead. Won’t be watching – especially since it’s by J LOW.

  3. jeremy says

    Yeah right, like the name “Jennifer Lopez” will put a guarantee stamp on the “quality” of this drama. My friend went to see W.E thinking maybe Madonna’s directing is less crappy than her acting. Boy, was she wrong…

  4. Devonasa says

    Why not a lesbian couple? In the Fall we will have both Modern Family coming back, and The New Normal, both shows featuring a gay couple as main characters.

    It will be good to have a Lesbian couple represented as well.

  5. says

    Aah, the strange lesbian phobia of some gay men rears its head once more.

    “J Lo is awful. Can’t sing, can’t act, panders to the sleazy straight guy fantasy”

    None of which has anything to do with producing a television series.

  6. Steve says

    JLo is exploiting the subject. Straight males have no problem watching lesbians. She merely wants to inject herself into the movement. Anything for publicity, Good gimmick for her.

  7. DRG says

    i really don’t understand the hate. if you don’t like jlo, don’t listen or watch her. seriously. whether you have a favorable opinion about her or not, she is and has always been a big gay supporter. why turn away friends and allies, that happen to have huge fan bases, who try to use their celebrity to further our cause.

    also, all this lesbian hate is completely ridiculous. if any LGBT group has it worse, i’d say it’s the transgendered…but who cares?! everyone goes through different life circumstances and being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered doesn’t make it harder or easier. quit being divisive, hypocritical trolls. you can’t ask for acceptance before you start accepting everyone else.

  8. rico_ysl says

    @DRG well said.. i totally agree..i for one agree Jennifer Lopez has always been a supporter nad has never used it as a gimmick to sell records.. a la Madonna..

    anyways not intending to get into a discussion about who is better.. and which one makes all the gay boys squeal the most..

    i like her and i am excited about the new show..and will give it a chance and of course support any form of positive representation on tv

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