‘Star’ All Over Jane Pitt’s Letter

AngelinajolieWow. Few op-ed pieces in local papers have received as much attention as the one penned by Brad Pitt's mom Jane.

Mrs. Pitt praise of Mitt Romney and admonishment of President Obama for his marriage equality immediately went viral, making Mrs. Pitt an instant right wing celebrity, Today Show topic and now it's tabloid fodder.

According to Star magazine source, Angelina Jolie, potentially a future Mrs. Pitt herself, is "steaming mad" over the letter and wants Brad to "educate his mother."

"If Brad won’t do it, Angelina will have to take matters into her own hands and talk to Jane about how, as the mother of such a prominent celebrity, she shouldn’t be writing letters that clash with her son’s political opinions."

If this is true — IF — and I were Jane Pitt, I would go with "mama's boy" Brad, because Angelina… she could take almost anyone.


  1. Glenn says

    Well, Mama Pitt’s screed was pretty awful, but the idea that how dare she deign to take a position different from Brad’s is also some seriously f*cked-up sh!t. Not sure I really believe that’s Angelina’s position.

  2. Ricco says

    I cannot believe that Towleroad would repeat a BS story from a “Star Magazine” source.

    Seriously Towleroad?

  3. JauntyJohn says

    There are plenty of cool people out there with Mother’s who are anywhere from difficult to toxic. Brad Pitt has always been an ally to the GLBT community — who the hell can control what their mother says, anyway?

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Jane Pitt will be offered a chance to speak at the Republican national convention. Mark my word.

  5. Cecilfirefox says

    She has a right to her own opinion, even if I disagree with it. However, she should have been a little more aware about what was going to come upon her. Like it or not she’s a public figure, in some manner.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Frankly, I’m with Angelina. Miz Jane Pitt needs serious growing up and educating–she seems to be enjoying all the celebrity and gifts her son brings her way that she ought to be a little more sensitive and not bite the hand that feeds her.

  7. DC says

    From all that I’ve read, it seems that Mrs. Pitt’s letter was written out of the blue. I do not think that is the case. The city of Springfield, MO (where the Pitts reside) currently has a non-discrimination ordinance to protect LGBTIs coming up for a vote very, very soon. There has been much said against it; the local Evangelicals are fuming mad and very vocal about it. This weekend, Scott Lively (one of the pastors responsible for Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill) is traveling to Springfield to speak for the locals, along with pastors involved with MissouriforChrist.org. The gay community in Springfield could really use some help with this situation, it seems it will be a very tough fight to get this ordinance passed. I checked out the website for the local GLBTI center, ‘GLO Center’, and there wasn’t a mention of any of this going on. I suspect that Mrs. Pitt’s letter was to try and influence the locals to get these protections to fail.

  8. Tom in long beach says

    Love how Evangelicals love to ignore the Sermon on the Mount and, the golden rule. (treat other people the way you want to be treated). Hopefully most people will see Mrs. Pitt is mentally stuck in the anti-equlity past.

  9. MarkUs says

    You, sir, are no Michael K who is expert at dissecting Star and News of the World and Daily Tattler “news” for his readers. Especially when it comes to her.

  10. ratbastard says

    I of course disagree with Mrs. Pitt’s ‘homophobic’ attitude [if you want to call it that], but she certainly has a right to speak her own mind. If Angelina Jolie tried that with me, I’d quite rightly hand her a** to her. Brad and his mom can agree to disagree. None of my business or anyone elses.

  11. redball says

    most of that is pretty cool, but this part right here is WEAK SAUCE: “she shouldn’t be writing letters that clash with her son’s political opinions.”

    how about: “shouldn’t be mouthing off to spew bigotry and ignorance”??

  12. Karen says

    People igs called free speech. Get over it. And Jolie is a lot more conservative than any of you know.

  13. Pete N SFO says

    It’s all baloney… I seriously doubt that Angie would have that particular conversation, and I certainly doubt that any reliable source would have access to that fact.

    Especially given that Jolie has one of the most conservative fathers in Hollywood.

  14. AlexN says

    As previously stated, when Towleroad has two articles on its front page quoting The Daily Mail, Star Magazine and the National Inquirer, there is a serious content issue. Please do not continue with tabloid reporting. We have plenty of that elsewhere. Thank you.

  15. Jerry says

    Yeah to:
    1. The Star? Seriously?
    2. Liberal celebrity son notwithstanding, the woman is allowed to have — and express — her own opinion, even if I or any other gay person, or even her own son, agrees with it.

  16. Danny in the East Village says

    was this story lifted word for word from the STAR? I hope so because it’s one of the most badly written pieces of krap I’ve ever seen on Towleroad.

  17. CVP says

    Sorry but I don’t subscribe to the argument of she’s entitled to her opinion when it’s seeded with the buds of discrimination. If she had said similar about blacks, Jews, etc. there’d be a much more vocal outcry for her head. Tired of apologists. Get a spine, some of you.

  18. Icebloo says

    So this article today was based solely on a “magazine source” and not Angelina herself……

    What a stupid article ! Surely TowlerRoad can do better than just making stuff up to pass off as “news” !

  19. InAfterglow says

    @ Karen:

    Seriously? So if this Jane c*nt says something nasty about blacks, let’s get over it anyway she has her freedom of speech? That’s BS! There’s nothing wrong about expressing your belief…Except people like her use religious beliefs to dictate the rights I am rightfully entitled to. You can express your opinion but when your opinion targets and denies a group of people their rights and equality… it’s called discrimination!

  20. says

    they can’t get a spine, CVP. they’re doormats

    here’s what i’d say “as long as you hold on to your bigotries you will have no place in your grandchildren’s lives, because we don’t want them to think bigotry is acceptable and you know, “grandma”, one or more of them may be gay themselves”

  21. Disgusted American says

    well Angoli does have a say – as who knows one of her many kids COULD be LGBT? ..and who’d want a woman influencing her children in thier growing years….Angie’s got the RIGHT to Raise her kids the way she wants,and to whom they are exposed too.

  22. PAUL B. says

    My mother…who has one gay son, a second maybe gay son,and a softball playing lesbian granddaughter (hello!!)…is a complete bigot.
    My dad is the same but slightly less offensive.
    I’m gay, love lezzies, drag queens, transvestites, bi’s and everything in between.
    The bad news is…OUR parents can be just as ignorant as anyone’s…and often are. The good news is that they’ll be dead soon and we can all move on.

  23. Mary says

    “The good news is that they’ll be dead soon and we can all move on.”

    Paul, I’m sorry that your parents don’t accept you. But it’s pretty extreme to say that it’s “good news” that they’ll be dead soon. I guess I have no right to judge, having never been rejected due to my sexuality. However, my own parents are pretty lousy people (and were atrocious parents) and I try to pity them rather than hate them.

  24. Steve says

    She can voice her opinion in private. There was no need to make such a big deal out of it only because she is the mother of someone famous. She is only using her son’s celebrity status to gain some attention

  25. PAUL B. says

    @Mary…well, having read you’re antigonistic snarky posts for a while now…I can only say…I’m pleased that you disagree with me because I know I’m on the right track if you disagree. hannity serves the same purpose for me…you’re in good company Mary.
    On a side note…you’re right…you have no right to judge. Take your own advice and you’ll go far.

  26. PAUL B. says

    @ Paul…thank you! Of course it’s not an easy thing to admit about my parents…but I’ll be so “free” when they’re gone.

  27. Chitown Kev says

    I just read that Angelina’s father penned something in support of Jane Pitt, so maybe Angelina needs to work on her own relatives FIRST…and let Brad work with his Mom.

  28. says

    Of course Jane Pitt has a right to voice her bigoted ignorance, but that doesn’t mean she–or anyone else–should be given a pass for it. Yet, the anti-gay bigots always seem astonished to be called on their bigotry, as if there should be special immunity from public scorn just for them. Guess what? Jane Pitts of the world. Your immunity is ending.

    What’s interesting here is that she so publicly voiced her anti-gayness knowing her famous son has voiced very positive messages about marriage equality. Within her right to do so, but it’s really aggressive behavior. Guess neither Brad or Angelina has much influence over their parents’ antiquated thinking.

  29. PAUL B. says

    Maybe there are kids out there who have influence over their “parents thinking”. I’m sure if I search hard, I’ll find them.
    But…my parents are in their late 80’s now and I’m 60. They have the same feelings about my “lifestyle choice” now, as they did when they found out 46 years ago. In fact, they now add “arrogance” to the list, because we dare stand up for our rights. Remember the phrase…”uppity blacks”. Connect the dots.

  30. says

    If she made that “opinion” about black people….the entire country would have to answer to it, she’d be in jail, and Brad Pitt would have to apologize personally to every black person. But belittle gay people and we’re just supposed to say “oh, difference of opinion”…NO. You’re a bigot who should be called out.

  31. says

    Brad Pitts mom should be shunned and shamed and face consequences for promoting prejudice and her bigotry against gays. I don’t care who you are or how old you are, if you are homophobic, you deseerve to face basklash.

  32. says

    “Maybe there are kids out there who have influence over their ‘parents thinking.’ I’m sure if I search hard, I’ll find them.”

    Well, some parents will go to their graves being bigots, and there’s probably nothing their children or anyone else can do about it. But I think a lot of kids do have an influence over their parents’ thinking, because a lot of people–parents included–are in favor of equality IF it affects the ones they love. (Hence the importance of coming out.)

    My mother’s in her 80s, and, though she’ll never be a PFLAG sort, she’s always proud of my equality work, and would certainly never publicly speak out against a civil rights issue I feel strongly about. I wouldn’t tolerate that lack of respect, but everyone’s standards about what they’ll take from other family members is different, celebrity family’s included.

  33. scott says

    This is very doubtful. I’m sure Angelina has known about the elder Pitt’s politics- and like a lot of Americans- she probably doesn’t bring it up at family get-togethers.

    Just tabloid smut and lies….. and giving the right-wingers fodder to yell about liberal “fascism” -which is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

  34. Ken says

    Angelina needs to start by educating her father, given some of his crazy right wing positions she is hardly in a position to complain.

  35. stranded says

    Mrs. Pitt forgets that her son was once a boy from Missouri who moved to California with $100 and a suitcase. He didn’t have any connections, except dreams of becoming a star. He then met a certain gay writer called Thom Racine, who took him in and let him become the houseboy, where he lived for free for two years.

    So perhaps she wouldn’t be so eager to judge LGBT people, who want to get married, because her son wouldn’t have a career without them, and we can interpret that in many ways.

  36. Sam says

    Brad Pitt’s mother is old and boring. Glad her son is not as close minded as she is.

  37. andrew says

    Okay, so she is a homophobe. If I were Brad and Doug, I would continue to love her and encourage my children to have a loving reltionship with their grandmother. At the same time , I would teach them my values about sexual equality. I would never shun her or any loved one with whom I disagree. That is the tactic of the enemy.NEVER, NEVER abandon a loved one for political. religious or social reasons.Life is way too short.

  38. kolbe says

    For those saying, she reaped the benefits of his fame, she should keep her mouth shut, that’s BS. I take care of my kids financially, does that mean they are not allowed to have their own opinions? Her beliefs, narrow minded as they are, aren’t evil. I also seriously doubt she’s spouting hate speech to the kids either, so it doesn’t make her a bad grandmother. I think same sex marriage should be legal, my parents don’t. They have antiquated beliefs, but still manage to be great people, and amazing grandparents. They don’t agree with homosexuality, but have a lesbian granddaughter they love and accept, even if they disagree. Don’t push your beliefs on people, and call them evil if they disagree. You can disapprove of homosexuality without being hateful. It’s just the psycho hateful ones that get the most attention. I disagree with atheism, am I automatically a bible thumper? Stop thinking you know who someone is based off one belief.

  39. kolbe says

    Andrew I wish I had read your post first, you wrote what I was trying to express, but a lot better than I did.

  40. andrew says

    @ Kolbe: I am a gay man and an agnostic/ atheist. I am happy if you find happiness in the bible. But, please tell me that you are voting democrat in November.

  41. kolbe says

    @andrew: I believe in God and Christ, but honestly, structured religion is not for me. I think religion is tainted by men. It’s more my personal faith, and the idea of a Christian lifestyle in that you promote love and tolerance. Unfortunately too many so called Christians, who go to church and know the bible better than i do, forget that little detail. I am against abortion, but can’t honestly call myself pro life because I dont think its up to me to say what another woman can choose for herself. I suppose I’m a very conservative liberal ha ha. As I said, I don’t believe in atheism, but i do understand why some people choose to be. It just makes me crazy to read posts about how she’s intolerant, and some holier than thou hypocrite says, we can’t tolerate her intolerance! She doesn’t agree with me, let’s rip her apart! They don’t even see the hypocrisy in that. I probably lean more right on most things, but can’t bring myself to vote Republican because of the stance on same sex marriage and abortion. As much as i believe abortions wrong, and I hate when its used as birth control, I think sometimes it’s a necessary evil. As far as same sex marriage, I believe truly that a real Christian embraces all love, and accepts others, even if they may not agree. My niece is a lesbian and she and her girlfriend want to get married. You better believe I will be right there with a big smile on my face the day that happens.

  42. kolbe says

    Also, as I said, my parents are against same sex marriage. Not vehemently so, but I do ask that they not teach my children that. Even if they did though, I as their mother, make sure to teach them what I believe to be true and right, and that’s that everyone should love as they please, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. With all the hate and intolerance in this world, we can use all the love and understanding we can get.

  43. Rin says

    Saw this on Dlisted…

    I get that she disagrees and all that crap, but a) she’s old, b) she’s his mother and c) Angie seems like she’s the type of person to engage her in debate rather than stifle her opinion.

    There are people in my family who think women shouldn’t be single moms or that women should be x,y,z…to me that’s their opinion. They’re the same people who buy me Christmas presents, make me cakes, etc.

    I can’t please everyone and they can’t always please me, but I try to find something to love in everyone because to me its not about who they are but who I am.

  44. Peter M. Arel says

    I am against same-sex marriage and
    I am also against politicians who can
    be easily bribed to vote in favor
    of same-sex marriage for political
    gain. They should be IDENTIFIED
    to the voters so the voters can

  45. Peter M. Arel says

    Angelina Jolie is a woman I’d either run from or treat in such a way that SHE RUNS FROM ME! I don’t know how Brad Pitt puts up with that HO!