1. MarkUs says

    It’s not nearly strong enough. He’s an idiot who’s never run as much as a thrift store and has been shuffled along his entire career for one reason only. Game’s up. Show’s over. Look at the numbers. He will be so fired.

  2. MarkUs says

    No, Obama is a socialist black radical and I know this because my parents told me, right before they locked me in the closet for 7 hours of prayer. Not to make me straight, but to remind me to never disobey them. We hate blacks and we’re real patriots because we’re white.

  3. says

    Cut the out of control debt?

    Oh yeah, that’ll fix the economy!

    There is ONE reason for the economic crisis: Republican policy.

    The Rethugs got us into this economy, their objections to stimulus prevented recovery in 2008-9, and their anti-Obama obstruction has prevented any action at all ever since. They’re perfectly willing to sell America down the drain for their own political gain.

  4. Huh? says

    Okay, they’ll spend millions upon millions of dollars for freakin’ ad campaigns.

    Don’t they realize that those many millions could have started a LOT of companies that could employ a LOT of people?

    Talk about wasteful….

  5. the rich are doing VERY well says

    Put the tax rate back to where it was during the Golden Age of Clinton and that will cut the debt. The big crisis was caused by the Bush tax cuts and unfunded wars.

    The reason Repubs are willing to spend millions on ads is because they hope to make it all back on reduced taxes. They could care less about the middle class.

    We need a balanced economy, not an elitist economy. And Romney could not be more elitist.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    KEVINVT is dead wrong as usual.

    Clintons signature on the Republican bill NAFTA, supported by many Congressional Democrats and the Republican bill to deregulate financial predators, supported by almost all Democrats in Congress, produced the housing bubble that burst and produced the current depression with its obstinate unemployment, which has hovered between 15 and 18 per cent for over two years.

    Both parties are led by the rich (Romney) or by lap dogs of the rich (Obama) eager to get rich themselves. A vote for either party is a vote for more unemployment and austerity. Instead of wasting your vote on a union busting lap dog of the .01% or a rich union buster vote socialist, write in Brad Manning or just sit it out. Build unions, the union left and the Occupiers.

  7. antb says

    Bill P: There is more at stake than just the economic argument, and any gay person who just sits this one out is going against his own interest. There is a huge difference between the parties on same-sex civil rights. Obama repealed DADT and endorses same-sex marriage equality. Romney wants to repeal the repeal and will work to make DOMA a constitutional amendment. The parties are clearly not equivalent on civil equality.

    As to the economic argument, sorry but Kevin and Truthy get to the truth of it above.

    Don’t waste your vote by not voting or by voting for more Republican economic destruction.

  8. Kyle says

    We have a 2 party system and that’s not going to change anytime soon. The Dems aren’t perfect but they are the better party by far. The GOP will never support minorities or gays.

  9. Patric says

    First of all, Mike, yours was not only the first, but also the best, comment. For the life of me I cannot understand why this and other LGBT sites do the bidding of the haters by posting their ads. Insanity.

    As for you, Markus, I have copied below my response to your comments at the time of the issuance of last month’s jobs report. You didn’t bother to respond then and I have no expectation that you will be able to do so now either. The facts remain that (i) as others have noted above, Republicans created this mess and (ii) the President has been absolutely blocked from implementing any of his job-creating, economy-stimulating proposals over the past two years since Republicans took control of Congress. Separately, as Ezra Klein and others have pointed out, had the President been permitted to increase public sector employment at levels comparable to the increases under those reknowned Keynesians Reagan and the two Bushes during their economic downturns, unemployment would be as low as 7.0% today. Instead, government has been forced to lay off workers during the midst of a downturn and that has not hindered the recovery of the job market.

    Markus, you allege that the President is incompetent, so let’s review the facts.

    Bush liked to talk like a tough cowboy but it was this President who got bin Laden and who has brought al Qaeda to its knees.  We should also remember that this President got bin Laden by going into Pakistan, something for which, when he first promised to do it, he was attacked by McCain and others as being foolish and naive.

    Despite inheriting an economy on the brink of collapse and worse than that inherited by any President since FDR, he managed in short order to get us to a place where we have had 27 consecutive months of private sector job growth.  Look at these charts and explain for us just how they demonstrate the President’s alleged incompetence:  Indeed, if you employ the standards recently suggested by one of Mitt Romney’s advisors in defending Romney’s weak record on jobs as Governor of Massachusetts (ignore the first year of the incumbent’s term as it mainly reflects the lingering effects of his predecessor’s policies), then the President is responsible for a net creation of over 4 million private sector jobs.

    That success has been realized in part because of the President’s stimulus law, which no doubt was less effective than it could have been had it not been, in order to overcome a Republican filibuster, watered down to make it too small and too laden with relatively non-stimulative tax cuts.  Still, even watered down, the non-partisan CBO has found that it kept the unemployment rate from shooting to over 10% as the effects of the Bush recession continue to rock the economy. and

    No one is suggesting that the economy is where we want it to be but I should point out, as President Clinton recently did, that these accomplishments of President Obama are truly historic.  Consider how long it took the U.S. and world economies to emerge from the Great Depression.  Please identify for me the recession or depression of comparable magnitude in world history where we have seen a comparable recovery in such a short period.  No doubt we need to build further on the President’s successes but, in order to do that, we need to elect a Congress willing to work with the President to enact policies designed to further stimulate the economy and create jobs.

    And the President has accomplished all of this despite reeling economies in Europe, despite Republicans in Congress who’ve done everything in their power to make sure that the President could implement none of his job-creation ideas over the past couple of years and despite corporations which are making record profits and sitting on those profits instead of reinvesting them in the economy.  He’s also done this while managing to keep the growth in federal spending levels (unfortunately in the current environment, in my view) at a lower rate than we’ve seen in years.

    Yeah, pretty incompetent.  I guess we should all jump off the cliff and let Willard take us back to the good old days of Bush economics.  Now there’s a competent crowd!

  10. MarkUs says

    Ha, Urkel says having less jobs created last month than people who actually signed up for “disability” (!!!!!) is a “step in the right direction”!
    Can this fool put down the crack pipe? He is ONE stupid sh!t.

  11. jamal49 says

    I posted some comments earlier and I will try again.

    George Bush’s nickname for Karl Rove was “Turdblossom”. Maybe that’s why my comment was removed?

    I did mention that in a sarcastic reference to Karl Rove, the most closeted of ALL the closet cases in the republicon ranks.

    Frankly, Karl, I’m surprised with your $25million propaganda piece: not one mention of the eight years your president drove this country into the economic toilet by cutting taxes, starting two wars financed by loans from China, the exorbitant and ineffective “No Child Left Behind Act”, not to mention the largest entitlement program ever initiated, The Medicaid Prescription Drug Plan–all financed by back-door borrowing.

    Under Obama, the middle-class pays the lowest income tax rate since the JFK administration.

    Under Pres. Eisenhower, the wealthy paid 88% tax on income. They never complained and they continued to earn gazillions of dollars.

    Under your boy Bush, the tax rate was cut so that the 1% pay less in overall taxes than 99% of the rest of America.

    Under your boy Bush, a surplus that was guaranteed into the year 2040 was squandered in less than one year because of those very tax cuts to the 1%.

    If Bush had followed the sane economic policies of G.H.W. Bush and William J. Clinton, the national debt would have been paid off by the year 2018.

    The overall spending of the federal government is the lowest since the Eisenhower administration.

    Pres. Obama has created more jobs in the last two years than G.W. Bush created in his entire eight years.

    Check out the accomplishments of the Obama administration the past four years. Simply incredible when you account for the seditious, obstructionists republicons in Congress.

    He’s ended YOUR war in Iraq. He’s almost ended our involvement in Afghanistan. He’s restored America’s standing around the world (not completely, but better than under Bush).

    Try and try as your rich corporate friends might try, there’s not one LEGITIMATE scandal you’ve been able to pin on Mr. Obama, even that phony conspiratorial mess and censure of Mr. Holder, the attorney general.

    So, go ahead, Karl, honey, spend those Alden millions. But, please, don’t go berserk when in November, Obama wins by a landslide.

    It will be fun to watch the republicons, the evangie-fundies and all the rest of you conservative low-lives go insane and hopefully commit mass suicide. You’ll at least promise us that you’ll do the latter, OK, Karl? Like on FOX/News prime time?

    Oh, yeah, and what was all that fuss with Jeff Gannon? You know, the glorified rent-boy who went in journalistic drag to the White House late nights? Got anything you wanna fess up to, Karl?

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    As bad as you seem to think conditions are, MARKUS, you and the Republicans have one huge problem: Mitt Romney. The American people dislike him so much that they are willing to stick with….how did you put it? Urkel?

    So far, Romney is the worst presidential candidate in years…certainly the most dislikable.

    And if this US Presdident, a Harvard Law School Graduate, is “ONE stupid sh!t” then what on (or under the) earth does that make you? Something similar to Romney in the upcoming debates, I guess.

  13. Miguel R says

    What would have been more effective than Obama saying phrases like Arab Spring…Earthquake…would have been him saying, “Our economy would be better if there hadn’t been an Arab Spring” (which he never said.) Putting a bunch of random phrases together in order to imply something Obama never said is not effective and will probably be counter-productive to Rove’s goals. The one phrase “we’ve been lazy over the past couple decades” is an indictment of past presidents and also clearly a call to action.
    Look, anyone can do this: Put up a picture of Rove, edit the words “Watergate” “Impeachment” “Iran” “bad economy” and you can blame him for all of these things. For 25 million, I would have tried a little harder.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    ANTB – stop lying. Congress, in spite of Obama, acccomplished repeal of Bill Clintons DADT, but not repeal of Clintons DOMA or passage of ENDA. A Republican Congress would be just as bad.

    Stop lying – Obama says that marriage should be a states’ rights issue not an issue of simple equality. Romney would be just as bad.

    Obama opposes the Bill of Rights – FISA, NDAA, Paytriot Act and his contention that he has the right to murder US citizens on a whim. Romney would be just as bad.

    Obama is a wanton war criminal. Romney would be just as bad.

    Sorry, but you really have to stop lying. The depression was caused by both Democrats and Republicans, Clinton in particular. It’s in the historic record and easy to see.

    Voting for either party is a waste.

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