1. TC says

    Rarely have I seen a concept go from instantly popular to instantly over as fast as “having a kiki.” The video comes far too late — the kiki is already in the dustbin, sad to say.

  2. Ryan says

    I don’t listen to the Scissor Sisters and I have no idea what a “kiki” is, but I am sick to death of hearing it. It’s on every blog, Facebook, Twitter feed, and forum that I’ve seen.

  3. endo says

    Yeh, this song is a tad overplayed.

    But is Anna holding a cellphone with an umbrella antenna? Want.

  4. Tim says

    Why did they do this?!?!?!?! The fan video was amazing and turned my apathy to the song completely around. Now, this high school drama club drunk on a bottle of white zin production has completely turned me off. Shame, shame. The Scissor Sisters got in the way of their own track…..Boooooo

  5. TC says

    “high school drama club drunk on a bottle of white zin” — that’s the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!

  6. Jimi says

    I could watch Del Marquis shake that tambourine for hours.. I didn’t pay attention to much else in the video.. He’s just too damn cute.

  7. Bradley Simon says

    The haters are gonna hate. Have a kiki and get over it.
    It’s fun and we all need a bit more fun in our lives (hear
    that haters!!!)

    As for Del, he’s super adorable and steels the video for me. So adorable!!!!

  8. Donald says

    You are not now, and never will be a strong black woman. So sit down Anna (and Jake).

  9. MattS says

    OMG. So. Much. Fun! Surprised how much Anna pops in this video. Girl should be seeking out some TV/movie roles. Loved Jake and yes, I agree that Del Marquis stole the video.

    What is up with all the negative comments? It’s their song and they have every right to do a fun video to capitalize on its popularity. Personally, I’m glad they did one!

  10. MattS says

    Also, amazing that it was all one take. Did not catch that the first time watching. Impressive!

  11. Tits says

    I love it. It’s camp, it’s fun, it’s a good time. I really like the fact that they didn’t do a splashy, in-your-face production. It’s great.

  12. topsyturvy says

    Very Deee-Lite (Deee-Lite lite?). Fun. And I’m with everyone about Del on the tamboruine. He’s working it, effortlessly (which is more than can be said for some people in the video).

  13. Busytimmy says

    Fun song, just not a very good one. Dee-Lite were genius and ahead
    of their time. Plus they had Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker and Bernie Worrell etc. playing. SS can’t touch that.

  14. Joe De Hoyos says

    Haven’t been into SS much in quite a long time but really enjoyed this video and watching Del play tambourine.