1. BillinSonoma says

    My reaction is …. oops, I almost fell asleep. And the obvious sucking up to the olympic broadcast hoping for airtime, seems a bit desperate to me. And I’ve always been a big fan ….

  2. don says

    I have to agree with Bill. I can already see the entire end-of-Olympics montage cut to this song: Michael Phelps hitting the wall, Usain Bolt waving the Jamaican flag, etc. etc. etc.

  3. says

    What have we done to deserve this?

    I prefer Shakira, et al.’s “Waka Waka”.

    And y’all know I’m not a cynic, but I just kept waiting for “Winner” to actually go somewhere.

  4. djb says

    ZZZZZzzzzz Am I the only one who fell asleep listening to that one? ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It certainly would have helped to be a little bit more up tempo. :))

  5. dms says

    Wow, such desperate pandering for airplay? The lyrics are corny! As if written by an optimistic third grader. And the music is way to languid to convey the central idea of the song–almost as if it is being sung ironically. Irony would have been a much more interesting and fitting pov for the PSB. Too bad. Given that it’s so unconvincing in any direction, I doubt that this will get much attention.

  6. Paul R says

    The first part is sort of awful, but it gets decent. Maybe some commenters should avoid being so critical. It’s really not fun or clever. You don’t like it? No one cares.

  7. hashfag says

    @Paul R – umm, news flash…people are entitled to their opinion. Even ones that aren’t the same as yours. Get over it – and get over yourself.

  8. Gregoire says

    I love the Pet Shop Boys and this is … just okay. Could use some caffeine (aka, better production) at the beginning, but the melody is pretty and will translate well into remixes.

  9. Caliban says

    It’s appropriate that one of them is yawning in the photo above (yes, I know it’s an old photo) because this song is kind of a bore.

  10. QJ201 says

    the Pet Shop Boys…have failed to evolve.

    This could be anything they recorded 20 years ago…and we would have called it boring then.

  11. atomic says

    I’ve enjoyed much of the PSB’s earlier works, up to around the late 90’s. I especially liked some of their B-sides and less-known songs, such as “Hey, Headmaster,” “The Boy Who Couldn’t Keep His Clothes On,” and “Hit and Miss.” (You know you’re a PSB fan if you’ve heard of these.) And of course, I enjoyed their bigger hits as well.

    But this is just…insipid. Completely devoid of impact. It doesn’t even make a good dance tune. This song was actually upsetting to listen to, because it just seems like they’ve stooped to new lows.

    To quote from one of their own songs: “We’re shameless / we will do anything / to get our 15 minutes of fame / we have no integrity / we’re ready to crawl / to obtain celebrity / we’ll do anything at all.”

  12. Paul R says

    Wow, thanks HashFag. I had no idea that people are entitled to their opinions. I’m just sick of reading whiny comments on every board’s comments section from people, like you, who spend all their time whining.

    Great screen name, by the way. Makes a whole lot of sense. Except that it doesn’t.

  13. hashfag says

    @ Paul R – so, by that logic, disagreeing with you = whining?

    Sounds like you’ve pioneered the field of whining. And obviously you have no valid argument of your own, hence why in desperation you dissed my screen name because you obviously have nothing else useful to say.

    Again, get over yourself.

  14. RobS says

    Sorry, but this sounds so contrived and so unlike the Pet Shop Boys that were so amazing! Almost sounds as if it’s been phoned in versus actually recorded in a studio..Maybe it’ll make it to ‘Glee’ for an episode grand finale production number..

  15. ElCid says

    I ALWAYS loved them. 2009’s “YES” was awesome. But this, oh Tutatis! Deeply disappointed with this song. They just sound like… two old guys…old for real…

  16. Mark Nolan says

    Its desperate and pathetic. Also gratuitious and I am shocked and devastated by their lack of taste. Not what I expected at all from a badn who’s taste-ometer is usually so good….. Game over