1. Wyane says

    I hope they are able to pull this together. I was on swim/dive teams my entire youth—watching Greg Louganis in the olympics and his coming out made a HUGE impact on my life. I’ve always been inspired by his bravery and his story really helped me accept myself as a gay man. He is one of my Heroes.

  2. Xavi says

    I absolutely love Greg! Some of my fondest childhood memories were performing on the diving team of my local pool and I remember how unbelievably excited I was seeing him perform in Seoul.

    Greg, you are a winner, a hero, a role model and an amazing man! WE love you!

  3. Josh says

    If you learn nothing from this story, you hot, sexy, sculpted, pretty, handsome, hung men….. you will get old too. Is married old where you want to be? Will your “husband” look like an older version of his real mother or father? It’s happening…

    Greg is a wonderful person.

  4. says

    He did what not a lot of people had the guts to do- came out, doubly, as gay and HIV positive in a world not even half as understanding or friendly as it is today.
    Brave (and sweet, too).