Majority Of Washington’s Pro-Equality Donations Were Under $100

WashingtonYesterday I mentioned that Washington United for Marriage last month raised nearly $1 million for their fight to uphold marriage equality in the Evergreen State.

The group sent me their press release last night and I thought I would share some of their breakdown:

– Total online contributions were $219,000, with an average donation of just under $70.
– 79% of overall June donors contributed $100 or less.
– June brought in 3245 new donors, bringing the total donor pool to just over 7300.
– There were 482 out-of-state donations, totaling $105,587, with the average gift just above $219.
– House parties across the state brought in $31,552 from friends, neighbors and family members, who gave an average gift of $35.
– Two significant major donor gifts of $100,000 apiece from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer.

Celebrating these numbers, Washington United campaign manager Zach Silk remarked, "What’s so heartening about June is that people here are doing what they can."

No word on how much Washington's marriage opponents raised in June, but considering a majority of voters there support same-sex nuptials, I'm betting it won't be a million dollars.


  1. Charlie says

    I wouldn’t want to make or take any bets about fundraising in Washington State. NOM has pledged to give large amounts of money to repeal the law and opponents are also working in churches to raise money.

    The activists in Washington are likely in the best position to keep the law in place. They have the organizational structure from the fight on civil marriage just a few years ago. Compare that to Maryland, where the gay rights groups imploded last year. They will have a much tougher fight.

  2. sparks says

    When it comes to politics and causes which are likely to end up on a ballot, I’m more optimistic to see a thousand people donating a dollar towards a cause than I am to see one person donating a thousand.

    Of course I’m happy to see folks donating who CAN donate big.

  3. glimsong says

    Yea I wouldn’t take bets either. For only in-state donations, sure. However, as we’ve seen most of the donations that fight against equality tend to be out of state by rather large players. However, I am cautiously optimistic that this measure will be upheld.

  4. Scott says

    See- this is why there needs to also be a strategy ( and who knows- maybe some of our groups have one already ) where NOM and other religious groups’ financial sources are tied up or depleted- suits? I dunno… But this Washington fundraising is good news. What I hope is that with our grassroots efforts in so many states where marriage is on the ballot- that will somewhat limit national anti-gay organizations’ financial contributions to their local anti-gay counterparts.

  5. Bob says

    I keep saying — if you live in Washington, have family and friends there, please keep talking up equality. Personally knowing people that will be affected is the best way for folks to decide to vote right.
    And if you are catholic, you are INSANE (a traitor to yourself) to put any money into the plate and not speak up to the priest.

  6. Samuel Ehron says

    NOM will do a big cash drop. But that is not the point. The point is that for the first time, we are establishing a commanding fundraising lead early on.

    NOM will have to dedicate huge resources in WA, ME and MN just to keep up. And the longer it waits to do so, the more advantage will accrue to our side. NOM really never wanted to play the role of financial guarantor of all the anti-gay marriage fights. It really saw itself as a kind of support system for campaigns that could mostly finance themselves. But now, like an over-stretched imperial army, it will have to do all the heavy lifting itself.

    We need to keep up the pressure. If we can keep building our early advantage, even NOM’s cash drop won’t be enough.

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