1. say what says

    UK Prime Minister (torrie conservative)

    Cameron soon rebuked Romney. “We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course, it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere,” he said.

    Whitehall sources = US DC mall capitol and gov buildings = “shocking’ “car crash” “worse than pallin” “get him the hell out of the UK”

    LOL not even the full 1st day of his world tour

    add in netenyahu of Israel is now distancing himself from romney saying that romneys saying they were friends was wrong and he wouldn’t say they were friends but more like acquaintances

    ROFLMAO repub surrogates already admitting the trip is a total fail by saying US doesnt care about foreign press…LOL Obama doing happy dance in the white house I’m sure

    drudge report (romney butt kisser) even reporting on Cameron SLAP of romney

  2. Brian says

    This is a classic example of wildly risk-adverse Mitt. the question was basically just a time filler since nobody cares what he thinks about the olympics. But he is in London, and he supposedly ran an olympics before, so one would think in this one unique situation he might actually have an opinion or some insight. But no, he hedges his bets to the end, saying who knows if it will turn out ok. And then lists the G4S security and immigration strike points, which have been at the top of the news cycle for a week. We really don’t need a presidential contender to passively read headlines to us.

  3. says

    Romney should be doing a better job with foreign policy since he knows every corner of the world he can hide his money! He’s already has international financial ties which run all the way from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands. Never mind that he’s never been involved with politics outside of the US- only his millions of dollars have. Read about the role of Mitt’s money and his Magic Mormon Underwear are playing in the polls at where you can see for yourself the true power of both on display in full color!

  4. Larry says

    Where is Donald Trump to tell Mitt Romney he is making a joke out of himself and America?

    This is so embarrassing,they showed this on tv how Romney totally ripped the London Olympics and than flip flopped and praised the London Olympics. I’m just baffled this joke of a man believes he can actually improve Americas credibility when he can’t even improve his own. Please God let the Obama campaign make a commercial out of this mess, please god.

  5. Gus says

    This statement just released from the Boston HQ:
    Gov. Romney has made an international success doing what no other American has ever done. United the Tories and Labour! Unprecedented!


  6. Johnson says

    I imagine it would be well beyond wonderful to have all of England laugh with you, but it must truly smart to have all of England laugh at you.

  7. says

    “Clueless in London.”

    You’re a hard act to follow, Mittens.

    Now he has even forgotten the name of Ed Miliband, leader of the Opposition when speaking to the media……..he called him “Mr.Leader” !!!!!…….that’s just too easy…..the gift that keeps on giving.

    Mitt, you dope, get a prompter, …like a note book !
    You came to London to make an impression Mitt, and you sure have.

  8. Michael says

    This is too far by entertaining. The good ol’American kitchen got too hot so he booked it out of town. He hasn’t even landed yet and the kitchen across the pond is already overheated.

    America loves you Romney cause you’re such a f#ck-up. Somebody, please, pass the popcorn.

  9. oy geh weh says

    I can’t wait till he gets to Israel and says, “You Jews should do something about that old wall before it falls down and someone gets hurt.” Ann supports him by saying, “You Jews should know those little beanie hats are no protection at all from falling stones.” Asides, to each other: “I thought they had money yet everything is falling apart.” “This temple is nothing compared to ours in Utah.”

  10. say what says

    @ OY

    with Netenyahu distancing himself already, i look foreword to an Israeli reporter asking mittens about his support of his church posthumously baptizing dead Jews into the mormon church

    get the popcorn ready

  11. Tim says

    Mitt is making me like these two fools (Cameron, Boris) – no easy feat!! I’m an American, living in London, and he’s supposedly here to seek our money for campaign donations? No, for the amount of rounds I’m going to have to buy to pay for his ignorance, I think he’ll owe ME!

  12. says

    Just watching BBC and SKY News……..the British are incandescent with Romney for his stupidity …..
    Romney has been trying to row back on his remarks all day…….it’s just priceless.
    What a fool !

    @ TIM :
    Dude, this is going to cost you !

  13. kit says

    The problem with Mittens is that for his entire life, he has been shielded by money from ever having to suffer the consequences of his actions — he could bully, denigrate, humiliate, etc. etc. every other person with whom he ever had any contact. And no one ever told him to STFU. I think he is such an entitled narcissist that he actually has no idea that saying/doing offensive stuff to people is problematic. He just thinks it’s all some great yuks.

  14. say what says


    none of the typical GOProud types (or 1 with a lot of sockpuppets) have said a word

    Hmmm, mitts flop is too big for them to defend so they must be trying to ignore it

  15. Larry says

    The First Lady Michelle Obama is there in London for the opening ceremony and thank god she hasn’t embarrassed America like Romney. This was his first day overseas and he is already making America look stupid and giving us bad headlines worldwide.SMH

  16. Gry says

    Everybody hates Willard.

    His own party has basically described him as an automaton seat-filler who’ll just sign off on any Tea Party hissy fits. This is American success?

    And is there anything that the Romneys won’t throw shade at?

  17. NY2.0 says

    Ugh, I so can’t wait for the debates. The president will tap dance around this idiot the GOP nominates.

    Glad the world gets to see what a classic waffling idiot Willard Romney is!

  18. Hank says

    This guy really has foot-in-mouth disease. A few days ago he pissed of most of America by bragging about being “Anglo-Saxon,” and now he’s pissed off the original Anglo-Saxons.

    Keep it up, Mitt. And send Queen Anne-toinette out to talk down to the masses some more too. You’re Obama’s best secret weapon.

  19. FRED says

    The British have dubbed him “America’s Mr. Bean”. lol

    Does anybody else find it a bit presumptuos that a “candidate” is making the rounds of world leaders? He in NOT the president.

    It was pointed out in an article somewhere that if the UK is supposed to be the best friend of the US and this is how he deals with best friend’s, God forbid how he deals with the lesser countries. EEK!

  20. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Check out the fun on Twitter. Romney now has his own Twitter hashtag describing his train wreck in London, “romneyshambles”:!/search/%23romneyshambles?q=%23romneyshambles

    Some highlights:

    “Mitt Romney retroactively cancels visit to London.”

    “The trip was meant to make him look presidential… it made him look like Mr. Bean.”

    “According to my friends in Gloucestershire, Brits are already beginning to call Mitt Romney ‘the American Borat.'”

    Someone even thinks that Mittens has taken Queen Elizabeth’s little dog for a ride:

    “Next up: Driving around London with the queen’s corgis on the roof.”

  21. ratbastard says

    No American politician should be fund-raising and campaigning in a foreign city. I thought Obama in Berlin was also wrong.

    Aside from that, you’d think the Tories would give the Republican nominee a warmer welcome. It was ice cold. I’d suggest Romney stop trying to suck up to foreigners in order to appear sophisticated and gain a few points in the election. I thought his gushing about Winston Churchill, even after Cameron’s slap in his face and Johnson’s harsh mocking, cringe worthy and embarrassing. Like I said in an earlier post the English don’t like or appreciate American Anglophiles, they really don’t. Both Romney and Obama need to keep their campaigning strictly in America.


    As for the London Olympics, it’s been described by all the British media for a long time now as a painful clusterf*ck, and numerous appalling examples of poor planning and just bad judgment have legitimately occurred. The British were quite harsh in their complaints and mocking of the Canadians during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, so I say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


    Question: Is Cameron aware Romney was governor of a state that’s had legal gay marriage since 2004, something the UK nor any of it’s parts like England, still doesn’t have? Is he aware Romney passed RomneyCare, AKA ObamaCare? And what exactly is he going to do if Romney is elected president? I’d like to be a fly on the wall in their first face to face meeting as President and Prime Minister.

  22. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Ratbastard,

    Romney did everything but stand on his head to stop marriage equality from becoming law in Massachusetts. There is a mountain of documentation from every possible news source that details Romney’s crusade against marriage equality in Massachusetts, a crusade which he lost, but not for lack of trying. What cave have you been hiding out in? It’s obvious that you’d love to see Mittens do some real damage to the push for equal rights, but as far as your fantasies about “President Romney,” I wouldn’t count your chickens yet.

  23. FRED says

    Nice try @Ratbastard! In the UK, marriage equality is currently being debated and there are plans to introduce same-sex marriage laws before the next election. At the moment they DO recognize civil partnerships. Isn’t Scotland about to pass same-sex marriage?

    David Cameron has evolved on the issue and is now a supporter of same sex marriage saying that it is actually a conservative value…you know a marriage commitment. The UK is moving faster than Mitt and the GOP ever will. Maybe he should take a lesson from his conservative counterparts across the pond!

  24. say what says

    @ ratbastard

    Think of it like someone coming into your house (a guest) a biatching about something about your house

    the people of the UK and especially Londoners have the right…think of them as your kids who point out the problem in the house…the house guest has no right to do so, it is rude

    The UK bashing canadian olympics….false equivalency since in Canada the Queen is called the Queen of Canada and

    federal constitutional monarchy, wherein the Canadian Crown acts as the core, or “the most basic building block,”[4] of its Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.[5] The Crown is thus the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government

    US relation to UK is totally different than UK relationship with canada

  25. FRED says

    Uhhh, Romney didn’t bring gay marriage to Maassachusetts so what does that have to do with Cameron? At least Cameron has the ball rolling on gay marriage in the UK.

  26. Tim says

    Torie conservative is very different to Republican conservative. VERY. To equate the two is 100% asinine, but I suppose that really sums up Ratbastard nicely. Nothing about his comments made an ounce of sense.

  27. ratbastard says

    LOL…no, he doesn’t belong there,anymore than Obama did in Berlin. As for his comment, it was typically bland and inoffensive. The Brits make fun of everybody, especially ‘foreigners’ all the time. They love laughing at Canadians, that is when they bother thinking about them at all, which is rare.

    As for some of the other comments here:

    Give me a phuking break; non-Americans, including British, Canadians [especially the so-called Anglo-world] don’t hesitate to stick their nose into American domestic politics, and were instrumental in bashing Bush non-stop, including those who were ‘visitors’. Jesus, amovie about his assassination was made by Canadians and premiered in Toronto.

    Tory vs Republican? Not much of a difference contrary to what some are trying to claim here. In fact, Cameron’s gay marriage schtick is VERY unpopular among the masses, especially among tories. I know it’s the agenda, the police, of some on here [American and non-American] to try it make it appear that the Brits, Euros, etc. are so much more enlightened and less ‘fascist’ than the U.S., and that their conservatives are really ‘progressive’ compared to Republicans in the U.S., but this is a bunch of baloney. ALL Republican and Democrats rule as centralist when they control the presidency. I dislike GW Bush, but he WAS NOT to the far right by any stretch, he was a centralist. Obama IS NOT to the far left, he’s a centralist. Romney ruled Massachusetts as a centralist.


    LOL…the UK and Scotland are now debating gay marriage, etc. So what? Like I said, Massachusetts has had gay MARRIAGE [not civil unions] since 2004, and just declared all civil unions, gay or straight, are legally full marriages. Romney could have done A LOT more to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts. He didn’t, because he’s basically a centralist at heart.Which is why hardcore far right conservatives from especially the south don’t like him.


    Always amusing to hear Canadians defend the British, when the British routinely mock them, and British media were relentlessly brutal during the Vancouver games. I guess it’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  28. EYEROLL says

    @RATBASTARD, so Mass. has had gay marriage since 2004, so what? Romney doesn’t get credit for that. It happened not because of him, but in spite of him. He has in the past been opposed to gay marriage and has re-affirmed that with this campaign. At least Cameron has changed his views and will introduce gay marriage into law. It is going to happen. So, Cameron gets more respect from me on this. Romney will not be introducing gay marriage, and in fact I suspect will do more take away rights we have so far won.

    As for the British mocking the Canadians…what are you talking about? Aside from the Olympics (which may have been jealousy lol) what have they been mocking?

  29. GZeus says

    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere. But regarding his security readiness remark- the 2002 Olympics were deemed a National Special Security Event since they were only a few months after 9/11. So The Secret Service, FBI and FEMA were in charge of event security planning. Not Mitt. The government was.

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