1. says

    Of course he would try and roll back others rights.. LGBT sure.. you bet.. medical cannabis? Even though his wife has MS and thousands of people have been able to get off deadly narcotics 100%.. he would roll that baby back in time to the 60’s..

    Civil rights of all kinds, will INTENTIONALLY be eroded under a Romney administration..

    Best bet in vegas.

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    Religious groups and the GOP have suppressed the rights of the Gay and Lesbian community for FAR too long. It was about time a public official like Obama stood up for this human rights issue while Mitt Romney hides behind Red State Religion and his Magic Mormon Underwear. See Mitt in his sacred undergarments praying for enough money to buy this election so he can spread his bigotry and homophobia at

  3. Icebloo says

    I hope all you so-called gay Republicans are paying attention – AGAIN we have all this hate coming from the politicians YOU are supporting.

    ANY LGBT people who vote Republican should be ashamed of themselves. They need to GROW UP, stop hating themselves and get on with their lives. Time to WAKE UP people !

  4. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Icebloo,

    Gay Romney supporters are most likely NOT paying attention. Their only focus is the perfectly futile effort to kiss up to their homophobic relatives, who will never do anything but punch them in the mouth and bar them from their house during the holiday season. All that self-loathing effort for naught.

  5. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Mitt is one of the most socially right-wing presidential candidates EVER. The stealth veneer of being a moderate has been carefully orchestrated for years, if not decades. The justices he would appoint to SCOTUS would be quite happy to roll things back to the late 19th century…and yes, that would include reversing Lawrence vs. Texas. The repeal of DADT standing? Fuggedaboutit.

  6. Bob says

    @ST T – I think he was once more liberal, BUT
    After watching more of these (unfortunately titled) vids, it seems obvious that the morhole church caught wind of what he was doing, and told him that he needed to obey his duty to run for President as the mormon heir. This means not contradicting church policy, even if it creates injustice and hurt.

  7. says

    Romney will haul us off to the FEMA camps built while Obama has been President. Since Obama thinks NDAA and the right for a President to kill anyone he wants Romney will indeed make things worse right?

    You know who else it gets worse for?

    -Obama’s drone attack victims (far more than the number of LGBT bullies)

    -the troops in needless wars committing suicide (far more than the number of LGBT bullies)

    -The tortured prisoners (including teens) in Guantanamo Bay

    -the medical marijuana users shut down by the Justice Department

    -the drug war Fast & Furious victims

    -the prison industrial complex victims

    -the unemployed, the 50% of Americans in poverty, the majority of grads unable to find employment

    -the future victims of the effects of GMO foods after Obama appoints Monsanto heads to the FDA

    -the future cancer victims after Obama’s EPA raises acceptable radiation standards after the Japanese nuclear meltdown


    Or should I say the corporate 1party system 2party system charade?

    Woman’s rights, racial equality, LGBT equality have all been uphill battles that appeared impossible at the start.

    If we can spur an Occupy and Tea Party movement then we can spur an alternative party movement to:
    1)Combat unfair election laws
    2)Combat media bias/media blackout
    3)Educate voters of alternative party options

    How lowly of a single issue voter must you be to buy into this fear-based BS from the LGBT mega groups and LGBT media?

    If you do not have the power to contribute to enabling alternative political parties to topple the 2party system then what makes you think you can attain equality? You DO have the power for both!

    Just as we work to change the minds of anti-equality people, we need to work to change the minds of people who are stuck with the 2-party system blinders on and show them how evil it is to contribute to the 2party system charade…. How evil is it to justify Obama and his acting as GWBs third term.

    Remember: Obama awarded Bush senior a medal, Pelosi said impeachment and investigation of Bush was off the table, and there are still anti-equality Democrats. They’re all cronies working for the 1%.


    Gay Activist Rips Up Obama Photo In Protest

    Gays Supporting Obama Instead Of 3rd Party Candidates

    Insist Obama & Romney Debate 3rd Party Opponents

    Out Singer Linda Perry Not Into Obama

    Coming Soon:

    Insist LGBT Media Report On Alternative Party Candidates

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