1. Jack M says

    Yes, if you don’t like the fact that two men just got married, shut up and MYOB. If that’s all we get from the Repubs, that’s enough.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Miz Jane Pitt–time to get to the back of the bus. Even your own party couldn’t care less about two men marrying–some of ’em even congratulated Barney. Put that in your Mississipi and smoke it.

  3. George F says

    I love Barney Frank…and now I even envy him because he got himself a hot piece of a$$!

  4. anon says

    There are many valid reasons to avoid BF, such as his constant collaboration with the corrupt Chris Dodd of CT and his tendency to demean anyone who challenges him, so take your pick. It ain’t necessarily about his being gay. And, since a huge % of congressional staffers are gay, there must have been many gay weddings that area congressmen would have attended in the past couple of years. So, not so much avoiding a gay wedding as avoiding BF.

  5. mike flower says

    Politics, & particularly Wash, DC politics is a play-ground worthy of Hollywood but for the dweebs, trolls & slobs who would nevah otherwise get a chance. Henry Kissinger was banging supermodels & you can bet that Jeff Gannon wasn’t trysting w no “hot piece of ass,” as I think I know who he was whoring with during his White House visits that were never fully documented.

    All that said, I hope B.F. will open the closet of hypocrisy that the American political system resides in but, as he prepares to move into the world of corporate boards of directorships, he’ll keep quiet & take the $$$.

  6. Mary says

    I think Rep. Frank has assessed the situation correctly and I’m glad that he’s taking a positive view of the reaction to his wedding. Being the first member of Congress to enter into a same-sex marriage makes him historic, and that’s what I think we should be focusing on – how incredible it is that a thing like this has happened.

    Also, a lot of those Republican lawmakers are secretly wishing Frank well from a distance. You’d be surprised at how many conservatives are starting to think that gay couples look good together. They admit this privately to each other. And this change is also occurring among Middle America. It’s why public opinion is shifting on SSM.