1. Perpective says

    Closed minds get us nowhere. If you can’t appreciate the music, at least appreciate the message, the context, and the implication of telling this story via a medium that has historically rejected homosexuality. In other words, click the damn link.

  2. Greg says

    From what Murs says, it sounds as though he intended this video to be helpful. I don’t think it is. I don’t think it does what he says it does and I’m worried that it will reinforce ideas in some troubled heads.

  3. Perpective says

    Of COURSE it will reinforce ideas in some troubled heads, but it will ALSO be helpful to those ready for a change in perspective. That’s how these things work.

  4. NVAgBoi says

    Wow. Incredible. And for those who think this is “OTT”, think about this….. everyday these kids live violence- they see it, feel it, know it- but not in this context. The graphic nature of this and the unexpected nature of that are what make the message so impactful….so viscerally raw that people can’t look the other way.

  5. RONTEX says

    It’s sort of a hip-hop Romeo and Romeo, yes it’s tragic, but so is life sometimes. Applaud him taking this message to his audience, every chip in homophobia helps break it down.

  6. Wyett Earp says

    Hip hop genre is a subculture protest of mainstream society. It’s a reaction, reflection and response with an attitude. This video is the beginning of homosexuality acceptance within the hip hop community. No different from the movie industry that made Dog Day Afternoon or Cruising.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    incredibly intelligent comment. If I’d stop cursing at people on this blog maybe I could think so clearly. Hot damn these motha’ f….

  8. Caliban says

    I would have preferred it didn’t end in murder/suicide, but maybe the shock value of that is what’s needed to reach the intended audience. It might have been more truly revolutionary if the couple had ended up together but then many listeners would have dismissed it out of hand. Murs’ heart is in the right place though, and it’s interesting that this song/video was released about the same time as Frank Ocean’s reveal even though the two things are not related. It’s a clear signal that Hip-Hop is ready to start dealing with “the gay issue” and address the homophobia in the genre so it’s a positive step.

  9. Matt says

    Awful and horrific. This is supposed to be a positive message? That the only way for gay people to find peace is murder/suicide? Dude, if this is what you’ve got, please don’t help us.

  10. JD says

    I see this video as a positive step. But I feel like this story has been done before, mainly in gay/independent cinema. Another step forward that this time the audience isn’t intended to be gay males.

  11. Randy says

    I thought it was good. This story may have been done before, but rarely in this format.

    If you think the message of the video is “suicide is good”, then you obviously weren’t paying attention.

  12. Bob says


    Milestones for Gay equality in the Black community and in music are coming up fast this year. It is stupid thinking to judge the video by middle aged Gay man thinking.

    “R and J” was a powerful story when Shakepeare told it — it works well here

  13. James says

    I had the pleasure of meeting Murs earlier this year and he is a humble, intelligent, talented artist. Songs like these (and there are very few of them) result in artists in the rap world taking a lot of heat, and his intentions were true.

    He’s one of my personal favorites, and I couldn’t be more happy about the song- regardless of the ending.

  14. stranded says

    Mess? Melodramatic? I guess you cynics hated Brokeback Mountain then.

    This song was alright and Murs has his heart in the right place. Ever since “The Message”, hip hop is no stranger to be used to denounce injustice in our society or touch on ugly aspects of society and it’s good that more hip hop artists are opening up to consider homophobia as something that should be denounced too.

    Sorry if you don’t like the messenger or the medium, but it did get to me and hopefully it will get to others as well.

  15. Mike says

    Proof the Christian religion is killing out gay youth today. You know this kind of thing really happens so don’t say it don’t. Stop the hate before it is too late for us all.

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