New Voters Not So Into President Obama

ObamaCollegeA poll last week showed a dearth of electoral enthusiasm among voters who helped catapult President Obama to the White House in 2008.

Well, The New York Times took a closer look at one of Obama's formerly loyal bases, younger voters and found that citizens who have come to voting age since then aren't as excited as their forefathers:

In the four years since President Obama swept into office in large part with the support of a vast army of young people, a new corps of men and women have come of voting age with views shaped largely by the recession. And unlike their counterparts in the millennial generation who showed high levels of enthusiasm for Mr. Obama at this point in 2008, the nation’s first-time voters are less enthusiastic about him, are significantly more likely to identify as conservative and cite a growing lack of faith in government in general, according to interviews, experts and recent polls.

Polls show that Americans under 30 are still inclined to support Mr. Obama by a wide margin. But the president may face a particular challenge among voters ages 18 to 24. In that group, his lead over Mitt Romney — 12 points — is about half of what it is among 25- to 29-year-olds, according to an online survey this spring by the Harvard Institute of Politics.  And among whites in the younger group, Mr. Obama’s lead vanishes altogether.


  1. ? says

    “But the president may face a particular challenge among voters ages 18 to 24.”

    Please. We all know that the wet-behind-the-ears new voters see Obama as some type of god. As much as I would love to see them come to their senses and realize that Obama ISN’T the answer to America’s prayers, the reality is that they’ll still vote for him anyway.

  2. Oz in OK says

    My worries are less with President Obama and more with what we’ll see in Congress and at the state level. Despite all the anti-Gay, anti-minorities, anti-everything-that-isn’t-evangelical (and don’t ask about jobs) legislation we’ve already seen pouring out of Republican-dominated state legislatures, I am consistently saddened and amazed at the number of people perfectly happy to vote against their own interests in favor of ‘sound bytes’ and ideology instead of research.

  3. We’re doomed says

    Most young voters, for the most part, are ignorant about the issues and how elections can greatly affect the direction of the country. Just last night while watching the news a reporter was asking young people on the street about the upcoming election. Most said they didn’t know much about the issues and a lot of them said they weren’t planning on voting at all! And, most of these kids were minorities. Dumb-asses! They’ll see what happens to different minority communities if Mitty boy gets in the White House.

  4. Polyboy says

    America had 8 years of an Imperial President and those who came of age were used to that.

    Now they’re seeing what happens when Congress is a President’s worst enemy and they can’t quite work it out.

  5. Mike8787 says

    “But the president may face a particular challenge among voters ages 18 to 24. In that group, his lead over Mitt Romney — 12 points — is about half of what it is among 25- to 29-year-olds…”

    This article’s tone suggests that Obama is losing among this youngest constituency, when he is in fact up TWELVE points on Romney. That’s a statistical boatload. While he’s up even more with 25-29 year olds, the take-away should be that he’s up an amazingly significant amount with all younger voters, not that he’s up somewhat less with those that are newest.

  6. Francis says

    A lot of young people are really into Ron Paul and that whole deal. I see more of them than I do young Obama supporters. And I rarely see any young people into Romney at all.

    I’m pretty confident in saying young voters will 100% go to Obama if forced to choose, that or they won’t vote. And that’s not what Obama wants to see, these youngsters not voting. We’ll have to see what happens from now until November.

  7. GeorgeM says

    Believe More in personal freedoms yet vote for anti gay mittens and republicans because of economics, personal freedoms can’t mean that much.

  8. ratbastard says

    This is surprising news ? To who? Politics is cylindrical, especially in a modern democracy like the U.S., Canada, Western Europe. Everything moves at break-neck speed, what was hot yesterday is old today. Plus, like I posted on other threads, young people [for the sake of argument say 18-30, although I’d split that up 18-24, 25-30, because I think there are big differences between the two groups] ARE NOT nearly as ‘progressive’ or liberal as many posters on here and elsewhere try to suggest. And there’s little question people become less liberal on many issues as they age. The reasons should be obvious to any intelligent person. I said many issues, but not all. Healthcare would be one example where I think the majority of people hold fairly liberal ‘progressive’ views.

    And another problem related specifically to ‘young’ people is they just don’t get out in vote in large numbers.

  9. says

    No doubt this is influenced by the 2 years of Tea Party persecution against the President led by Fox News (not to mention the President’s slow-footed response to it all).

    A lot of these kids – particularly those who are teens – are influenced by their parents, many of whom identified with what the ‘Tea Party’ was all about. My guess is most of them will self-correct their course over the next few years, particularly as things pick up and they see how the President’s policies have impacted America for the better, esp. re: health care.

  10. Paul R says

    Oh wow, an online poll? That’s a really reliable source. Also, most of those kids won’t end up voting, and plenty of others will.

    I find it difficult to trust these findings. Young people have always been far more inclined to be Democrats.

  11. screech says

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Obama didn’t go after the banks for securities fraud. Obama has eroded civil rights (he’s killed Americans without a trial in drone attacks). Obama has a horrible foreign policy and did not do as he promised (closing Guantanimo, prosecuting Iraq crimes, transparency in government, etc.). He has also said war with Iran is an option when it clearly isn’t.

    THIS WILL HURT VOTER TURNOUT. The young people like myself who would normally vote for a Democrat will withhold their vote based on their conscience. Everything that was important to young people, Obama pissed on. And young people won’t be pressured into voting Obama based on the fear of the other guy. Now, to gay people such as myself there is a bit of that fear there – fear that a Romney presidency would be terrible for gay rights. I do think that no new meaningful legislation would be passed under Romney. But I also reject the idea that he is some sort of monster.

    Obama had an opportunity to score big early on and didn’t – he’s essentially a Republican. Even healthcare reform, his main piece of legislation passed, was initially a Romney piece. So, if young people aren’t scared into voting Obama, and if Obama continues his horrible foreign and domestic policies, then what did he think would happen???

    Now he has to sway the youth vote. At this point in the political game, I seriously doubt he can. Remember, gay youth are a small minority. Take away Obama’s LGBT support (which of late has been fabulous) and how do you sway young heterosexual voters your way? That is the problem he faces.

    Not voting just became a powerful weapon.

    In my opinion, he needs to start campaigning for peaceful resolutions with Iran. Iran has the right to develop non-weapons grade nuclear technology (quite defensible). He also needs to inject the “in my second term I will close Guantanamo and all CIA prisons; I just couldn’t accomplish that early on” rhetoric into his dialogue – true or not, only hardcore republicans will hate on that. He already has gays and progressives dumping money his way. He got Bin Laden and demonstrated he was tough – he gets street cred for that. Now he needs to hold back and let Romney hang himself. Because Romney DOES have to prove he’s tough and not a poor little rich boy. If you give Romney the rope, I think he will hang himself.

  12. GeorgeM says

    I think he’ll be ok with the youth, especially the gay youth. Mittens is a monster to us, if given the chance he will screw us.
    Your right not to vote

  13. ratbastard says


    Yes I do, thank you. Spell check [I’m a terrible speller], and I’m speedy Gonzales when I type and post, almost like stream of consciousness.

  14. RobS says

    Well, when they wake up post-Election Day and realise that if they had made the effort, President Romney might not have been the scary reality that is now theirs for the next four years, perhaps, next time they’ll make the effort and vote! The ‘apathetic youth’ card does become dreary, especially since a person of voting age is not legally a child or ‘kid’ by any stretch of the imagination. Listen up, kiddies–unless you want Mitt and his mates, you’d better get busy and register.

  15. Joe De Hoyos says

    I would rather have President Obama then another white man in the oval office. The ‘white reign’ is way past its expiration date, though I would vote for a white woman.

  16. Colckie says

    joe de hoyos…so you just admitted that you’re voting for obama strictly based on his race? NIICE. if the roles were reversed, and you said you’d be voting for romney strictly based on his being white.. al sharpton would be at your house with a protest
    double standards are evil

  17. qukk4liberty says

    You Obama supporters are going to run us bankrupt. Its funny how mindless you all are. Obama has done nothing but the opposite of what he campaigned on since he was in office. Its like you all are brainwashed or something… God bless what is left of the USA.

  18. qukk4liberty says

    You Obama supporters are going to run us bankrupt. Its funny how mindless you all are. Obama has done nothing but the opposite of what he campaigned on since he was in office. Its like you all are brainwashed or something… God bless what is left of the USA.

  19. Jerome says

    I don’t see why everyone is so alarmed about Scientology. It utilizes the similar techniques used by the marriage equality folks. Everyone has been programmed. Obama has collected money from gays for his campaign. Call me Katie Holmes, cause I’m not buying any of this crap. Seeing two men calling each other husbands? Warping children. I’m out of here. Where’s the nearest Whole Foods?

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