1. andrew says

    Romney panders to everyone. He tells Israelis that he will move our Embassy from “the wonderful city of Tel Aviv” to Jersulem, even though democratic and republican administrations have seen this as such a sensitive issue they have treaded gently.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?!

    Hmmm… What about his promise to
    “[Refuse] to speak about differences between his and Obama’s policy while ‘on foreign soil.'”

    Just another lie.

  3. screech says

    I’m so sick of American foreign policy. Why would you suppose a war with Iran is warranted? Why shouldn’t they have nukes? Israel has a few hundred! And do Iraq and Afghanistan look like secure countries to anyone? I’m so sick of US aggression responsible for killing millions of people. You all need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and get control of your out of control government.

  4. andrew says

    I would not trust Romney to negotiate with foreign countries. He usually agrees with the people he is talking too. Obama, for all his charm was sending special forces to kill Osama at the very time he was attending that D C journalist roast. The guy has got brass ones. Unusual for a liberal democrat.

  5. Chris Waddling says

    This is totally childish of me to even mention, but has anyone else noticed that Mitt Romney takes very tiny steps when he walks, as if his underpants are riding up?

  6. SoLeftImRight says

    Newsweek is idiotic for reusing the “wimp” headline. Romney isn’t a wimp. He’s insecure because he can’t choose a side on any issue because he doesn’t actually stand for anything. He’s not a wimp, he’s dangerous. He’s something I think one doesn’t find much in Utah, a belligerent Mormon. Happy to recklessly go to war with Iran? Sure, why not?

    One can make a decent argument that Obama wasn’t “ready for prime time” but Romney is not even ready for the local affiliate AM show that comes on before Good Morning America.

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