1. Fodolodo says

    So he’s not *really* anti-gay, he just deliberately invokes and stirs up homophobia because his audience likes it and it serves his political agenda? And that’s supposed to make him better?

  2. Nat says

    “”What I get from Rush privately and what I get from Rush publicly are two different things. I’m just trying to break him down.””

    I think almost everyone realizes that Rush doesn’t believe a tenth of what he says. That doesn’t lessen the damage done by him saying it.

  3. Tim says

    Rush may seem nice when he pays you 1 million dollars to play at his wedding, but his commentary on his show is very anti-gay, and that is where it counts.
    Rush is anti-gay and anti-American

  4. Esther Blodgett says

    I am reminded of the old saying that “a faggot is the gay man who just left the room.”

    Limbaugh cannot be trusted. I don’t care how much money you have.

  5. kpo5 says

    Thanks, Elton.

    You’re saying Rush is never willing to pull the trigger, only willing to provide the ammunition and motive to anyone derpy enough to listen to his daily garbage.

    That should make people dislike him more, not less.

  6. ratbastard says

    Actually, Elton is probably right. I wouldn’t doubt that Limbaugh is gay himself. If you look at his background and ‘lifestyle’ it looks quite possible to me.

  7. anon says

    Gay topics rarely come up on Rush’s show, but he’s not publicly helping our cause. Rather the opposite. I think EJ might be calling him a hypocrite on a certain level though, which is fair.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’ll never forget hearing Limbaugh, at the height of the AIDS crisis, referring to people with AIDS as “those about to assume room temperature”. But because he writes *lovely emails* to Elton John, he who is so devoted to curing AIDS and caring for those infected, overlooks Limbaugh’s awfulness. But if you’re merely a Taiwanese photographer, Elton considers you a *rude, vile pig*.

  9. Sam says

    Ummm, if Rush isn’t actually anti-gay but just uses that as a means to boost his ratings with his moronic listeners then that is actually WORSE than being anti-gay. Elton, you aren’t doing yourself or Rush any favors here.

  10. Fenrox says

    IF you can get past your hurt, you children, you could pick up on the bigger point here. Rush Limbaugh isn’t anti-gay, in fact he likes gay people. It’s all a bunch of crap to get money, It always has been. And it’s not just him, Lots of our opponents just do it for popularity. It’s important to know when you take these people down.

    Elton should however shut the hell up, You aren’t changing anybody, you are just being annoying.

  11. nick says

    Reg -just shut up-your profound ignorance and dismissal of the poison and harm this drug-addicted harpy has inflicted on his listeners is appalling.

  12. Smartypants says

    So Limbaugh chose to hide his true beliefs and create a racist, sexist, and homophobic public persona to cash in? That just means we can add hypocrisy to his roster of despicable character traits, along with drug addict, corporate shill and liar.

  13. Tagg says

    Elton is known to be one of the biggest ass kissers out there today. I lost all respect for him when he took the gig. STFU and retire. Did he at least donate the blood $$$ to an Aids charity?
    Btw: If you want to see the real Elton watch the doc Tantrums and Tiara’s by his hubby…too funny and a bit sad.

  14. says

    Elton can write a catchy musical phrase without trying. He has a lovely touch on the piano and a pretty voice. But zero brains.
    It’s a mistake to expect celebrities to be educated. They’re usually not, as shown by the Celebrity Jeopardy skit on SNL. That says it all.

  15. Jim Schnobrich says

    It’s the public Rush that does harm to gays around the world. His anti-gay rants about marriage equality have hurt gay people everywhere and their rights. I don’t care what the hell he writes to Sir Elton in private e-mails, it’s the public rants that hurt gays around the world!

  16. velocifero says

    I guess Andy forgets that Sir Elton denied being gay for years and finally had to be dragged out of the closet kicking and screaming. Elton, like his god-daughter or whatever, Lady Gaga, use the LGBT community to line their pockets while living the pampered live of the 1%.. Elton John’s attempt to justify playing Limbaugh’s wedding is as shallow and callous as Melissa Etheridge meeting with Rick Warren. Why didn’t Sir Elton donate that cool one million to LGBT causes? Elton John really is as much a hypocrite as Liberace and plays the piano about as well.

  17. Mike says

    You are right Rush can not be trusted as a part of the propaganda machine for the Christians to stir up people against gays. But we need to work together as a group us LGBT people to win marriage equality and all of our equal and civil rights and freedoms like others. There are Christians who want gays to attack gays and this is part of the Christian plan to destroy LGBT people in their war on gays. You know who the enemy is who is spending millions of dollars and that is the Catholics, Mormons and Evangelic antigay Christians who work to destroy gays. They are the target. Do not attack your fellow gay brothers and sister unless they are working for the antigay Christians. The CIA Christians are working to train antigay Christians on how to destroy their enemy (gays) by using psychological warfare. Antigay Christians use propaganda like Rush does to make gays look bad and turn people against the LGBT people who they say are their enemy.

  18. Daniel says

    I don’t care if Rush is nice to gay celebrities in his private life. What he says on the air is vile. Elton hasn’t had to be a real person for a very long time, he really needs to get a dose of reality.

  19. VDUFFORD says

    Most of these comments are just STUPID!
    First read the damn book then think! Look how much he has done for the gay community as well as his art. Whether or not you or I like him personally…. he is a legend and a force of nature.

  20. Rick says

    Oh, good Lord, predictable responses that miss the point. Elton’s point is that people can be changed, if you engage them. Will they all change right away and do an about-face? No. But if you don’t engage people, you will never change them.

    Not long ago, almost the entire population was intensely homophobic. That only changed because we began to engage people and educate them and make them comfortable with us. If the attitude had been to just lash out at them, like those of you in this thread are doing, those that have changed would not ever have changed, either.

    We still need to make that effort with about half the population in the US and about 90% in the rest of the world. Some people are slower to change than others and require more effort than others, but if you don’t change the vast majority, then we will continue to struggle mightily to gain real acceptance in society. And you won’t change them solely by criticizing them and villifying them.

    Just common sense, which I know is a foreign concept to many of you.

    Elton was not defending Limbaugh’s homophobia, only saying that he needs to bring his public persona into line with his private behavior… do a lot of people.

  21. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Oh, good Lord, predictable responses that miss the point. Elton’s point is that people can be changed, if you engage them.”

    You mean like the way you engage people here, by insulting them?

  22. says

    that’s like “Donald Trump isn’t a racist, and he doesn’t actually believe President Obama was born in Kenya, but he knows that if he says otherwise and continues to pander *to* racists then he makes money and earns supporters”

    it actually makes one worse. they know better, they just don’t care.

  23. giantslor says

    “After he agreed to perform at Limbaugh’s wedding in 2010, the two men bonded”

    Am I the only one here who thought that said “the two men boned” at first?

  24. endo says

    Wait, wait, WAIT!

    Is Rick actually applauding Elton John, one of the most fey, costumed, non-straight acting men on the planet?

    Rick can’t even keep his own bigotry consistent.

  25. Yeek says

    If Rush really doesn’t hate gay people but just says so on his radio show, that doesn’t make him a good person. It just makes him a hypocrite.

  26. Ron says

    Elton, Please, Stop. Be quiet.

    I can’t believe what he is saying.

    I was a long time fan of his music. No longer. I won’t be buying or reading his book.

    Rush has done so much damage to this country. If he does not believe what he is saying on a daily basis then that is even worse than if he believes it and says it.
    Elton, please, what is wrong with you? Pick better friends.

  27. dh says

    Hey Elton–If Limbaugh isn’t a hateful bigot, why did he choose Ken Hutcherson to officiate at his wedding. Rev. Hutcherson advocates the killing of gays in Africa!

  28. Nat says

    “Oh, good Lord, predictable responses that miss the point. Elton’s point is that people can be changed, if you engage them. Will they all change right away and do an about-face?”

    But the point is that Rush hasn’t changed. He has likely never truly believed all the horrendous things he says – and I’ve heard from others that he is a relatively decent person in his personal life – but it doesn’t matter. Because it’s our actions that define us to others, not what we truly believe. And Rush’s actions have always been in service of himself (not inherently heinous) by demonizing others that are different from his audience (inherently heinous).

  29. Turd Fergussen says

    Without running to Wikipedia (the bastion for all that is true), or some liberal website, can any of you cite homophobic things Rush has said off the top of your head? Doubtful, because I bet not one of you has ever listened to more than a soundbite that Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann played on their show. You hate Rush because you’ve been told to hate Rush, not because you can substantiate your claims with anything factual. So much of what comes out of Rush’s piehole is farce and satire, and if you take everything he says seriously, then shame on you.

  30. BobN says

    So…. Elton is working to change Rush Limbaugh when he already thinks his anti-gay stuff isn’t real…

    It doesn’t make any sense which ever way you look at it.

  31. Mike says

    I’m tired of this BS I hear from liberals, it usually starts something like “I don’t know what he truly believes” or “I don’t think he his racist in his heart”… just stop it. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. This is the guy who was fired from ESPN for racist comments. He’s a racist. This is the guy who lost countless sponsors for misogynist comments. He’s a misogynist. This is also the guy who has referred to gays and lesbians as “pieces of human debris.” I don’t care what Limbaugh truly believes. He makes these comments because he’s trying to insight anger among the fascist elements on the right (aka the tea baggers). If he’s comfortable saying the things he says, I have no problem calling him a racist, misogynist homophobic hate merchant, regardless of what’s in his vile little heart.

    As for Elton John, he’s no different than Limbaugh. He’s only interest in being noticed and self-promotion.

  32. MCnNYC says

    Elton John and Rush share an addiction to drugs which is the bond that unites them.
    Both suffer from an enormous amount of self loathing.
    Elton thinks he can save Rush from himself.
    A Coupla White Dicks Sittin’ Around …..

  33. MCnNYC says

    Elton John and Rush share an addiction to drugs which is the bond that unites them.
    Both suffer from an enormous amount of self loathing.
    Elton thinks he can save Rush from himself.
    A Coupla White Dicks Sittin’ Around …..

  34. MCnNYC says

    I like ur blog. I read it more than once a day but ENOUGH

  35. Old Elton says

    Elton John is nothing more than a gay Uncle Tom. From defending homophobes from Eminem to Rush Limbaugh, he’s a joke. Sad self-hating idiot.

  36. mike flower says

    I’m waiting for the day Andy posts a topic that includes Elton, Rupert Everett & Ann Coulter in the same entry….this site will explode

  37. Chadwick says

    It seems odd- in the Elton-verse, lip syncing in order to dance your ass off on-stage merits being shot, but making your living peddling filth to cretins means you need gentle conversation.

    It’s almost as though there’s no underlying principle beyond “What will get me the most attention?”

  38. derek marlowe says

    You cant name one specific thing that Rush has ever said that indicates he hates Gays.

    I listen every day and have never hear him say any of the things you claim he says-so please give quotes for me. I dont think you can.

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