Sam Claflin Offered Coveted ‘Hunger Games’ Finnick Odair Role


Hunger Games fans hungering for some news on the casting of Finnick Odair in the sequel Catching Fire will be interested to hear that a tribute has been chosen, and it's Sam Claflin, Variety reports:

Finnick was the most coveted available role in the "Hunger Games" sequel, and sources tell Variety that Claflin is nearing an offer. The character, who was 14 when he was selected as a tribute, is one of the youngest to have won the Hunger Games. Katniss does not trust him at first and is hesitant to make Finnick her ally, though he proves to be valuable after he saves Peeta from drowning in the Quarter Quell.

Claflin burst onto Hollywood's radar when he scored a key supporting role alongside Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." He went on to vie for Kristen Stewart's affections in "Snow White and the Huntsman." He's repped by CAA and Independent Talent Group.


  1. Jumex says

    Yay. More white actors for an already whitewashed production. Wonderful.
    Also, I laughed out loud at “Zac Efron”.

  2. Josh says

    Meow, boys. Simmer down and have some coffee. Also, how is this movie “whitewashed” When Lenny Kravitz played a key roll in the previous film?

  3. SteveEck says

    Horrible. He’s going to have to work out like a fiend until September. He’s supposed to be a beyond perfect physical specimen. This is some skiiny kid.

  4. Butch says

    Josh, I have no opinion about the casting; didn’t see the first movie, won’t see the second. I was talking about the overwrought language in the press release.

  5. The Milkman says

    I’m with Steveeck on this one. The character in the books is this over-the-top sex machine, and the humanization of his character comes from the juxtaposition of the reader’s sexual desire for him and the reader’s recognition of the horrific abuse he suffered as a result of that physical beauty. Good bone structure isn’t gonna do it… you have to be someone who would cause audible gasps in the theater when you first appear on screen (I’m reminded of the audience reaction to Chris Hemsworth in Thor when he entered that scene with his shirt off.) All in all, I’m fine with the casting to date… it’s consistent with the books. But this one? I’m just not sure this slender (albeit attractive) guy is gonna be able to pull this one off.

  6. Mike8787 says

    @Jumex A whitewashed production? They’ve pretty accurately followed the book, casting several black actors. Furthermore, Finnick was explicitly white, tan, and with “bronze hair” in the novel. If you want to complain, write to the author, not the casting director.

  7. BenR says

    You people are ridiculous.

    It has happened, once or twice, that an actor has hit the gym in preparation for a role that requires it.

  8. Gregoire says

    I’m with BenR. Calm down, ladies. First of all, Finnick was hardly an ‘over-the-top sex machine’ as this was a book for teens. He was considered a ‘perfect specimen’ but I don’t see why this person can’t obtain that look given the fact that he’s getting paid money and it’s a movie being funded by a major movie studio.

    Seriously, grab your asses and pull your bunched-up panties from the crack.

  9. cindy says


    I wish I could swear at you, but I’ll just leave it at: you’re a race baiter. Stop being disgusting.

  10. Dback says

    Personally, I think Sam Clafin IS “a perfect specimen.” There are hunkier, sexier guys (Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello), there are guys with more character and appeal (Clooney, Gosling)–but this guy is indeed so beautiful, I think I did in fact gasp the first time he came onscreen in “Pirates.” I don’t care how muscular or built he is; look at those eyes, those lips, that jawline, that hair. (And Jumex, there were a wide variety of ethnicities represented in “The Hunger Games,” and two of the most admirable contestants in the Games were black or half-black.)

  11. Wdeanis says

    Considering Finnick spends his time in a water environment, he’s not going to have to be bulky with muscle so much as have a swimmer body. I think this guy wouldn’t be a bad choice (judging from pics, I haven’t seen anything he has been in.)

  12. dms says

    Read the books, he’s supposed to be beautiful and charming, not a Tom of FInland linebacker in chaps.

    Sam is not only handsome with naturally beautiful classic facial features, but will look great in his tribute costume (basically just a fishing net around his crotch). It’s not like he needs to lose fifty pounds, he just has to hit the gym for a month or so and get toned.

    I recall being smitten by him in Pirates 4 (which most of you probably didn’t see) because he was so physically lovely to look at. Which is just what the role of Finnick is supposed to do.

  13. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    He is very decorative…which I gather is the point. Only after his character is developed is the audience to see beyond the pretty surface.

  14. plaplaplagh says

    Not what I had imagined but neither was Johanna….I guess we will see. [P.S. has anyone else heard that Annie’s role has been chopped and replaced with Johanna as being finnicks’ “girl” ? Hope not. although she wasn’t in CF much at all.]

  15. melinda says

    I think they could’ve done much better than Claflin for this role. I was just discussing the possibilities last week with a few gals around the office at Dish, and we would’ve bet that Garrett Hedlund had this role in the bag! Now, he is gorgeous! And he has already shown that he can pull off a confident role, like his characters in Tron and Troy. Great, now all I want to do is watch those movies. A Hedlund marathon is definitely in my near future, especially since those movies are just a few clicks away through the Blockbuster@Home service that I get from my Dish account. As for Claflin, we will just have to wait and see how he does.