1. jon says

    Beautiful words. He is an incredible talent, I hope he becomes a huge star. I cannot wait for his album to come out.

  2. says

    Been there, and at almost exactly the same age. 1975.

    It’s pretty devastating. My first love then 3-4 years later married my first girlfriend, and I was the best man.

    I’ve always thought that falling in love with a straight man was a way to prevent actually having to deal with being gay. Pretty much learned that lesson: no more straight guys after that!

  3. Armando Sanchez says

    So happy for Frank. I feel relieved for him. I will be checking out his new album. This will be my way to show my support for him and other gay artists, and send the message that your career doesn’t have to end simply because you love another man.

  4. cadence says

    I’m so happy for him. That was a beautiful description of the first time that he fell in love. I hope he receives a lot of support.

  5. eduard says

    check out his live performance of beyonce’s “i miss you” on youtube. so beautiful & now i understand how layered that mustve been for him

  6. bruce says

    Gee, Andrew Belonsky must has missed the memo. The mainstream music sites are referring to Frank as bisexual, not gay. Can’t stand bisexual men, Andrew? Don’t serve your purpose for promoting the gay brand, eh?

  7. Calvin says

    It’s not like everyday a brave man comes out as gay. Especially when he is a singer. One can only hope his fans and music industry will be kind towards him, and hopefully they will respond positively. Bravo Frank Ocean.

  8. Dan says

    I love him! Proud of him! Uncle Russ had some beautiful words to say about this. This is awesome.

  9. Seattle Mike says

    It’s just hilarious how obsessed some allegedly straight men (Jason) are with gay websites, isn’t it? Like moths to a flame?

  10. MrJ says

    @Bruce, you just said “you can’t brand him” but you called him bisexual. Are you confused, or do you not know that bisexual is a label just like gay is?

  11. Dan says

    Maybe Tayler Perry will get a clue now. If Obama can “come out of the closet”, more black dudes should take this giant step too. Just saying…Proud of Frank:)

  12. MrJ says

    @Jason, thanks for trolling on in here and really summing up the gay community with your witty insights. I think I’ll go lie down on my semen covered mattress now. I hope no one takes your ignorant remarks to seriously, I certainly don’t.

  13. says

    Hey Bruce, Why don’t you SHUT THE F*CK UP! about what Black men should do.

    They don’t owe your white ass any explanation. Worry about your own. Many White Men still live in the closet as well.

    Thank You! And celebrate your independence idiot!

  14. Joe says

    Was he really hiding it? I scrolled through his tumblr and there are pictures of hot shirtlessmen and just other culturally gay post on their. Still I think it is important that he did this before his album drops, allowing him to start early as an artist.

  15. Paulie says

    Jason and Bruce are the same person? It seems so, especially with the talk of “gay brand.”

  16. Caliban says

    It’s up to him to define his sexuality but that statement doesn’t read ‘bi’ to me. Plenty of gay men have been with women, even married them, before coming to terms with their real sexuality and that sounds more like what he’s saying. In my opinion. Guess we’ll have to wait to hear what he says about it.

  17. anon says

    Great, but I’ve never heard of him and it seems the free press was key here. (Waiting until his next album came out? Cough. Cough.)

  18. tcw says

    Notice on Frank Ocean’s Tumblr blog the GIF of Smithers, the gay PA from The Simpsons, covering his eyes in horror as two showgirls shake their asses at him. Page 2 of the blog if this link doesn’t work.

  19. MattS says

    Did not know who Frank was until yesterday’s post. I checked out a few of his songs on youtube and he reminds me of a new version of Seal, with a heavier R&B influence to his music. His lyrics and sound carry the same emotion and gravitas. The man is a gifted writer for sure.

    Interesting that he is a ghost writer for quite a few big names in pop. Listening to the small sample of his songs via youtube, he obviously saved the best songs for himself. ;o)

  20. tcw says

    Russell Simmons is quoted as saying today: “I am profoundly moved by the courage and honesty of Frank Ocean. Your decision to go public about your sexual orientation gives hope and light to so many young people still living in fear. These types of secrets should not matter anymore, but we know they do, and because of that I decided to write this short statement of support for one of the greatest new artists we have.”

  21. says

    everyone is a stereotype of some sort. especially those that can’t stop talking about how “not a stereotype” they are.

    this man is so damned sexy and talented. we’ve got one more rad-@ss brother standing up to be counted. WOOF.

  22. Alex says

    It is so sad that some feel the need to make something like this ugly. It is messed up.

  23. St. Theresa of Avila says

    For all intents and purposes, coming out is coming out…whether as a bisexual or a homosexual. If nothing else, religious homophobes are always saying they hate the “act” and not the “person”, which is BS, but even if you are bi, you are admitting you like the act! In fact I almost wonder if some homophobes would be more distressed by someone coming out as bi than gay. In any case, good for this guy, though I’ve never heard of him and doubt I’d like his music.

  24. Mike says

    I am always happy to see my brothers and sisters come out and speak freely, I hope you find the love you are looking for and if you need a friend who will listen I am here. It is all about being free and I am glad to see you are taking steps in that direction.

  25. says

    Admittedly, his is not the type of music that I typically listen to (I had to listen to some before commenting here), but I am happy for him and our gay community that he has chosen to come out. It helps us all.

  26. yonkersconquers says

    This is a double gift. I’ve just heard his music for the first time and it’s astounding.

    What a 4th of July gift.

  27. Anthony says

    I will be interested to see if in upcoming interviews, he touches on the fact that the musical group he was a member of, Odd Future, is known for anti-gay lyrics and how he as a gay or bi guy processed being part of that….

  28. Marcus says

    I don’t care if he’s gay or bi, he likes dudes is the important bit. Heard of him before, definitely gonna check out his tracks now. All the best to him.

  29. Hugh says

    This site needs better moderation; every post seems to devolve into shout-typing in the comments section.

  30. JJ says

    I don’t think Frank Ocean needed to do this for press. You may have not heard of him, but he is the hottest, most in demand Urban artist in the music industry. He was featured on a few tracks from the Jayz/Kanye “Watch The Throne” album. His Terminal 5 show sold out in minutes and his album isn’t even out yet.

  31. Jedi says

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  32. Jedi says

    Frank Ocean. Anderson Cooper. Happy Independence Day / let freedom ring, indeed.

  33. Scar2 says

    That just brought me to tears. Beautiful words. I won’t read the comments that will surely try to destroy it.

  34. GregV says

    Why do headlines all over the net put words into his mouth (contradicting each other as well as him)?
    He didn’t come out as gay, he didn’t proclaim he is bisexual, he didn’t say “I’m a homosexual,” he didn’t say he’s straight and once had a one-time man-crush (parallel to when Ricky Martin said he was gay but once loved a woman).

    Frank Ocean said that, one time, 5 years ago, he was briefly in love with a guy who didn’t reciprocate his feelings and that that summer had inspired his music.
    That should be the headline, with nothing more nor less to it. He hasn’t said publicly whether he is gay, straight or bi or still trying to figure that out.

    I remember a milder form of this same syndrome when Ellen came out and said that she is a gay person and that she doesn’t like it when someone calls her a lesbian because that “sounds like a disease.” Headlines said “Ellen says ‘I’m a lesbian.'” At least in that case, they had the right orientation but still the headline didn’t match the reality.

    I’ll be proud to have Frank Ocean on our team when he talks about this further (as he surely will), no matter whether he is bi (which would be great as there is a severe lack of bi male role models) or gay or even an ally from another category.

    I’ll definitely be checking out his new music. For decades I’ve tired of hearing straight, bi and gay men uniformly singing lyrics about being in love with “her” and straight, bi and gay women singing about how “he” moves why I want “him.” The pronouns alone will show that he’s stepping away from cliches to get more real.





    “GREGV” (4 JULY; 4:42:14 PM),



  37. Linda says

    Beautiful soul and man. I’m so proud and inspired by Frank Ocean coming out while still an emerging artist. He could have waited until his career was establish like so many others but I’m happy he didn’t. This is not just a great moment in hip-hop but beyond genres. I love his music and look forward to his album, Channel Orange, on July 17th.

    He wrote “I Miss You” on Beyonce’s album, 4. I love his performance of it. Listening to now gives it a new meaning. It even more emotional and beautiful.

  38. mike128 says

    I wasn’t really familiar with his music, but I’ll check into it. The statement he wrote was really moving. Very sweet and personal – though I feel for him in his experience of heartache.

    Also great to see that he’s getting support from Jay-Z. I’m thankful today for our LGBT brothers and sisters, and also our allies.

  39. Kimono says

    Frank is not related to Billy Ocean , Frank Ocean is a stage name.He included that letter in liner notes and used male pronouns in songs about the man he was in love with.Please let him define and discuss his sexual orientation.We need to be patient and supportive.He is getting mostly love but alot of hate on gossip sites and blogs.Be strong Frank

  40. Icebloo says

    I’m not a fan of R & B or Rap but I am very proud of this smart & brave young man. Not only is he coming out so young but he is also coming out at the beginning of his career which is far more risky. He hasn’t waited until his career is over like Ricky Martin and countless others.

    I hope his career soars !

  41. ben says

    Folks, go find his mix tape nostalgiaULTRA and download it. It’s brilliant.. I’ve been enjoying it for a couple of years and have enjoyed some of his writing work for others particularly “I Miss U” for Beyonce. His version of that is amazing.

  42. Mike in nyc says

    He makes great music. It’s much more culturally
    meaningful that he came out, than a cuddled trustafarian
    like AC.

    If you don’t know his music,
    You should, very very gifted.

  43. Carlos says

    Hopefully this will inspire less black gay men to live in so much hate. DL is a huge epedemic in the black community. So many black men told being gay is wrong that they buy into it, go to church, even marry. It’s sad. Instead of fighting it or saying to the black community “this is who I am” many repress themselves.

  44. Keepin it real says

    Hip hop is the lowest of low and only deemed music by those lacking in exposure to real music. Taking great music from the 80s and 70s and adding stupid rhymes to it than claiming it as their own…because that’s all hip hop is: remixes. So pathetic.

  45. diego says

    and of course his album was pushed forward and is being released tomorrow instea of 07/17…and *SHOCK*…

    it’s the #1 album on iTunes 20 minutes before it’s even released…nothing like riding a wave of free publicity!

    p.s. I’ve been a Frank Ocean fan forever (my sister has liked him even longer than I have btw) & am glad he’s going to have the #1 album in the country this week…but there’s no doubt in my mind that his PR representation saw his “coming out” (albeit he never said he is/was gay/bi anywhere) as a perfect PR ploy right before the release of his debut album…genius!