1. Matt26 says

    “Come Hither”, maybe with some other words. Too close to sth else.
    But TF could look at me with his bedroom eyes anytime he likes. (Perhaps not that look.)

    (By the way, couldn’t open the Memorial story.)

  2. Bentley G. Brookes says

    He’s really kind of repulsive in real life. Very much the object of his own affection. However, the strange hair piece he uses is something to marvel at. Love that his head is cropped to hide it in this ad.

  3. Gigi says

    Imagine that feline noise that people use when someone is being nasty/bitchy/catty. That’s all I can hear right now.

  4. Jack M says

    I know it’s not proper to be nasty, but I think Tom Ford probably has too big an opinion of himself, and I’m over him. He’s not all that.

  5. Frank Butterfield says

    That definitely has a steamy vibe to it. I appreciate Tom Ford’s success and his commitment to his work, and, although I really don’t care for his public persona, it does seem to work for him. I’m sure he’s a lovely person in real life, however.

  6. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    The look, to me, says come hither so I can steal your soul or eat your face.

  7. mike says

    I love Tom. I worked with him on one of the locations for A Single Man (Charley’s house, a groovy old place up in Sierra Madre.)

    He was nothing but nice, to everyone.

    Charming, sexy, and professional …. the man could be wearing Dockers and a Tommy Bahama shirt with his phone clipped to his belt, and I’d still jump his bones faster than you can “Jiminy Circket!!”

  8. Dback says

    There aren’t many men for whom I’d walk into their apartment, immediately strip naked, and say “Do what you will with me.” Tom Ford definitely fits that criteria. (The fact that he says that at home he’s almost always naked only makes it hotter.)

  9. DS says

    I have no idea what he is like personally, but handsome enough. And fashion is as fashion goes. But I am a bit surprised that whomever produced the ad didn’t realize that he was cross-eyed when the shot was taken. Looks like a mistake…

  10. BobN says

    I usually find him deeply attractive but that isn’t a “come hither” look. That’s more of a “goddamnit, I told you to clean out the cat’s litter box before I got home!”.

  11. Jeff says

    I’m not cheap, but Tom’s scents are more expensive than most. Well, now he has to take care of the older gentleman.