1. rick says

    Look at that hair. I’m surprised he hasn’t ended up in a trash can yet where he belongs.

  2. Paul R says

    Here’s some advice: move. I can’t imagine there are tons of enticing things to do in Toomsuba. Note that the town’s first syllable is pronounced Tomb.

    I’m sure the police response has been swift and useful. Yeah, right.

  3. Mike says

    Regarding your last line of the article: Ever tried to open one of your pages on an iPhone 4?
    Everything takes a few “seconds” to load. Sometimes even minutes!!!! Your pages are too heavy

  4. says

    Paul R: This couple is moving but they cannot get into their new place until the first of the month. So for now, they are forced to wait it out.

  5. WHAT? says

    Rick: you are just as bad as those who allegedly did this, judging people by their looks. What a pathetic soul.

    Paul R: Why is it everytime something like this happens people immediately say they should move? For one thing, why should they? Gay people shouldn’t be run out of town in fear because of other people’s bigotry. That is what the bigots want and would like to happen. Two: this can happen in larger cities as well. So I hardly think moving is the answer.

  6. Francis says

    Hopefully, the first response is the troll Rick. I knew Rick was always an extremely damaged individual, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and not see him as a monster.

    Anyway, this is a very sad story, being terrorized and feeling insecure in your own home. Hopefully the police investigation leads to answers. And hopefully Matt and Dustin have a backup plan in place to keep them safe.

  7. says

    That looks like a pretty damn rural area so the culprits couldn’t live that far away. Nobody should feel terrorized in their own home, but for these two, it’s time for a home security system, surveillance cameras, motion-detector spotlights, a few baseball bats and a loaded shotgun – and that’s what I do in suburbia in a regular neighborhood with family members involved with local law enforcement. What really sucks is that the Sheriff’s department is right. Unless they have a live perp in the act or video, there isn’t a whole lot they can do about vandalism and break-ins.

  8. Paul R says

    @Mike Halterman: Good to know. Thanks. I’d look into staying in a Motel 6 in the meantime.

    @What? First, who wants to live surrounded bigots? That you can win their hearts and minds? Second, in larger cities there are large gay populations, the police are far more gay friendly and helpful, and people are more tolerant. So yes, moving can improve one’s quality of life. They could move into a medium-size college town if they don’t like large cities. Living in a violent, hate-filled area is not good for anyone.

  9. says

    You’ve gotta admire the brass balls of guys like this couple. Out, Proud, and in hate-filled Mississippi. Shame on the bigots for their attacks, but kudos to these brave young men for refusing to cower before it.

  10. Domesticated says

    I keep reading about these threats over and over in different cities around the U.S. and wonder why there isn’t a national organization to help protect us and work with local law enforcement and other agencies to make it safer. Couldn’t some legal organization make this occur along the lines of what GLADD does in Entertainment?

  11. Danny in the East Village says

    sounds like the christians are at it again – so looking for justice is a waste of time: justice isn’t a *christian* value.

  12. Henry Holland says

    “Rick: you are just as bad as those who allegedly did this, judging people by their looks. What a pathetic soul”

    That’s probably BullyKiwi or someone else, Rick doesn’t write like that, it’s not robotic enough. :-)

    “Paul R: Why is it everytime something like this happens people immediately say they should move? For one thing, why should they?”

    Because one very plausible outcome of this is that they both end up on a slab at the county morgue? It’s easy for people like BullyKiwi to cheerlead these guys from the safety of Toronto/Brooklyn, but funny how people like him disappear when they end up corpses.

    “Get a large german shepard and lots of guns!”

    Great advice! Oh, wait….so they’ll probably wake up to find their dogs throat slit and here we have two guys who don’t look like gun owners (i.e. inexperienced) going against a bunch of people who likely are capable with guns.

    They’re moving, I hope Andy doesn’t have to post a sad follow up. BTW, the comments section at the TV station website makes me weep for humanity.

  13. anon says

    A simple webcam surveillance system will catch the culprits quickly. It’s likely to be neighborhood teenagers. The townsfolk probably have severe self-esteem issues living where they do.

  14. says

    These guys are as entitled to privacy safety and respect……just like everyone else.
    And what happens on this page , ? -Rick.

    @ RICK :
    Please take your preconceived notions and your vicious animus elsewhere; I’m certainly sick of reading it.
    And I find you quite disrespectful of our community. So go elsewhere.

  15. says

    Henry, take your crazy elsewhere. That wasn’t me. Your hero Rick hates gay men like the ones in this story; you know, the ones who the ignorant bigots of society choose to baselessly hate for being, well, exactly who they are.

    Two young openly gay men are the targeted victims of hatred and violent threats in an incredibly conservative State – they deserve nothing less than our support, encouragement, and indeed they should inspire more of us to get out there and be proactive.

  16. says

    Quote from Police :
    “We don’t have any information currently…..”

    Well, Mr. Policeman, it is your job to get that information and that includes closed circuit security surveillance, the criminal history of local bigots, any anti gay behaviour by local bigots……and Oh yes, you have dusted their home , which was broken into, for fingerprints ??? Right ???

  17. patrick says

    Unfortunately, due to the numerous false claims of harassment, these cases are now looked upon with suspicion. If they are indeed being threatened, I hope they catch the perpetrators forthwith. And people, please, you know better than to respond to obvious trolls.

  18. Seattle Mike says

    It really is sad that so often these turn out to be self-perpetuated hoaxes. I’m not sure if it’s better to wish for this to be a hoax or not.

  19. AERES says

    Arm. And stand your ground. Not too often I find myself on the same side as the NRA.

  20. WHAT? says

    PAULR: How long/far do you keep running? Larger cities aren’t free from anti-gay threats. It can happen anywhere and has. So gay people should have to leave their family, friends, work, etc and get run out of town and give in to these a-hole bullies? I’m not necessarily saying in this instance they shouldn’t move, but isn’t this exactly what jerks like this want…to scare the fags out?

  21. says

    the thing is also this – there are no doubt pro-LGBT straight people there who are “Closeted” about their support of the LGBT Community.

    You know the “I’m ok with it, I just don’t need to talk about it” brand.

    We need those people to step their game up. Be OPEN advocates. It aint easy, but nothing worth having comes easy.

    There’s a war going on and the voices of hate are loud and visible – the voices of love and equality simply CANNOT afford to be silent and invisible.

  22. Icebloo says

    ..and I bet the cops refuse to call it a hate crime like the do here in Texas because if they call it a hate crime the Feds automatically get involved to ensure the case is investigated properly. The cops don’t let the Feds coming in on a case – especially a gay-related case that they usually just ignore.

    WE have Federal hate crime laws thanks to the Democrats but the way they are implemented is still not working. Unless the states say it’s a hate crime then the Feds stay away. We NEED the Feds to step in to make sure we are treated as well as straight people. At the moment the states hardly ever call it a hate crime.

  23. MarkUs says

    I’m thinking if working with the police quietly off television with a repaired back car window and a security cam they’d have their culprit(s) within a week.

  24. Rick says

    I, the real Rick, did not post the first comment in this thread. That was Little Kiwi, acting as an impostor.

    I don’t know why the proprietor of this site allows him to continue doing that, but I guess he has his reasons. He knows perfectly well that it is not me making those comments because I always include my email address when I post comments.

    So you will just have to use some judgment unless and until he decides to put an end to it.

  25. Carl says

    I LIVED in a town 20 miles east of there. It was absolute hell. My heart goes out to this couple. You people have no clue how horrible treatment for gays in that part of the country is. Our house was isolated from a few other houses, so once a week I’d be woken up by about 4 dirt bags screaming f*ggot outside my window. It escelated to them following me to work only to pick fights. Go ahead and call authorities- they couldn’t care less. The worst was when day while walking my dog some huge truck driver guy at a nearby market literally walks up and steps on my dogs paws and after my poor dog screamed he says “take you f*ggy a$$ and your f*ggy dog out of this town f*ckin queer”
    Thats basically the daily treatment you can expect to endure, and I lived it and it was hell. With my families help, I moved in with relative in Portland Oregon where I live today. NOT EVERYONE has that luxury to just move

  26. ThatDude says

    It’s always fascinating to me that everytime we have horrific stories of anti gay bullying in parts of the country or world, people’s resolution is “move!”
    Not, lets galvanize as a community to change the widespread homophobia
    Not making a powerful statement
    Not getting community leaders involved
    Just run away from homophobia
    And we wonder why there continues to be so much homophobia in society?
    Because some gays just accept it as is, shrug it off and sat “oh well, which town should we run away too now”

  27. Jackson says

    Having a little compassion goes a long way folks. One thing I notice about gay folks is they can and are willing to show compassion to any and all heterosexuals, but have a completely lack of empathy for fellow gays. Put aside your own issues and be a human being when reading stories about humanity like this

  28. says

    Rick, wise up – it aint me. Mocking you has officially caught on.

    But nope, not me. Doing The Rick is apparently the new thing.

    It’s easy. All one has to do is cut off their balls and act like they have a sixth grade education and a truck full of Waco pamphlets.*

    *bonus for those who get the gay reference

  29. says

    My heart truly goes out to them. My partner and I lived in a rural town in Texas after he got transfered for work a few years ago. It was the most miserable time of our lives. Homophobia is rampant, and the people who exercise it have no morals or soul. They will literally do anything to belittle you. My best advice is to actively fight back. Hire lawyers, document incidents even get the media involved (one good thing is, they really do love reporting on these stories) and don’t just lay dead. There is no reason we should be shamed into being who we are

  30. Rick says

    @Carl I am kind of inclined to wonder how all these people knew you were gay in the first place. If you are going to live in a rural area, anywhere in the country, you should have enough sense to live discreetly. The two guys in this story obviously did not help themselves by placing a big rainbow flag on the side of their house. If you did something similar, then I am hardly surprised by the kind of reaction you got.

    It is one thing to be harrassed only because you are gay and not hiding it; it is another thing to be harrassed because you have deliberately tried to provoke people by flaunting your sexuality in their faces.

    Anyway, you think Oregon is different? Why don’t you do a little experiment and leave Portland and set yourself down in a little mining town in eastern Oregon or a little logging town in southern Oregon and do whatever you did or did not do (or claimed to do or not do) in that little town in Mississippi…..and see if the result is any different. (Hint–it won’t be.)

  31. Paul R says

    I don’t consider it running. I consider it moving to a better life. Did you read Carl’s post? Have you been in some of these tiny Southern (and other) towns? I’ve done two cross-country trips with straight male friends (just friends), and the reception we got at some restaurants was astounding. People stared. Some got angry. We heard comments. And I’m not effeminate.

    You can’t galvanize a community that doesn’t support you.
    Words aren’t going to change the minds of idiots.
    It’s not running away, it’s wanting to live a peaceful life and not having to look over your shoulder all the time and wonder if someone is going to break into your house and/or kill you.

    If you live in a hostile environment, you’re buying things from and paying taxes to people who mostly hate you and always will. The people defending these hick towns are likely defensive because they live in hateful places.

  32. says

    there’s nothing in the world that is less masculine than “living discreetly”

    right. because a rainbow flag in a window is “flaunting” and justifies hatred.

    rick, i do love you for coming in here every day to prove all of us right.

    mix yourself a nice cold martini, shaken with a few dashes of strychnine and bleach.

  33. Amber says

    I don’t think anyone who hasn’t lived in a very small town in the South has any clue what it’s like to be gay, much less partnered. You can mind your own business, and not look at anyone, and not even acknowledge your partner as gay and in some places…. They just sniff it out and can tell, and angels protect you if they can tell you are.

    The answer is not just packing and moving. Some of us don’t have enough money for gas to drive to the next town, much less move to another state or city. Wish we did. Believe me, everyone in those situations dreams of moving, but reality doesnt allow it. The solution is mandating people not harm other people who happen to be gay, minding their own business and living their lives. Homophobes can be a very talented, creative, sick breed.

  34. Rick says

    “I’ve done two cross-country trips with straight male friends (just friends), and the reception we got at some restaurants was astounding. People stared. Some got angry. We heard comments. And I’m not effeminate.”

    Then I will ask you as I asked Carl–if you were just three guys sitting down to a meal in a restaurant and none of you were effeminate, then why where people staring at you and why did they get angry? How would they even have known you were gay (if that is what you are claiming was the reason for their reaction to you)?

  35. says

    one can be visibly, obviously, identifiably GAY and not be “effeminate”

    this is a fact that every gay man who lives openly in the real world knows and understands.

    only online-closet dwellers think otherwise.

  36. WHAT? says

    Yes Paul R I did read Carl’s post. Did you read his last sentence? Also, what happens should he run into a biggot in Portland? Should he move again? And again and again and again….should we all join the witness relocation program? Maybe we should all go live on an island (that’s what the homophobes would LOVE). When is it enough?

    Rick: are you really blaming the victim? You are a foolish troll.

  37. Jerry says

    It is refreshing to read the replies here that don’t ridicule this couple. They are dealing with Hate that is very much alive and well. But for those who think that there are support groups out there willing and able to come to their assistance, I have a story for you. I have posted here before about the struggles my partner and I have had and are still having in getting accountability. Trying to understand the indifference is a challenge as much as understanding what motives these creatures have. Our local police can’t seem to process that we have expectations of an investigation and have made every attempt to make us look foolish. The cronyism in rural America is astounding. We haven’t stopped writing and looking for support but living in harms way does take a toll. We are being watched constantly. Last evening as I exited our kitchen door to feed our pond fish( something I do daily about the same time), I heard male laughter and fake crying coming from near our property line out of my view. Meant to mock us in our failed attempt to get resolve.
    We compiled evidence of dozens of iphone recording of stalking gun fire meant to intimidate us . And yes for for those who remember, no one has been charged for putting the bullet hole in our security light shade. We believe the police are protecting those involved.
    I identify with these men because being in the cross hairs of hate does have a price. Why should we have to move? We are willing to stand but can’t seem to get others to stand with us.

  38. GeorgeM says

    Every time you hold your boyfiends hand you’re in someone’s face about it
    Every time you kiss your boyfriend you’re in someone face about it.
    Every time you hug your boyfriend a little longer then you should you’re in someones face about it.

    Str8 people kiss, hug and hold hands to. It should be no different for us. Some are scared to do these things, their loss in life.
    Fly what you want it’s your yard. I have an HRC flag under my US flag. Eff anyone who says something, personally I’ll shove my fist down their throat.

    If you want to fly a flag go for it, telling someone you’re gay should never justify harrasment

  39. GeorgeM says

    Rick do you show affection with your boyfriend in public? If no do you think it’s wrong that some of us do?

  40. Rick says

    @George M What straight people don’t do is put a big flag on the side of their house proclaiming their sexual orientation to everybody.

    And as for those who express their affection for each other in public, I agree, the standard should theoretically be the same, but most people, including me, do not care to witness such displays on the part of either opposite-sex couples or same-sex couples, so I am not particularly sympathetic towards anyone who gets harrassed for doing so….

  41. DanSwon says

    Is Rick suggesting people should be murdered for the way they look? What a vile person.

    ps. The blond guy is cute

  42. JOE says

    Rick has a problem with:

    Effeminate men
    Men who live together openly

    It must be pretty lonely in his world since he can’t find anyone to date with such high standards. No wonder he has to come on here with his “grumpy old man” rants.

  43. Rick says

    Those queers should just stay in the closet just like me! How dare they live their life openly! Those homos deserved it!

    Now excuse me…I have to pick the herpes sores off my mouth before I go out to my job at the glory hole.

  44. GeorgeM says

    Personally I kiss my guy when I want regardless of the location. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the flag thing.

  45. Observer says

    To the first commentator:

    You’re a mess. Who gives a crap what they look like? Heck, they look like a cute loving gay couple to me. The point is, no one deserves to be harassed for living their lives and minding their own business. Hope your karma gets you real good

  46. endo says

    Professing to be against PDA (gay or straight) is one of the most obvious signs of a self-loathing closet case. It prevents one from ever having to deal with their own internal homophobia.

    And LOL at the person who thinks Rick has a boyfriend. No one is that desperate.

  47. DanTheMan says


    We as gays pay taxes, loads an loads of taxes stripped from our pay checks, and it goes back to this country. We shouldn’t be able to hold our partners hand in public? Fuuuuuuu*kkkkkkk that!
    I don’t need to live in shame for who I naturally am

  48. Paul R says

    I wish that we could all agree on the IGNORE Rick thing.

    @What: So you really think that someone in Portland or SF or even Memphis is likely to have their homes broken into and spray painted, as well as the outside? Of course there are bigots everywhere, and no you don’t run. But you get a whole lot more support from your police and community if something happens. These incidents are far more common in small towns.

    And if it comes down to a matter of my personal safety and quality of life, I’d eat ramen noodles for a year to save money so that I could move somewhere better, where there are likely more employment opportunities and supportive social outlets.

  49. JoysRide says

    Rick actually perfectly illustrates how hate for fem men,and mysoginy goes hand in hand with rabid homophobia. He may be th single most homophobic person I’ve encountered and it’s no coincidence he’s also a basher of fem gays. They two are connected. Every gay man you meet like him who bash fem gays will do the same toward gays in general. Their disdain comes from the fact that gays are identifiable. They believe we should all be passable. They usually come with a mixed bag of issues themselves. Been around the block and met a few “Rick’s” to know first hand. I’d avoid his kind like the plague

  50. JoysRide says

    Rick actually perfectly illustrates how hate for fem men,and mysoginy goes hand in hand with rabid homophobia. He may be th single most homophobic person I’ve encountered and it’s no coincidence he’s also a basher of fem gays. They two are connected. Every gay man you meet like him who bash fem gays will do the same toward gays in general. Their disdain comes from the fact that gays are identifiable. They believe we should all be passable. They usually come with a mixed bag of issues themselves. Been around the block and met a few “Rick’s” to know first hand. I’d avoid his kind like the plague

  51. WHAT? says

    @DAN: those taxes should also ensure that these incidents are acted upon thoroughly and swiftly by the authorities. We shouldn’t have to put our homes up for sale, find a new job and leave our families and friends and be run out of town, sorry I mean “move” as some have suggested.

  52. Rick says

    That stupid Rick impersonator just jealous because I cock more cock than him.

    I’ve guzzled so much jizz, anytime I sneeze, every woman in a 10 mile radius gets pregnant.

  53. Javier Mendoza says

    Why do you all respond to Rick and other trolls?

    Have you read Rick’s commentary in the past about women? Muslims? Black people? Jews? And effimine gays and butch lesbians? They are the words of a psycopath serial killer. Genuine serial killer syndrome written all over his writing.

    How ANY healthy minded individual could dignify a response to a monster like Rick truly boggles my mind. Ask yourself who is it you’re taking time to respond to before wasting precious moments of your life to respond

  54. WHAT? says

    PaulR You seem to think that by moving this magical utopia is going to make everything better! These things can happen anywhere, small, medium and large sized towns and cities. Bigotry is not limited to rural America.

    It’s not as simple as just packing up a U-Haul and eating Ramen noodles!

  55. Kyle Ohten says

    To anyone who suggests gay people not show any affection, even mild and romantic to their companion so not to make heterosexuals uncomfortable….. How do you live in your own skin with such shame? How exhausting it must be for you to wake up every day and censor yourself and tailor your innate natural humanistic emotions and alter them to appease some bigots. How lonesome your partner must feel to be in a relationship that is consumed by shame. Straight people never leave their homes thinking “we better keep our relationship on the down low for others” that any gay person would think that, then commit themselves to that is my idea of self destructive opression. Why even live at that point? You’re just floating in this planet souless with no self respect.

  56. Kyle Ohten says


    I do absolutely agree that the taxes we pay, as another poster pointed out, should ensure us the same safety and protection under the law as heterosexuals get granted. Your points are well made, unfortunately as I’m sure you know, in parts of the country, law enforcement is so indifferent toward gays because of their issue with gays that they are hardly the voice of reason to turn to.

    Here’s an idea I propose and I hope people hear me out, and someone with the resources gets wind of this post an can perhaps create a similar campaign. How about a coalition/non profit or organization spear head with the sole purpose of helping gay families who are in this circumstance of being harrassed in their environment and homes by locals. Helping them with a plan of action, lawyers, emotionally, getting them in touch with local LGBT groups and even helping them with funding (which is the main source of problem for gay people in these dire situations) there’s sooo many of these cases being reported against gay couples and familie across the country, that I truly think an organization devoted to them should be created. It could be extremely effective with great pull

  57. WHAT? says

    @PaulR: this story just posted:

    Louisville, Kentucky Teen Girl Brutally Beaten by Group of Adult Men for Being Gay.

    A city of 750,000.

  58. Rascal says

    Would this adorable couple please make themselves known online with a donation set-up so that we could buy them a home security and surveillance system?

    The local authorities are likely to be snickering. It’s up to us to help them.

  59. Iwontgrowup says

    Did anyone else notice the way the anchor man introduced them as a “homosexual” couple and not a “gay” couple? I may be paranoid but it was very telling how he played to his audience with the usage of that term. They also lead the newscast with that story to make it more sensational.
    But I admire these two for their courage, but if I were them I’d buy a BIG gun and learn how to use it.

  60. Mike says

    LGBT people need to form their own security and police force to protect our people from antigay Christians terrorist who can be anywhere, even in the police departments.

  61. says

    Christians are officially declaring war against us and we need to be each others allies. Our gay organizations need to be more active and foreceful. They are too weak!!! We need to have each others back. Stories like this are becoming common place as homophobes become more vocal

  62. TJ says

    AMBER: In case you are still reading these posts – and why would you, considering the bile up-chucking they induce – thank you for your comment. Spot on.

  63. TJ says

    KYLE OHTEN: Sounds like the model for DV intervention. I like it! And why not? Stand and and fight has its merits. So does live to fight another day. Having lived (and escaped) from a neighborhood that was less than welcoming, it helped having the bucks to do so. And the game plan.

  64. Jackson says

    Toomsuba is a rural suburb of Meridian, MS. There are a quarter million people around Meridian. It is a very dull place. I wouldn’t want to live there. That said: I grew up in a small town in Alabama (near the MS border about 80 or so miles from this town, actually). I never felt threatened. A number of GLBT folks live there & I was basically related to half the town.

  65. says

    personal injury lawyer will examine numerous factors including the amount of pain you suffered or are still are experiencing.

  66. ratbastard says



    TR is probably the most painful site to load of all that I look at.

  67. ratbastard says

    After reading the posts on this story, it’s obvious to me many people confuse stuff they’ve seen in movies and cop TV shows with reality. Reality is police anywhere, not just in Mississippi, can do very little to prevent vandalism and assaults from occurring. They exist primarily to clean up after the fact, and to investigate crimes AFTER they’ve occurred. They certainly don’t have the ability to babysit people who might become victims. The best anyone can do is if they know their assailants, get a restraining order. And if they do or don’t know their assailants, get some personal protection. In a place like Mississippi, that means get a firearm and learn how to use it, in addition to alarms, guard dogs, etc. Or simply move if things are real bad.

    I assume this couple officially filed reports with the police?

  68. terry says

    Mississippi has no sense of justice. The courts and cops will be of no help. Any push-back will only get this couple in jail. that’s MS. Getting beaten or dying to make a point? Stay safe guys, stay together but do not stay in Mississippi…it’s a wasteland.

  69. says

    my mother and father, both straight, fly the rainbow flag in the window of their house.

    as do my sister and her husband, also both straight, from their home in wales.

  70. ratbastard says

    @Litle Canadian,

    Wanna bet many people aren’t completely aware what that flag stands for?

    Yeah, I know you have a hard-on for Canada and your British roots, and think you and they are superior to especially Americans, but give it a freaking break Little Canadian, it’s tedious and predictable.

  71. Ivan says

    They’re from Mississippi and in their 20’s and they still have all their teeth?

  72. Tim Brown says

    So, what has happened to this couple? I hope they are getting their just revenge by living very well!! I remember the time 34 years ago, when my partner and I received a 45-caliber bullet hole in the side of our little Pontiac Astra after a car load of rednecks spied us sneaking a kiss at a red light in Tupelo. I swore then that I’d never ever let anyone dictate my life or where I chose to live it. We did choose to leave but it was far a better life; not in fear