1. NielM SF says

    the ad is frightening. Many of the skin conditions shown aren’t acne at all, but likely MRSA or other nearly impossible-to-treat germ infections. (MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. It is a very contagious staph infection that rarely resolves with the first-line antibiotic treatments usually indicated, and certainly not by an OTC product like OXY.

    Gross is one thing. Dangerously misleading is quite another.

  2. Matt says

    As Sinead O’Connor once said, as she ripped up a picture of the Pope, ‘FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY” Your attack on a chicken franchise
    merely demonstrates how misguided and weak gays can be, but at the same time thinking they are so clever and brave. How will you handle real opposition?

  3. ToLA8 says

    That dog is adorable!

    Also LOVE the punch the FCKH8 video against Chik Fil A packs. Don’t be soft against enemies. They want a battle, give them war and show them we’re certainly not as weak as they assume

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