1. Hephaestion says

    Those nationalist anti-gay thugs are the Shame of Russia. Normal Russians need to stand up against those thugs or there is no hope for Russia. Does Russia want to be more like France or more like Afghanistan? Apparently they want to be like Afghanistan.

  2. Satire says

    There is something about White culture that makes it hard for them to accept gay people. The White churches in Russia should be condemned for this. Even in the U.S. only half of the White culture approves of gays, and in many states, they are responsible for passing anti-gay laws. I wonder what’s wrong with White people.


  3. Mike says

    How insane is it for police to herd people into a bus so men in Black Shirts beat them? It is looking more and more like the antigay people are doing what the mad man Hitler and his Brown Shirt Nazis did to the Jews and homosexuals and other minorities before and during World War Two, murder them because they were different.

  4. blake says

    Those Europeans are so civilized. I say this with sarcasm given the usual smug statements we normally see when homophobic incidents occur in Africa

  5. Blue says

    We must put an end to this bull- about “self loathing closet cases.”
    Today’s gays are running on a lot of misconceptions. The percentage of gays is not as vast as you believe. The majority of people are heterosexual. They just hate gays. Can you fathom that concept? Maybe you all need to experience how gays are treated where they have no rights — might make you value being born a gay American, and stop piling on the endless demands.

  6. simon says

    let me translate your nonsense.
    “The majority of people are not black. They just hate blacks. Can you fathom that concept? Maybe you all need to experience how blacks are treated where they have no rights — might make you value being born an African American, and stop piling on the endless demands. Just be happy sitting at the back of the bus.”
    You can substitute “blacks” with “Jews” and how “Jews” have no rights in Nazi Germany. How does that sound?

  7. Icebloo says

    I would like to know how Russia is not thrown out of the EU for this ? All countries in the EU are supposed to have agreed to a certain level of human rights including those for the LGBT community.

    Once again the weak, pathetic politicians sit back and let this happen. EU politicians are just as bad as politicians everywhere else.


  8. Patrick says

    Blake and ICEBLOO:
    Russia is not part of Europe. Most of the Western Europeans still view Eastern Block with saltiness, Russia will never be considered part of the EU or Europe, even with their resources it won’t happen.

  9. Observer says

    Blue are you an angry black man? You sound jealous of gays. Are you one of those black people who feels threatened that gays are being granted rights and you feel it’s taking away from you being able to pull the race card every chance you get. Thats why most blacks dont support gay rights, they dont want anyone viewed as more of a victim than them. They have playing victim down to an art, manipulating society to feel sorry for them, all to get freebies.

  10. says

    It should be corrected that the bus seen in the video was mistaken by the thugs for the one containig the fled gays and lesbians; it actually contained guest workers.

    As mentioned in the video there was a bigger protest at Berlin pride. Russian gays and German gays from russian backgrounds even erected a “Checkpoint Wladimir” that the parade had to cross. Some pictures:

  11. LesbianDiva says

    @ Blue

    Actually we gays and lesbians are everywhere. I don’t even live in a major city and stumble across a gay, or gay couple everwhere I go. We’re definitely not hated either, when nearly 70% country believes gay unions should be recognized by the government with equal protection. 76% of Americans say they have gay friends. 78% of people under 30 in this country say they don’t believe being gay is morally wrong. You and your kind lost this debate, and are losing the culture war an you know it. You’re now the minority. We do LOVE making you all miserable though.

  12. Jamal says


    Clearly you care enough about gays to come on our blog and fixate over us, our lives, and out stories. I know you heteros are either molesting children or getting divorces or watching your heros ‘The Kardashians’ but boo boo you gotta find a better hobby than fixate over our fabulous lives. I know it’s more exciting than your plain jane hetero life, but you were born straight and with that comes a boring life that will most likely end in divorce. Just accept it dearie.

  13. says

    @ Jamal
    now THAT was funny, and pretty on point.

    @ Blue
    You do realize that trolls like you, who take time out from your vaccant life to visit our sites, make us laugh and serve as our source of entertainment, right? Your kind actually makes gay people more galvanized and united when you come here and troll. Thank you! We truly become a community when faced with trolls and serve you all a tongue lashing all under one voice

  14. Truth Speaker says

    This is nothing compared to black homophobia observed in Africa, Jamaica and even the hoods of our country. This may be intense, but the places I mentioned are barbaric in their treatment of gays.

  15. Crown&Glory says

    @ Blake

    Africans are vile, disgusting and below animals in their treatment of gays. They will always be called out on it. Sorry to inconvenience your little prestine African image you want to sell the world, but the vile actions of your people speak for itself. You have witch hunts in newspapers asking for the heads of gays, who’s pictures and contact info is posted in local papers. Africa is the arm pit of the world, and when you forget it, we’ll be here to remind you

  16. says

    Way to trivialize this incident by making a completely irrelevant point to further your own personal agenda. This story is about homophobia, and horrible form of it at that. Not how you’re feelings are hurt from reading a racist comment by some anonymous poster on here. Cover up your agenda a bit better next time.

  17. IownThat says

    Something needs to be done about this and other deplorable issues for the gay community in Russia. Our European gay and lesbian sisters and brothers need to join forces to help better the conditions for Russian LGBT. This is inexcusable.

    And Blake: way to hijack the thread. P.S: both places are disgusting so long as treatment for an entire people (gays) is like this

  18. coemgenus says

    The various post Soviet Russian area republics are not part of the EU, and therefore can not be “thrown out”. The EU does have higher standards – and Russia wouldnot be admitted at present.

    It exhibits all the characteristics of a pre-modern and immature society by western standards – viz the role of the Christian churches and the still aggressive fascism and authoritarianism lurking beneath the post soviet surface.

    The genuinely heroic struggles of democrats and activists will change eventually this – as they did in western Europe – but they need all the help they can get.

  19. DrMikey says

    Doing research to find a Northern European summer cruise, it appears that virtually 90% of the ships include a 2 day stop in St. Petersburg. No way will my partner and I spend any US dollars in Russia. Time to boycott any cruise which includes homophobic ports of call in its itinerary. That includes Russia, Africa except South Africa, most of the Middle East, many Asian countries, and of course most of the Carribean. Maybe we should also withhold our vacation dollars from many Red States that are guilty of the same. That still leaves half the world with beautiful places to visit.

  20. says

    Russia is part of the Council of Europe, a much weaker organization than the EU. It theoretically is bound by them and by the European Court of Human Rights, which has ruled against parade bans several times. But Russia not only ignores the rulings, but takes pride in flaunting them.

    Russia will not bow to external pressure. They have huge oil reserves, and large parts of Europe are dependent on them. The only thing that might affect them is if homophobic politicians aremdeniednvisas to the EU and the US. Otherwise, nothing.

    Milonov actually used the fact that Hillary and the US were against the anti-gay law as an argument in FAVOR of adopting it.

  21. pork says

    Hitlery Clinton is a bad spokesperson for LGBT people. She is the face of the fake left – those in the pocket of banksters and the MIC who mask their abandonment of the working class and the poor with identity politics. She is a hated person in most of Eastern Europe because of her husband’s bombardment of Yugoslavia and the Obama administration’s bombardment of Libya. She also supported the bombardment of Iraq which has destroyed the 1.5 million strong, 6000-year-old Orthodox Assyrian culture in Iraq.

  22. Blue says

    I’m not Black. I’m Gay. You people can really go off on tangents,
    My job is to be the enemy within. To generate response, and that I do. Don’t become parents with these anger issues.

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