1. jomicur says

    Why should anyone care about this but Daley and his tattoo guy? Towleroad looks more like a magazine for vapid teenage girls with each passing month.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I don’t like the size or where he put it. It will compete with his lovely face and lovely pits when he raises his arms to dive. I like Michael Phelps’ olympic rings tattoo better.

  3. Matt26 says

    @Mark, feeling good now? Ugly? Don’t think so.
    TD is a sweetheart and has a lovely smile and face. I understand that tattoo, but please, no more than that.

  4. Tattoo You says

    Wow. Putting a tattoo on a beautiful young body like that is like dumping trash into a country meadow. Total defilement. A hot boy with a tattoo is….well, just a boy with ink.

  5. LFB says

    During the Olympics, the Frankfurter Allgemein newspaper ran a story about the large number of olympians with tattoos. I think it looks good, but apparently “on the continent” it’s a bit shocking!

  6. SPOT says

    The responses here are about what you’d expect and fall into traditional categories.

    1. Fawning over young guy
    2. Nit picking based on personal preferences
    3. “What’s the big deal?”/”Yawn”
    4. Someone “defending” person in question

    None of what any of you are doing:

    – will lead to you sleeping with person in question

    – will make you seem cooler/more attractive

    – change what this blog posts about

    So my question is, why bother? Yes, I honestly want to know.

  7. Randy says

    Spot asks: “Why bother?”

    Because we’re human, and we like to talk about other humans. And we’re mostly gay men and like to talk about attractive men.

    You might as well ask why anyone would talk about butterflies, birds, Starry Night, or Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red.

  8. D.R.H. says

    Once again, a story about a tattoo and the tattoo nazis come out in force. They’re like gay marriage, if you don’t like them then don’t get one.

  9. Rick says

    @SPOT Everything any of us do in life is ultimately futile and pointless because all life ends in death……and one day, even the Earth itself will disappear.

    So what difference does anything we do make?

  10. bravo says

    Granted, I hate tattoos. But if I were an Olympic medalist, I’d comtemplate getting one. Only, in mine, the rings would be the proper colour and they would intersect.

  11. andrew says

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments at such a young age Tom Daley. I know you are a British diver but with a name like Daley, I am sure there is some good old Irish blood in those veins. All to the good.

  12. Icebloo says

    What a dumbass ! If you are really stupid enough to permanently mark yourself with a tattoo at least get something ORIGINAL ! Ugh. Does he not realize HUNDREDS of athletes already have this tattoo ?

    I suspected he had the IQ of a potato & now he’s proved me right !

  13. andrew says

    @Iceboo:Where did you get the stat that HUNDREDS of Athletes already have that Olympic Rings tat? I’ll bet you just pulled it out of your a$$ where you get most of your info.

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