2012 Election All About Fit Tickets, Says ‘Politico’

FitPrezWhen women run for office, a lot of the press can revolve around their clothes, their hair and their general appearance. But times have changed, and male lawmakers can now be ogled and evaluated, too! It's practically patriotic.

From trend-setting Politico:

"I hate to put it this way, but sex sells and people want to look at good-looking things and good-looking people," said personal trainer Jake Westhoff.

In a curious juxtaposition, while America’s waistline expands the candidates gunning for the White House have never looked better. Although we’ve seen trim, athletically minded tickets before (most recently, John Kerry and John Edwards), few have exhibited such a commitment to physical fitness as this year’s crop.

In short, it’s flat stomachs, across the board.

"You look at Paul Ryan and he’s a fitness fanatic," said Margo Carper, a personal trainer based in Washington whose clients have included Madeleine Albright and Ben Bradlee. "There’s absolutely no belly there."

Yes, but Obama's the only one with the guts to go shirtless.