2012 Election All About Fit Tickets, Says ‘Politico’

FitPrezWhen women run for office, a lot of the press can revolve around their clothes, their hair and their general appearance. But times have changed, and male lawmakers can now be ogled and evaluated, too! It's practically patriotic.

From trend-setting Politico:

"I hate to put it this way, but sex sells and people want to look at good-looking things and good-looking people," said personal trainer Jake Westhoff.

In a curious juxtaposition, while America’s waistline expands the candidates gunning for the White House have never looked better. Although we’ve seen trim, athletically minded tickets before (most recently, John Kerry and John Edwards), few have exhibited such a commitment to physical fitness as this year’s crop.

In short, it’s flat stomachs, across the board.

"You look at Paul Ryan and he’s a fitness fanatic," said Margo Carper, a personal trainer based in Washington whose clients have included Madeleine Albright and Ben Bradlee. "There’s absolutely no belly there."

Yes, but Obama's the only one with the guts to go shirtless.


  1. Markus says

    It’s freakin’ hilarious watching the media trying to drag drooling Joe over the finish line. Oh well, nothing says “svelte” like hairplugs.

  2. Barb says


    Shouldn’t you be over at Fox “News”. Oh that’s right, they suspended their comments section(s) and is why all of the liberal leaning sites have been flooded with far-right loons. They can’t stand not being able to spew their misinformation. Go tap your toe somewhere else.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    What color is Paul Ryan’s Speedo?

    If it isn’t a Speedo he’s not a ‘real’ man, because as everyone knows, real men wear Speedos.

  4. Esther Blodgett says

    What color is Paul Ryan’s Speedo?

    If it isn’t a Speedo he’s not a ‘real’ man, because as everyone knows, real men wear Speedos.

  5. AJ says

    Among MANY disturbing things, the fact that Paul Ryan got roped into a TV infomercial is one of the most disturbing. ALso, every person I have met that does P90X is a TOTAL d-bag. And Ryan is par for the course with his record on women’s rights.

  6. nick says

    It is keeping in the spirit of both parties-
    all style-no substance. Who cares what they purport to believe in? In the reality tv-show that is America- it is how you look that counts.
    The RNC already believes they have a leg up on the competition- Obama already starts behind the pack-afterall- he is the wrong color in their minds.,,,, (the context of the entire demonization of him from the beginning of his 1st term)

  7. MICKjr says

    I don’t know. If you’ve read the Washington Post and the New York Times this week, both have chimed in on Paul Ryan’s wardrobe….ill fitting suits, way too big and pants that aren’t properly tailored, puddling on top of his shoes. Neither paper can seem to decide whether his lack of fashion sense is a deliberate appeal to the regular folk who vote or if he’s just never studied himself in a mirror.

  8. tyler says

    Politico is fox news with douchebaggery added in… Ignore the site and you are better served.

  9. andrew says

    Who gives a s*it? Does anyone choose Pres or V P on their abs and muscles? If the answer is yes, I am voting for Dawson of Corbin Fisher Models. Actually, thats not a bad idea. I’m off to Corbin Fisher’ site now. I’ll be back in 15 minutes or however long!

  10. andrew says

    Yep, I just checked in on Corbin Fisher”s web site. I think that I am going to write in Dawson/Connor for Pres/V P. Check em out guys. They have the best package, I mean program of anybody else. All right, so I ment package.