36 Men Arrested In Lebanon Gay Cinema Raid

LebanonMapThree dozen men were arrested Saturday night in Beirut after Lebanese police arrested a cinema known for showing gay adult movies. And, according to reports, police performed anal probes on the men, and then made them pay.

From San Diego Gay and Lesbian News:

The cinema was well known for airing porn films and being a place where men meet to have sex with other men.

All the men were forced to have a totally discredited anal probe exam by an unnamed doctor, who ‘determined’ that three of the men were gay.

Not only were all the men subjected to these anal probes, that Human Rights Watch previously denounced as akin to ‘acts of torture’, but were in addition forced to pay each LBP125,000 ($88 €72) for the procedure.

Like much of the Middle East, same-sex sex remains illegal in Lebanon. Though it's more accepting than many of its neighbors, clearly not all is well there


  1. Icebloo says

    There is nothing of value to western governments in Lebanon so our governments will turn the other way and let this happen.

    The human race is evil.

  2. Myackie says

    there’s nothing of value in “palestine” either…but the entire planet seems awfully concerned about those poor victimized people…I wonder why?

  3. Joel V says

    @REPPIN2, unfortunately we do. I just finished watch a BBC doc on gays in Uganda; unimaginable the hell they’re going through there. It just makes me grateful for my situation, and emboldens me to start supporting GLBTQ org’s in these areas of the world.

  4. DanielBerryNYC says

    Just disgusting. Beirut used to be one of the most exciting, sophisticated cities in the world. But like elsewhere in the Middle East, this cosmopolitan society has been ruined by the righteous. We have ’em too and some of ’em in this country are doing their damndest to do the same thing here. Problem is that when they do that–a lot of their own kind get busted in theaters, rest areas, parks, bars, etc etc etc. Same thing undoubtedly can and does happen in Middle Eastern countries but it’s probably virtually impossible to get any information on that out to the rest of the world. Also, unlike the religious hypocrites here, the Imams make sure that they bring their pleasure boys home where no one can see them.

  5. Dan says

    And we want marriage and family. I don’t know which is more of a crime. Hey, learn that probe procedure. It might come in handy on your “husband.”

  6. JasonKhalil says

    Muslim counries in the middle east have long,long been sodomized by crackpot Islamic Religion. They want to bring it to all western countries so they can take over the entire earth Muslim immigration to the U.S.,Canada & Europe has DOUBLED since the Islamo-Terrorist Attacks of 9/11/2001.
    Homosexuality is very common in arabic cultures & accepted, as long as it is discreetly behind closed doors,most boys have friends they fool around with & most married men have a young guy they sleep with,because the genders are strictly separated. But it’s discreet, hidden & hush hush. There’s no such thing as a public gay identity. If you want to see hatred against non-muslims read the english translation of their Koran,plain as day,every 55 verses,They’re commanded by their Prophet Mohammed to Hate & Kill the Non-Muslims. Nice,isn’t it ?

  7. ratbastard says


    How the F do you manage to twist this into a blame the west story? The predominate culture in that part of the world is not ‘the west’ problem, and ‘the west’ didn’t create it.

    I swear, sometimes it seems like some posters on here can manage to twist any story into a blame fest, especially against:

    The West

    America / Americans

    Christians [especially Catholics]

    Males [especially white males]


    Pretty amusing since apparently male rape is quite a problem in the Arab world. Go figure.

    As an aside, Lebanese guys are hot. And Lebanese people are generally really cool people.

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