36 Men Arrested In Lebanon Gay Cinema Raid

LebanonMapThree dozen men were arrested Saturday night in Beirut after Lebanese police arrested a cinema known for showing gay adult movies. And, according to reports, police performed anal probes on the men, and then made them pay.

From San Diego Gay and Lesbian News:

The cinema was well known for airing porn films and being a place where men meet to have sex with other men.

All the men were forced to have a totally discredited anal probe exam by an unnamed doctor, who ‘determined’ that three of the men were gay.

Not only were all the men subjected to these anal probes, that Human Rights Watch previously denounced as akin to ‘acts of torture’, but were in addition forced to pay each LBP125,000 ($88 €72) for the procedure.

Like much of the Middle East, same-sex sex remains illegal in Lebanon. Though it's more accepting than many of its neighbors, clearly not all is well there