A Bird Did This


A United Airlines 737 descending into Denver was struck by a bird, landed safely:

Unsightly as the nasal indentation may have been, an aviation expert told the station that the nose is actually the best place for an airplane to get hit.

"It didn't affect the engines. It didn't affect the landing gear from coming down at all," Steve Cowell, who is also a pilot, told the station. "Passengers probably wouldn't have felt anything, but the pilot certainly would have heard the smack of the bird on the nose."


  1. Johnson says

    This happened to a jet I was on in the 1970’s, about 3 minutes before landing. Although it didn’t leave a hole, there was a visible dent just below the cockpit windows. We heard it hit and we were sitting half-way back in the plane. Once we were stopped on the ground, the pilot came on the intercom and informed the passengers that a goose had hit the plane.

  2. kujhawker says

    Reported Missing: Large 8 foot yellow bird. This bird was a resident of Sesame Street and his friends reported he was on his way to visit friends in Denver.

  3. Louis says

    Pretty strange title: “A Bird Did This” Really it should be “What Jets do to Birds”. It’s an important point of discussion. All species are NOT here for humans. They are here to make the most of their lives. Humans often get in the way of that.

  4. Icebloo says

    Was this REALLY just a bird ? I know the outer shell of an aeroplane is very thin but I’m not sure I believe this damage was done by just a bird.

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