A Times Square Wedding


Roger Newcomb, creator of the We Love Soaps website, celebrates his wedding in NYC over the weekend:

I was married in the middle of Times Square on Saturday, August 18. With friends and family sitting on the Red Steps in Duffy Square, Kevin Mulcahy Jr. and I said our "I dos." It was our dream wedding, in our dream location surrounded by more love and enthusiasm than I ever could have imagined. We both always wanted to live in New York so we went all our with a New York theme. As you might notice from the photo above, three-time Emmy nominee Colleen Zenk, best known to soap opera fans as Barbara Ryan in AS THE WORLD TURNS, officiated our wedding. Colleen became an ordained Universal Life Church minister in order to participate in our special day.


  1. says

    No one asked for your “judging” Daniel. H9ow about you tell us your dream wedding and let the rest of us critique it?

    The ONLY proper thing to say when someone gets married is CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Rick Dalton says

    Holy cow-it looks like you invited all of New York! Beautiful. And you can always say “We were married by Barbara Ryan!” What an awesome memory you’ll always have. Congratulations!

  3. Kevin S says

    It was an amazing day and I am very thankful to say that I was a part of it. Congrats to Rog and Kevin!

  4. Billy says

    This Roger guy is one of the creepiest people I’ve ever met in real life. He has stopped at nothing to infiltrate his way into the dying world of soaps. But good for him!

  5. ITs Steeeve! says

    oooohhh! HOW Classy! A Disney World style Times Square wedding!..with such manly manly men…indeed. Congratulations assholes. Way to front for your bro’s.