Accused FRC Shooter Floyd Corkins Indicted


Floyd Corkins, the 28-year old accused of shooting a security guard at Family Research Council's DC HQ last week, has been indicted on both the local and the federal level.

TPM's Ryan J. Reilly offers the details:

[Corkins] has been charged with the federal offense of interstate transportation
of a firearm and ammunition and a local charge of assault with intent
to kill while armed and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.
The federal charge carries a maximum of 10 years, while the local
charges both carry a mandatory mimimum of five years.

The suspect was not, however, charged under a D.C. hate crimes law,
which offers additional penalties for crimes motivated by political
bias. Corkins allegedly said words along the lines of "I don’t like your politics" before the shooting.

But David Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office for the
District of Columbia, left open the possibility that Corkins could be
charged with a hate crime down the line.

This brings up a question: Would FRC, which as Reilly points out have actively rejected the legal concept of hate crimes, agree with such a charge being leveled against someone accused of being their ideological nemesis? Probably.


  1. kpo5 says

    Besides a comment from Mom & Dad, has anyone come out and talked about this guy? Do we have any pictures of him at Pride parades? Have any friends come forward and said, “yeah, Floyd always got really fired up when someone talked about anti-gay politics.” A mugshot event? Did he rant all over a blog? Is he even gay?

    I feel like we should know more about him. We found out what motivated the Tucson shooter (his crazy ramblings, people calling him unstable), the Aurora shooter (his crazy journal, etc.), the Temple shooter (nutty white supremacist), and even the A&M shooter (unstable, just got served). Shouldn’t there be something out there about Corkins besides a single quote about him not having nice things to say about the anti “homosexuals,” attending a Christian high school, and a photoless Facebook page that had 12 friends on the day of the shooting?

  2. Litlhorn says

    It was awfully convenient for this man to have a bag full of CFA and Sayin “I hate Your Politics” – Really did a good job of Diverting attention away from Perkin’s et al’s work on the Republican Platform AND fed the “Fear Porn” of their base by being able to run around crying “Victim”. Based on past Underhanded Tactics used by FRC… I am beginning to feel if someone actually followed the money… there might be a deposit or two into Corkins’ accounts with some FRC taint to it… just sayin

  3. Paul R says

    He volunteered at an LGBT center. I’m pretty sure he’s gay, as well as severely screwed up.

    That said, I never want to see this photo again. It’s like seeing one of my brothers at the beach.

  4. kpo5 says

    He volunteered at the center for six months – so where are his colleagues? Wouldn’t at least one of them come forward and said something like “Floyd would get extremely agitated when talking about the FRC/NOM” or “Floyd was really enthusiastic about the cause.” Wouldn’t there be a picture of him at a rally or a parade? Wouldn’t there be some kind of record of his dislike for the FRC besides Mom & Dad’s quote?

    Yes, right now, he’s the crazy “homo-agenda” shooter. The most likely scenario is that he acted completly alone and was truly motivated by his personal hatred of the FRC’s “politics.”

    But something doesn’t add up.

    Many here said that the lesbian who recently had slurs carved into her body was faking it well before she was actually accused because her story didn’t add up. Well, this one doesn’t either.

  5. Mary says

    There’s something weird about a person going into an office building with a gun and saying “I don’t like your politics” before he tries to shoot people. That statement is too emotionally bland for someone about to commit a murder. Most political assassins say things a lot more extreme than this. I can see why people suspect this man is on some right-wing group’s payroll. Then again, mentally ill people are hard to figure out.

    But it’s sad that right-wing groups chose to exploit this tragedy for their own gain. No political group or coaltion can be held accountable for some lone nutcase who might easily have found some other non-political reason for venting his rage in a shooting.

  6. 1♥ says

    I agree with KP05, LITLHORN, & Mary that there is something not quite right about this story. It’s like he has no past except the six months he volunteered. Where’s his gay friends and/or exboyfriends?

  7. GregV says

    Not only does he have only 6 months that anyone seems to know about (so far) of anything to do with that LGBT center, but he also was only there on Saturdays and others there seemed to have no more than a vague familiarity with him.
    I also wondered from the beginning what the injury looked like. It is obviously not a life-threatening injury, but was it a something like a nick of the skin or something that will have long term effects on the guard’s arm?
    We have seen a gay-friendly church shot up killing several people in Knoxville, gay and trans people murdered across America, even people mistaken for being gay being murdred, and gay Africans who spoke out murdered as well as threatened by their governments and press, all while the FRC has told lies about gay people that have propped up the Kill-The-Gays bill in Uganda.
    Meanwhile, there has never been a violent reaction in kind from gay or gay-friendly people, even as the FRC hs long played up the idea of being a “victim.”.
    Then, this tangentially-related “colleague” gets “shot” by this simpleton Corkins, (oh, yes, 3 months before an election) who seems to have only a vague and only recent history with having ever said or done ANYTHING about gay-related politics.
    The FRC was at the ready with all the press releases blaming gay activists for calling the FRC hateful (a word Perkins has used to label gay activists).
    It all looks far too convenient. I do hope that the FBI investigates this, including any unusual injections of financial compensation to either Corkins or the guard, in either the past or in the coming days.
    Having said all that, I feel kind of guilty even suggesting anything untoward if this is, in fact, just a highly unusual moment where someone who is against the FRC is for once just as unhinged and violent as we are used to their supporters being. If that’s the case, I hope Corkins gets a serious hate crime charge.
    Outside of the guard’s arm and Corkins’ lifestyle, this is likely to hurt only gay people. We shouldn’t accuse anybody of anything, but we should be demanding a thorough investigation and that hate crime charges be made if that’s what actually happened.

  8. Frank says

    The conspiracy theory comments sound just like comments from the tea party birthers. I hope the FBI searched his wallet for his gay card because I heard he was heterosexual Christian from Kenya.

  9. kpo5 says

    Calm down, Frank.

    No one is pushing this ‘theory’ as absolute truth. I know as gays we all want this one behind us. If Corkins was alone in his actions, like GregV said, I hope he’s charged with a hate crime. And as I mentioned, this is the most likely scenario – Corkins is the sole nut here.

    You have to admit that this story does not follow your typical, recently documented shooter-esque coverage. We’re typically bombarded with back-stories and photos. FOX News would be rubbing a photo of Corkins at a Pride parade in our faces. We would have heard interviews with friends where they’d say “yeah, Floyd got a little carried away sometimes.” We would have seen at least one more photo, other than the one of him being apprehended. It just doesn’t all come together like most of these do.

    Whereas we have seen the President’s birth certificate, we haven’t really heard a peep about Corkins.

  10. says

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