1. jason says

    Regarding the Chick-Fil-A supporters, I have never seen so many conservative men lining up for cock-a-doodle-do.

  2. endo says

    All the media reports showing massive lines at Chick-fil-a restaurants were depressing. Equally depressing was the fact that so many of the reports called it a free speech issue and failed to mention that the real reason gays and lesbians spoke out against Chick-fil-a is the WinShape Foundation’s financial contributions to anti-gay organizations like Exodus and Focus on the Family.

    I guess they can have their day. In the long run, they’ve done irreparable damage to their brand. And fair-minded gays and their allies will be boycotting Chick-fil-a for life.

  3. NeverEclipsed81 says

    *some people are so fat that they get two sandwiches every time they go through a drive thru.*

  4. Eric says

    There are times when kiss-ins might actually do something, this is not one of them. All of that effort would be better spent writing letters and making phone calls to government officials regarding pro-LGBT causes. As Rep. Frank has pointed out time and again, demonstrations have no effect at all on politicians, and politicians are the people we really need to impact right now. People that don’t think we deserve rights by now aren’t going to change their minds because of a kiss-in, or even facts, that ship has sailed.

  5. Pete N SFO says

    I had to think when “Huck” said, many companies give money; Starbucks, Amazon, and there’s no problem with that.

    I guess that difference is that one group is working to expand rights & the other is working to restrict them.

    Bigotry masquerading as religious devotion is really, really exhausting.

  6. jason says

    Hick-Fil-A is lousy crap, anyway. Let them have their misguided shows of support. In the long run, we can work assiduously to ensure constant boycotts and bad-mouthing of the product.

  7. kpo5 says

    Bill O’Reilly’s take on the subject was perhaps the most nauseating. He took the Boston mayor, called him a fascist who is trying to “tell people what do you” (but somehow Huckabee is not), and said that if he’s going to boycott Chick-fil-A, he should also “boycott black people” (and then played the clip of the NOM pastor).

    False victim, terrible use of the word fascist, and race-baiting – all in the same minute. I guess it’s just another day at the Fair and Balanced network.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Big News! Hordes of anti-gay people in anti-gay states think they are being noble and making a point by pulling up in their SUVs to fast-food drive-in windows and then stuffing their faces.

  9. Piedr says

    It’s somewhat disappointing that the images broadcast around the world are either that of fat white conservatives stuffing their faces in the name of bigotry or over-the-top displays of public affection. Way to normalize the issue, guys.

  10. MarkUs says

    On the morning MSNBC show there were columnists from The NYT, Washington Post, Huff Po and the MSNBC hosts who were positively pissed at this can of worms having been opened. Not exactly a Conservative crowd.

  11. endo says

    The kiss-in is completely misguided and only perpetuates the myth that gays are not welcome in Chick-fil-a restaurants. They are more than happy to take your money and then donate it to anti-gay organizations working to deny you your rights.

  12. Iwontgrowup says

    Let us face facts; This company is allowed to say and do what it wants. No amount of protest or empty grandstanding from celebrities and politicians is going to change their opinions. HOWEVER…we are entitled to not patronize them, non-violently protest their ideals and let everyone know about their beliefs.
    Remember, these are the people with the same mind set that fought to keep slavery alive, the same people who sought to create a utopian society through “the final solution”. It took years to end those beliefs and it will, unfortunately, take years to fight these beliefs.
    We live in a society that thinks instant gratification takes too long, we must have patience and stick to our beliefs and the time will come when we will be able to marry and the bigots and hatters will be relegated to the “ash heap of history”.

  13. ratbastard says

    This is getting out of control and distracting from very serious disastrous economic issues and our endless wars. I’m sure the people in power in government and Wall St love this feces, anything that distracts the sheeple from deadly serious and pressing issues like the economy, war, etc.

    The hard reality is both our main political parties are in bed with big business/Wall St and the military-industrial complex. This is THE #1 issue facing this country, nothing else comes close, for non-gays and gays alike. But these so-called conservatives and so-called progressives love pulling the wool over the sheeple’s eyes.

  14. One small problem says

    Are there steps (far) too far in support of marriage equality? There are. They include supporting politicians who posture about denying First Amendment rights to gay-marriage opponents. What was yesterday? A wholly unsurprising *backlash* against over-reaching. We can’t be successful if we agree with the denial of the constitutional rights of our opponents. Take this as a learning lesson, with a little humility, rather than just spewing hate at all who disagree with you. (Remember: this is exactly what you demand that those who oppose marriage equality do. How ever much you may dislike it, the obligations of good faith apply to you as well.)

  15. Anthony says

    Look at the bright side you guys, at least people are debating about this issue. And acceptance for gay people always goes up whenever this is debated!

  16. AG says

    I have no regret whatsoever that the progs are losing the culture war. Unfortunately, the gay marriage is being associated with their un-American attacks on the freedom of speech and religion.

  17. jason says

    This is also the classic case where Democratic Party politicians (like Rahm Emmanuel) have sought to exploit the issue to pander to us in an unproductive way.

  18. Francis says

    First of all, to the conservative gays on this website——Chick-fil-A’s brand approval ratings, their popularity ratings, continue to DECREASE. So any statement that the gay community and progressives are losing is false. Secondly, a ONE DAY bump in sales is not a pattern. It’s called a group of people who are galvanized to make a point, and that group of people are social cons. And with most CFA restaurants located in the South, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a large amount of support. It’s going to take months until we see if any damage has been done regarding bottom line profits regarding Chick-fil-A.

    It’s actually really appalling how many seem not to get it, especially the gays sticking up for CFA or saying this isn’t a big deal. Newsflash: This is one of the more public demonstrations of gay acceptance and of gay hatred we’ve seen in America in quite some time. This Chick-fil-A debate has created clear battle lines. And it’s a battle we WILL win. Ultimately, yesterday shouldn’t really mean much more to any of us outside of the knowledge that, yeah, there are a lot of people out there who are anti-gay. But we’ve made and continue to make progress and if we continue standing tall and speaking out, we will continue that progress.

  19. says

    We know what the line-up of lard-asses stewing in their own hate juices outside of Chick-Fil-A for their bigot meal will look like in the history books, and it won’t be pretty.

    There’s a reason why CFA is now trying to distance themselves from their anti-gay actions: they know that in the long run it’s a loser for them and they’re on the losing side of the culture wars. Support for marriage equality is only going to grow, which with their confirmed ties to anti-civil-rights groups, is not good news for any expansion plans CFA might have, particularly since their dubious non-discrimination record won’t fly well in places with strong non-discrimination laws.

    The tide has turned and being pro-gay is the present and the future for smart corporations.

  20. says

    Francis is right.

    And any time we need to show that there are still a lot of homophobes out there against us, all we have to do is dig up these photos of fat white people standing in line.

    The proud bigots.

  21. Gigi says

    Palin said it best: the lamestream media. This is not a first amendment right. It’s discrimination. Cathy can “say” that he doesn’t discriminate, that he’ll “proudly serve anyone” but those are just words. Imagine if he supported the KKK or Neo-Nazi groups that said blacks and Jews shouldn’t be allowed to teach our children – better yet, they should be jailed or deported. Would there have been such support? Oh jeez, maybe there would have. I need a drink.

  22. J_niel says

    So why is it ok for the religious zealots to boycott Penny’s and voice their opinion but it isn’t ok for LGBT persons and their supporters to voice theirs and boycot chick-fil-a? So much for free speech. I guess that only applies when your speech is the same as theirs. SMH!

  23. Logan says

    So I see seem of the hypocritical bigots decided to indulge in the sin of gluttony. How surprising.

  24. Logan says

    So I see seem of the hypocritical bigots decided to indulge in the sin of gluttony. How surprising.

  25. ratbastard says

    I hope you’re not referring to me as one of those ‘conservatives’, Francis, because I’m not ‘conservative’. You need to try thinking more outside the box,Francis. Get off the plantation, tip your toes in, the water’s fine.

  26. mickyflip says

    So, obviously, the “kiss-in” tomorrow feels pretty redundant and will have no effect. What about a flash mob? Not like a riot. More like get a group of people together to order food, break out dancing. Then ending with a giant glitter bomb inside. Everybody has some glitter to throw around.

  27. ratbastard says


    Gluttony is indeed a big sin in the bible. I too don’t understand how these fat phuks overlook it. Not to mention many other typically acceptable behaviors and attitudes in America and elsewhere.

    Reminds me of the effed up young man in NYC a while back [during a Queens gay bashing] who had the Leviticus quote about a man lying with another man tattooed on his arm! Aside from the fact this is batsh*t crazy thing to do, Leviticus also said marking the body was an abomination. The bible even says eating shellfish is an abomination, and it’s OK to kill your children if they’re disrespectful to their parents.

  28. Dan says

    The first images were so white. I was laughing to myself about how I couldn’t see a single person of color among the crowds. Then who is the first person they show interviewed? The younger black woman who opposes gay marriage. As a woman, a minority, and a young person, she’s supposed to be liberal, so clearly it’s the gays that are crazy. Also, it just tried to reinforce the black vs. gay stereotype.

  29. anon says

    This is beginning to sound like the classic August news story that reporters not on vacation this month will flock to so they don’t have to work too hard. It’s a slow news month because there’s fewer reporters around. And don’t expect a lot of effort on the part of the remaining crew–the junior reporters that have to take their vacations in the fall.

  30. edster says

    Wow i went to undergrad w Steve Osunsami. Wonder what it was like for him on the ground being big, black, intelligent, and gay as he is. Maybe he should have opened up the interviewz with an intro “btw im actually ur worst nightmare”.