1. Daya says

    Even Richard Nixon knew that the US needed a strong middle class and actively worked to make it grow. Remember his frase, “the silent majority.” — This current group of Republicans are only focused on their immediate buldging pockets and I don’t mean the good kind. They seek to cut their own noses off inspite of their faces. But they are two thick-headed to see that. Sigh…

  2. Dback says

    I was really ticked off at Clinton after DOMA (especially coming on the heels of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”). The new issue of VOGUE with its excellent interview with Chelsea Clinton (GODDESS!) has a lot of insight into her parents and their world as well as her own–Chelsea apparently has many gay male friends, and over the years has brought a lot of them home for dinner and holidays, and it’s largely been because of these one-on-one interactions that Bill Clinton has had an almost 100% “evolution” on gay issues. (He now supports full marriage equality.) He’s gone from mere tokenism (mentioning gay people in his 1992 acceptance of the nomination, appointing openly gay people in his administration) to applauding the things that Obama has done that Clinton didn’t do (ending DADT, the Hate Crimes bill, working to pass ENDA, etc.)

    As the mists of time cover up Clinton’s admitted personal flaws, his presidency looks better and better–eight years of largely peace and prosperity, before George W. Bush single-handedly put the country in the shitcan. People love Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State, and feel more comfortable with Obama knowing that Bill Clinton is available for advice and counsel (whether Obama takes him up on it or not). A huge number or working-class and middle-class people did well during the Clinton years; it’s smart to remind them of that.

    Then again, if the Republicans keep drawing the razor across their throats discussing social issues such as rape, abortion, etc., the Dems are hardly going to need to do anything, except point to a chart showing modest improvements in the economy (Wall Street, housing, construction, etc.).

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