Bow Wow Cries ‘Photoshop Hacker’ Over Mystery Photo Of Him In Bed With Another Man


The rapper Bow Wow has found himself in a bit of a gay Twitter drama.

It began when the above picture was posted on the musician's Twitter. Bow Wow claimed it was placed by a photoshopping hacker, a story that seemed plausible as a mystery poster calling himself @7_i_Am  promoted his own mix-tape and asked Brown for $10,000 to return the allegedly hijacked account. Mr. Wow then tweeted to followers, "got 2500$ to any Detroit ni**a that finds @7_i_Am and slaps the p*ss outta dis ni**a. Word!"

The so-called hacker then later tweeted that Bow Wow's team was simply trying to do damage control. The man in that account's picture kind of resembles the man with Bow Wow in the photo above, the photo Bow Wow claims was photoshopped. Now, I'm no photoshop expert, so anyone out there have an opinion on this digital mystery?


  1. Doug says

    Looks pretty real to me. hard to fit the SMOOSH of the face against another skin tone without blurring, and make the smoosh appropriate to the object it is leaning against…

  2. V-8 says

    I think it is hard to fake low res stuff on photoshop… and while I think the pic looks pretty convincing, one of the eyes of the guy on top looks weird…. maybe a black eye?

  3. Rob says

    I fail to see how it matters if this is real or shopped. What DOES matter is that even the hint of maybe-gayness is still a powerful insult. We still havea long way to go.

  4. macca says

    i’ve worked in photoshop for 10+ years and would assert that this image is untainted.

    that said, i’m no bow-wow expert, so can’t vouch for the accuracy of skin ink, etc.

  5. johnny says

    Photoshop user since it’s inception here and also beta-tester before it was commercially available.

    That pic may or may not be Photoshopped.

    It would be easy to lift the person in the back from another photo with a similar position and situation, drop it into that picture. But lighting, grain level, etc. would all have to be EXACTLY the same. Hard to really do and would take lots of planning and expense. Who would go to that trouble and why? No motive.

    I’m leaning towards NOT Photoshopped.

  6. Beto says

    Working with photoshop for more than 10 years. Pic is not fake or manipulated in any discernible way. As other commenters here iit’s very hard to fake a low resolution pic. As for the identity of the guy in top, well I’m not Bow Wow fan, buy my gaydar always ping whenever I catch him

  7. J. Dredd says

    its a fake. He should just laugh it off, but its understandable that he’s angry about this it doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks homosexuality is a slur. I’d be pist off if someone said I was something i wasn’t.

  8. Nathan says

    It’s fake, albeit a very good one. The eyes are uneven and the left side of the face blurs unnaturally into the shoulder. If you take it into Photoshop and rotate it 90 degrees, it becomes much more apparent.

    Sweet pic though.

  9. Eric says

    As another commenter stated, having worked with Photoshop for 10+ years I’d say the photo is legit unless it was done by a professional retouching artist. That said, I have no idea who Bow-wow is or what he looks like.

  10. Homo Genius says

    I am in the 50/50 column. Working with people the 2 hardest things to clip are hair and ears. The guy on bottoms ear has a couple of spots that look a bit too straight to me.

  11. anon says

    Now that Moose has provided a link so I can see what he looks like (and the photos on that page are left-right inconsistent, which happens a lot these days), I’d say it’s not him. The tat does not match the ones in the other photos from either shoulder, also the eyes don’t match and there is something funny about the shape of the head along the top (juts in below the forehead). Case of mistaken identity?

  12. anony6 says

    If Bow Wow was gay, wouldn’t he have gotten a hotter guy? I mean, considering all his money and fame. Not to mention, the gay lover asking for $10,000 and with a mixtape coming out doesn’t lend credibility to him. #justsaying

    BTW, enjoying the convos between the photoshop experts, more experts should weigh in.

    Like someone said earlier, if Bow Wow would post the photo this photo may have been photoshopped with, that would clear everything. It may also clear everything if he never post’s a photo.

    And as others have said, who cares. He’s gay, and….he has black hair. The potential revelation is noteworthy, but nothing to be defensive about or offended by. A simple correction would suffice.

  13. Dave says

    Yes, I’d say fake. Aside from the tat (which doesn’t look the same in other pictures of him) and the skin tone (which appears too dark), there is something wrong with the background above the heads of the guys. So I’d say – good fake.

  14. Michael says

    First, bow wow is totally gay. Knew that since he started overcompensating with the no homo crap.

    Secondly its interesting those with Photoshop experience say its legit while those with none are saying otherwise.

    And if it was fake, why isn’t bow wow showing us the original pic. He would he whipping it out faster than u know what.

  15. Jim says

    I ran an Error Level Analysis filter against it (at 70, 80 and 90%) – slight differences in source light levels would make the ‘shoped portions light up and … all three show an even spread. If it’s ‘shopped, the guy/gal’s a pro.

  16. SayTheTruth says

    Not photoshoped for me: one of the most difficult things to get the things right is the light source and even more –in this case- the subtle difference in intensity. The bending of the upper face, the skin ceding to the pressure, those details are difficult to cheat, but not impossible The color balance, the integration, etcetera are also extremely good, so I get they belong together. If it is a fake, it is a hell of a good job.

  17. Dan B says

    The “it’s fake” crowd seems desperate to believe. Why would a professional photoshopper go to the time and effort to make a fake pic of some rapper nobody’s heard of, just to promote a mixtape, when he could be making a lot more money legally working in Hollywood? I don’t know whether it’s an actual pic of Bow Wow, but it’s not photoshopped. Stably-employed graphic artists don’t extort obscure rappers to promote mixtapes.

  18. Adetunji says

    @Mikey already gave the answer in the first few comments – it isn’t Bow Wow. It isn’t fake because it is a real shot of this guy here and his boyfriend he has been tweeting about this whole thing blowing up you can look at his feed here Anyway. Carry on. Bow Wow’s orientation is his own business – but this picture has nothing to do with him apparently.

  19. Art says

    As graphic artist I go with real: The grain, light, are very even, I don’t see blur anywhere, The skin agains skin and on the bed to hard to fake. if is photoshop is one I have not used. No mater how good the photoshop and artist are blended images have tells that are hard to fix… this just doesn’t have them.

  20. B's homie says

    Personally, I few that Bow is cool and is an extremely nice person, obviously he is what he’s being accused of being. He should ignore whatever is being said and keep whatever happens between him and whoever it happens with. Ppls should chill and stop bringing up this topic because they face a bigger sin for casting the 1st stone cause obviously it shows that he’s embarrassed about it. It’s obvious he is what they say he is cause he looks it and acts it a lil bit. I think the person who posted the photo is extremely wrong and should have chilled on being stupid, the person who posted it has def done something with Bow and feels Bow should come out and be a man but he needs to understand that Bow has a Mum who’s obviously gonna b disappointed in him. Let Bow Wow be!

  21. vixelia says

    no only is the skin color way off but bow wow shoulder tat extends almost into his armpit. its a clown with corn rows that has the neck ruffel fade straight into a B with smoky clouds…neither these dudes have that at all. This is just from a min or two of my own research…why the authorities are not involved at this point (if they are where the heck are they) does seem to be kinda strange…i couldnt find one main stream media outlet with info on this…

  22. Michael says

    Um, hate to point out the obvious to those who are saying its not Bow Wow but…

    Wouldn’t Bow Wow himself point that out? He is insisting its Photoshopped, ie he is admitting its him.

  23. Kogenta says

    I know I’m not the only person who doesn’t know who Bow Wow is, or even cares.

    But what bothers me is the content of the messages between the two. Seriously, you don’t abbreviate the word damage as damn and it would be nice if BW could expand his vocabulary for describing another person of the same race, beyond a racial slur.

    Just more reasons I don’t care for rap music.

  24. Eight Inches says

    Bow Wows real name is Shad Moss so who is this Brown person that 7_i_Am asked to give him $10,000? “@7_i_Am promoted his own mix-tape and asked Brown for $10,000.”

  25. Michael says

    Would ANYONE who is claiming that it’s not Bow Wow please explain why Bow Wow is insisting this picture is Photoshopped???

    Um, wouldn’t it be way easier to say “Yo, that’s not even me.”

    I think Bow Wow would probably be the expert on whether or not it’s him.

  26. SoLeftImRight says

    I’m confused as to why anyone who got that close and intimate with Bow Wow would publicize a photo like this, but it does speak to the “slur” of gayness remaining far too great for some.

  27. Rohn says

    I agree with those who see the real meaning of this; that being gay is still something to be ashamed of, something to deny, something to avoid at all cost, even the hint of it! I suspect there’s a lot of hypocrisy and DL behavior going on in the hip hop community professionally and in the ‘hood';the whole hyper-masculine/thug thing is so overdone it invites suspicion! We’ve not come as far as we’d like to think we have!! There’s still a bumpy stretch of road ahead!

    It would be nice if people could love and sex who they want without the stigma! Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised!

  28. Glen says

    uhh real or not — who took the picture? certainly not the two in it? if you are a closet case rapper who the hell do you let in your house to snap a pic of you with your bf in bed?

  29. Ashley says

    Thats not Bow Wow. If u turn your head to the side to look at him straight on you will see that its a completely diff person. I don’t think he is denying it because he’s homophobic but because its a lie. No one likes to be lied on regardless of the lie.

  30. Bryan says

    We all know the music (and rap especially) industry is homophobic. Andy asked about the photo, which in my opinion is definitely plausibly faked. It’s not hard to make a better picture look like one from a crappy camera phone and we all know if Bow-Wow had a secret lover, they’d both have iphones or something with a better camera. This bad resolution probably just made it easier to ‘shop.

  31. BrandonJD says

    It is a fake, it’s not photoshopped though. It’s simply not him. A) The tattoos don’t match at all, a simply google search would show you that he has a clown on one shoulder, and some sort of scripture with clouds on the other.

    Bow Wow is also skinnier than this guy. I don’t know why he is so bent out of shape over a photo that isn’t even him. I think THAT is more telling than anything.

  32. Lee says

    I really have no idea what Bow Wow looks like these days, but if that is not even him in the picture, why does he himself not point that out?

    He claims it’s “only” photoshopped, which I interpret as saying that that is in fact a pic of him, but a manipulated one.

  33. carrin says

    their’s another side of not beliving this picture…been fan of is music and looks and style…im also only 16…but i feel alittle sorry for him with that picture popping uplike that…

  34. Ed Goron says

    Why are some people so pissed about Bow Wow for being pissed about this. I, as a heterosexual man would be pissed also had someone done this to me. I have no problem with other people being gay but IM not gay so I dont want people saying that I am. I mean shouldnt a gay person also be pissed for being accused of being straight? Basically anything that you are accused of being that you are not is technically a slur.

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