Boxer Micky Ward Pulls Scott Brown Endorsement Over Gay Rights


Republican Scott Brown meant to hold an event today in which Micky Ward, the boxer who inspired the Oscar-nominated movie The Fighter, would throw his weight behind the Massachusetts Senator's reelection campaign.

Ward, however, pulled out at the last minute because, much to his chagrin, Brown does not support labor unions or marriage equality.

"I can’t support Scott Brown. I just can’t do it," said Ward about a half-hour after telling The Sun of Lowell he was backing the Republican. "I found out Scott (Brown) is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy. I found out he’s also against gay marriage, and I say if you love someone, you should have the same rights no matter who you are.”

The Massachusetts senate race is one of the most-watched in the country. Brown, who replaced late Sen. Ted Kennedy, is going up against progressive Elizabeth Warren, a proponent of marriage equality. Though Warren was up in earlier polls, Brown has again pulled ahead. A Public Policy Polling survey released this week puts him about 5 points ahead of Warren.


  1. 2Dads says

    My FIRST thought was also
    “ohhh, thats why Wahlberg become close friends with this man. They share the same scumbag ideology”

  2. says

    He’s FOR gay marriage guys. there was a typo in the original article that seems to have been corrected, hence the confusion I guess by some of the posters above.

  3. 2Dads says

    No, the article was fine. I was silly in misreading it and reading the others repliers comment. I thought when towleroad wrote “is againt labor unions and marriage equality” they meant him. My apologies. Have been traveling back and forth from visiting my mom in the hospital and the lack of sleep clearly caught on. I’m confused though
    @ Collins does Mark Wahlberg support marriage equality? considering your comment above?
    either way, this champ is a CHAMP!

  4. says

    We better show him some love and support for this on his twitter page and facebook, especially twitter, because he’s going to catch hell from conservatives for pulling out. Please go on your twitters and show this ally your appreciation for taking a stance so bravely!

  5. Allen says

    I agree. everyone tweet him your gratitude. what a beautiful gesture, to stand up for his convictions and share compassion for all!!

  6. J.J says

    What a phenomenal man. Something tells me he has some close gay loved one/family around him who he deeply cares about.

  7. John says

    Mickey is a great gentle soft spoken guy. I’ve known him for years and he is quite a different person than you might imagine, as someone who fights for a living. I didn’t know his stance of marriage equality, but it makes sense! Hooray.

  8. EO says

    I’m no fan of Brown, but I do not think he is against marriage equality. In fact there was a Towleroad article just the other day about Brown’s views on gay marriage in MA:

    Says the Brown campaign: “Scott Brown believes gay marriage is settled law in Massachusetts and it’s time to move on to issues like jobs and the economy. He opposes a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman.”

  9. Sam says

    If Obama wins reelection and Kerry gets Hilliary’s old job, both with be in the senate anyways.

  10. Tim NC says

    @Sam… Even better is to have Elizabeth Warren boot Brown out to get rid of one republican and help dems keep control of Senate. Then if Kery gets Sec of State job, a second dem can be appointed to replace him.

  11. yonkersconquers says

    The Fighter was an amazing film. Especially for Melissa Leo’s tough as nails performance and the story of the two Irish brothers.

    Now there’s even more reason to love Ward himself. Good for him.

  12. i could go on, but I won't says

    at EO: He’s a Senator in Washington, where he can do some damage to gay marriage. In Massachusetts gays can marry and Scott Brown has to put up with it because he’s not a law maker there.

  13. DMM says

    He is truly a man of exceptional character and courage. He is on Facebook, however not on Twitter for those of you who want to express your support and gratitude.

  14. says

    “I’m no fan of Brown, but I do not think he is against marriage equality.”

    Why would you think that? Saying that marriage is settled in MA only means that he is living in the real world. It doesn’t mean he supports ending DOMA. He certainly opposed equality in MA when he was in the legislature, voting in favor of putting an anti-gay constitutional amendment before voters. Now, because equality is widely accepted in MA, he avoids the issue except to recognize the obvious: the mainstream Republican party is at odds with the people of MA.

    Kudos to Micky Ward for not being fooled by Brown.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “Brown will win, regardless.”

    And you won’t win a taste of his delicious jock ding ding, so stop fantasizing. Really, Rick, at your age…I mean, at our age.

  16. BobN says

    That a Teamster could get to the point of almost appearing at an event supporting a Republican and THEN realizing the candidate was anti-union says a lot about what is wrong with this country.

  17. Ken says

    “I’m no fan of Brown, but I do not think he is against marriage equality.”

    From everything I’ve heard he is against marriage equality. By saying it’s settled law in Massachusetts does not mean he supports it, it only means he more practical than most Republicans and understands it not going to be repealed any time soon. He tried to avoid talking about the issue and won’t take a position on DOMA. In a state where most favor marriage equality, if you won’t discuss the issue, it probably means you are against it.

  18. daws says

    That’s awesome. At first I thought this was the guy Christian Bale portrayed…the pic confused me lol. Disappointing to hear that Scott Brown has gained in the polls.

  19. Mike says

    I love this boxer, “if you love someone you should be able to get married”, God Bless him.

  20. Icebloo says

    It’s good that he’s man enough to support same sex marriage but otherwise he’s just another dumb sports star – I mean, who else would say they supported a politician without actually checking first what that politician is actually promoting ?

    It’s time people did research on the people they are voting for instead of following along like sheep.

  21. bricktop007 says

    Marraige is one Man one Woman.sorry for all you perverts out there. the most repulsive people i’ve never met. and never want to Remember! One Man. One Woman. There’s one thing i like about Mitt Romney. I know he wants votes. He has a lovely Family.

  22. jamal49 says

    Awesome! Maybe Micky will get around to kicking Romney/Ryan’s asses.

    @RICK Brown will lose. A close race, but he will lose.

  23. Miguel R says

    Maybe this is a new trend- pretend to support Republicans only to call attention to their unfair and stupid policies. My hat off to you, Micky Ward and Clint Eastwood.

  24. Dinah says

    Dear Micky Ward, you are what my late Gramma would call a real “mentsch”. That’s Yiddish for a very fine, honorable, trustworthy human being! (“When a mentsch walks down the street, even the sidewalk is smiling”.)

    Thank you so much for stepping away from your prior endorsement of Scott Brown. You went with your values instead. Your act is full of courage, integrity, and fair-mindedness.

    I’m working for Elizabeth Warren’s election because she’s always stood up for unions and working stiffs, for consumer protections, for equal rights, and for a level playing field. She’s a fighter too, just like you!

    Thank you again for your willingness to reconsider such an important decision. You are such a mentsch! (Consider your cheeks pinched lovingly by my Gramma).