1. say what says

    going to be a USA snob here

    more important = Chelsea Shield 17 year old from flint michigan won the 1st woman’s boxing gold medal yesterday….2012 1st time women boxing in olympics…..the people of flint michigan held bake sales and donated to cover her costs to get to the olympics

    I might have irish ancestors but “suck it” Ireland. Chelsea Shield team USA!!!! way better story–oly.html

  2. Marc0 says

    Say what, that was kind of rude. All athletes have a story. One of the big issues with Ms. Taylor was that Ireland hadnt won a gold in a long time. While Ms Shield’s story might be compelling, your comments were off base

  3. Misha says

    Dear SAY WHAT

    “Chelsea Shield 17 year old from flint michigan won the 1st woman’s boxing gold medal yesterday”

    Actually no she didn’t. She fought third – Great Britain won the first ever women’s boxing gold, Ireland the second ever and the USA the third ever.

    But a great performance by all!

  4. Samil says

    First of all, boxing causes disabling brain injury among professionals, let alone among amateurs; it should go the way of “women as chattel” and bullfighting – obsolete and unconscionably harmful in light of recent scientific knowledge. Next issue is why on earth would females want to engage in such a foolhardy activity? To prove they are “just like men”? i.e. just as foolish at times? or because they fell that femininity is inferior? It’s very “unladylike” as well!

  5. ratbastard says

    Yes ‘say what’, that was misplaced. This is a story about a woman from a small town, in a small country, winning a gold medal. It’s a very big deal to them.

  6. Liz says

    I am very proud of all the female Boxers as this was a break through sport for the Olympics!!
    But My Irish Gene pool says way to go Ireland and Katie !!!

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