California Bans Damaging Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Minors

The CAlifornia Assembly voted 51-21 to approve a bill banning gay "conversion therapy" for minors, Reuters reports:

LaraOpponents of the practice say such attempts to change sexual orientation can cause depression and lead to substance abuse and suicide. Several openly gay legislators championed the bill in emotional speeches during the floor debate, citing their own childhood experiences.

"One of our No. 1 priorities in this house is to protect the next generation of Californians," said Ricardo Lara (pictured), a Democrat from Los Angeles County. "And some of those are sissy boys. And some of those sissy boys grow up to be Assembly members. And some of those sissy boys need help. And we are here to stand with those sissy boys."

The Senate passed its version of the bill by a vote of 23-13 in May. Lawmakers must iron out minor differences in the two measures by Friday before a final bill makes its way to the desk of Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

Box Turtle Bulletin explains:

When the bill was first introduced into the Senate, there were additional provisions which would have required that adults undergoing SOCE to sign a state-mandated informed consent form, and it would have left therapists open to fines of $$5,000 or “actual damages, or statutory damages” if the client later determined that he or she had been harmed by the therapy or if the therapist had contravened California’s restrictions on SOCE. Due to objections form several mental health organizations, the state-mandated informed consent form was dropped, and the fines were eliminated in favor of a new clause which subjects the licensed therapist “to discipline by the licensing entity for that mental health provider.” The bill affects licensed therapists only. It does not effect religious-based ex-gay ministries or unlicensed pastors, counselors or self-described “life coaches.”

"Ex-gay" watchdog Truth Wins Out praised the successful vote:

“We strongly urge Gov. Jerry Brown to sign this bill into law so the quacks can no longer abuse the kids,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “Each day that goes by without this bill becoming law is another opportunity for damaging therapy to psychologically scar LGBT youth.”


  1. Nat says

    I’m a bit baffled by the use of that term/phrase by Lara, “Sissy boy.” I don’t understand why he is using that language, assuming if I read the article correctly–he opposes these conversion therapy groups. I’ve been up for over 24 hours straight so a few cylinders aren’t working at the moment LOL.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Reputable licensed therapists haven’t been attempting this kind of voodoo for a while now and the law will not effect those cult-based so-called therapists who attempt do this stuff. Still — I guess it’s good to have the law on the books.

  3. UFFDA says

    Nat, I read that you’ve “been straight for over 24 hours”, which beat my record by far. LOL go to bed, I’m going back to.

  4. Mike says

    Thank God they stopped that crazy ex gay conversion torture of children. Now they need to stop those nut jobs from harming anybody else with their shock treatments while praying the gay away torture treatments of human beings.

  5. says

    He lost my personal support with his use of “Sissy Boy” and I’m assuming he is gay. Does he think it is cute and charming? NO, it is not OK for gay people to call each other sissies, fa**ots, or anything else from the gay derogatory dictionary. Have a little respect for yourself and your community.

    If he isn’t gay then he’s a fool but his work on behalf of young gay children is appreciated.

  6. says

    The name of the experiment by George Rekers that was covered by Box Turtle Bulletin and CNN was “The Sissy Boy Experiment.”

    It was a real experiment — now debunked — from anti-gay activists.

  7. John says

    Once again: He IS the sissy boy who made it to the assembly. He’s talking about protecting gay youngins’ like his previous self.

  8. says

    Good for him. As a Los Angelino, and gay man, I’m so proud to have Ricardo serving us as an elected official..and more importantly, a considerate and compassionate human being