1. jason says

    Yawn, I’m not remotely interested in Glee. It’s trash. Just because something has a “gay subplot”, it doesn’t make it good. It’s a horrible show that deserves to be canned.

  2. Chadd says

    Yawn, I’m not remotely interested in Jason’s Opinion. It’s trash. Just because someone posts on a “gay blog”, doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about. It’s a horrible comment that deserves to be deleted.

  3. Robert says

    I like Glee, and I watch it not because of the gay subplot (yawn), but because it’s an interesting show. I think bringing in new talent is going to breathe new life into this show, which was feeling a bit stale. We’ll see how this season goes.

  4. andrew says

    I have never watched Glee, but who is Brody Weston? That young man is off the charts physically beautiful. I taught high school for 35 years and, fortunately for me, I never had any guys who look anywhere near as good as him in my classes. Otherwise my carrier probably wouldn’t have lasted 35 years.

  5. Mikey says

    I’ve never understood people who dislike a show and think it should be canceled because of that. I’m not much of a Glee fan, but what does its continued existence mean to me?

  6. Bob says

    – I was hoping that we left the “Queens trashing stuff they disdain” mentality when Stonewall happened.
    Bitchy put-downs of people or things that are not my cup of tea makes me a sad, self hating queen.

  7. MaddM@ says

    we get it, the people that are sooo over glee/madonna/mariah/AbFab or whatever get 10 billion cool points, you won everything, all the prizes- now please go away and be bitter betties somewhere else

  8. David says

    Gotta laugh at the bitchy comments from the snobs and the snappy put-downs they get in return. Glee is still much better than most TV shows, even if you just look at the musical production numbers. I’m certainly looking forward to the new season.

  9. Lee says

    This show is fun, light hearted, camp and as hell. I honestly think what a lot of gays take issue with is that it’s gay. They just want a show where people have spitting contests and call themselves gay, some gay men overcompensate their masculinity (which is a form of drag itself) and those are the same types that hate this show because it’s so gay. Well, I happen to be soo gay, and proud to be gay, and even proud to be camp. As a child, I would have loved this show. As an adult, I still love it and am glad something SO camp and SO gay is on t.v.

  10. says

    Notice that anything that is identifiably gay makes some gays go off?
    Be it gay pride
    gay paradees
    Adam Lambert
    A gay icon, be it Madonna or Lady Gaga
    or gay shows

    Nothing but negativity, btchy, catty, crude, bashing comments about said identifiable gay outlets and people. Why? well, gee, could it be these people resent anything that’s gay? That they hate any themes of gay culture, pop culture, gay themes in and of itself? That they resent things can be deemed gay, and would rather hetero wash us, and make all of us appear like a mainstream, white collar, picket fences “normal” suburban family, and anything outside that norm upsets them? Seem like it.

    Homophobia comes in many different shades.

  11. Kyle says

    Love Glee because I accept it for what it is, not what I want it to be. It’s not master piece theatre, nor is it trying to be. Just a silly, fun loving show, that breaks out in song and dance, and sometimes has sweet messages mixed in. Good for it on it’s success, and I and many friends I know will continue to support this 4th season.

  12. Beach Kid says

    I was in highschool when this show appeared, and as a kid who was bullied in school at that time, I honestly could identify with Chris Colfer’s character. Colfer has such heart, and soul in his acting that it helped me find strength just watching him. Since coming out, I’ve met so many other gay kids who secretly watched Glee cuz of Kurt/Chris and found inspiration in them. I still watch it, and think it’s extremely important to be on the air.

  13. Lipstick Diva says

    God, I sincerely cringe and yet laugh at some of the comments when this show is being discussed. You would think it’s a show made by the United Nations with how passionate some gay dudes get in belittling it. Get that stick out of your…and stop being so dang uptight. It’s basically a prime time musical sitcom!
    It’s adorable 90% of the time, like a puppy that farts. It’s meant to be cute, and it achieves that. Heck, I’m a 33 year old lesbian and my girlfriend and 2 gay friends will still occasionally have Glee nights where we get together and lounge out on the sofa watching this show. Gleek thing, I admit, but really, some people just need to relax in life.
    You don’t like the show? cool. Don’t watch it. But seeing how worked up some of these dramatic mother effers get over this show makes me really believe they got their own issues to work out.

  14. R says

    Glee’s got something for everyone. Handicap, jock, great black singer, big black girl, short asian, unpopular jew, unpopular gay kid, lesbian coach, mentally challenged student, Indian, prep, nerd, slutty chick, religious guy….if you can’t find a character you can relate to or like: don’t watch. But to go on and on about how you don’t like it and some saying it should be canceled? No. It shouldn’t. Just because you don’t like it. It has a huge cult like following and just because you don’t like a show doesn’t mean it should go anywhere.


  15. Bobby says

    Love the show, love the subplots, love the music, love the comedy and the acting and writing are incredible. I hate you negative nellies who think picking something apart makes you superior. Suck it.

  16. Frank says

    @Lee I love this statement “some gay men overcompensate their masculinity (which is a form of drag itself)” and never realized how true it actually is. I love the show. Anything that puts 2 happy homos into the home of middle America on a weekly basis is fine by me. And personally I’d rather see 2 guys like Kurt and Blaine who actually act gay rather than a “Will” type who acts so straight that it makes folks more comfortable. But then again I’m gay and I act “gay”

  17. D.B. says

    I’ve always been surprised at the number of people who intensely hate “Glee.” It’s just a lightweight high school musical fantasy — nothing that should inspire such strong emotions. I’m not a super fan, but I enjoy the show, and am looking forward to the new season.

    I do, however, really admire the show for introducing a whole generation to the classic Broadway songbook. There really isn’t any other mass media outlet for this type of music. I am sure that within a decade, most younger Broadway performers will point to “Glee” as the inspiration for their career choice.

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