1. AJ says

    Umm… where is she? There aren’t any here in our state. Did she use tax payer money to go to one? And stand with those guys that blocked the schoolhouse doors back in the 60s, why don’t ya. You stupid hag.

  2. Yawn says

    I used to love this site, but I’m bored now with half the stories being about Sh1t-fil-A. I think I’m going to take a month long break from here and maybe then you’ll find something interesting to talk about by September.

  3. says

    Why do we continue to promote this company with continuous updates/reports on the slightest thing? Chick Fil A is a piece of crap. Walk away, boycott, avoid and be done with it. Cathy is basking in all the publicity and the GOP is dancing with glee.

  4. Keith says

    Notice she doesn’t actually eat the food. After that corndog pic made the rounds she probably doesn’t want to take any chances. Or maybe she did the same thing Dr. Howard Dean did with county fair junk food during his campaign: take one bite, then slam dunk it into the trash. I mean, the trash cans are right there!

  5. Rumla1978 says

    i get the impression that a) Bachmann is just happy something has overshadowed here McCarthyism and b) keeping that in mind I don’t know if anyone really wants/needs BAchmann’s support. It’s sort of like the pox infested blanket at this point. dontcha think?

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