1. says

    Romney is so inept he needs Christie to speak for him? I don’t know who’s worse, Romney who can’t speak for himself or Christie who thinks he needs to speak for the presumed candidate.

  2. Mike says

    Yeah, sure! What would he do as president and there are no “take backs”? Be like Bush II? We are still trying to get over him! That twit could not tell s*** from pure mountain honey. Romney is FAR worse!

  3. Caliban says

    After delivering his keynote address, Chris Christie will turn around and bend over so his backside can be used as an Imax screen for the rest of the convention.

  4. QJ201 says

    Christie has been running for president since he became gov of my state. He secretly hopes Rmoney loses so he’ll be the heir apparent for 2016.

  5. anon says

    Christie might be the only thing interesting that will come out of this convention. Let me know how his speech went.

  6. "The Gay" says

    Christie’s a liar.

    The remark was part of a strategy to woo the birther freaks and extremists.

    And he’s counting on his remarks to woo back the independents on the fence who are offended.

    There are WAY too many Americans that believe the President is a Muslim, doesn’t have a US birth certificate, and refuses to salute the flag. They need to be confronted, they need to be shown for the racist idiot scum they are.