1. Syrax says

    It isn’t huge. Gawker made an awfully detailed analysis of this, even scaling it with the medal’s size. It’s an average size, nothing to be shamed about.

  2. gr8guyca says

    I wish everyone would ignore this. He spent his entire life working towards winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Instead of feeling that this is the proudest moment of his life, he now has to be embarrassed about it.


  3. andrew says

    This was a very funny bit. If that penis isn’t erect, the gods were way to generous to Henrik Rummel and I am green with envy and also filled with admiration.

  4. GregV says

    I could excuse a 12-year-old girl for freezing the picture, studying the crotches and thinking that if she detects a shape pointing up toward a man’s belly that it’s an erection. I mean, she may have memorized a simplified definition for the unit test (such as “pointing upward and rigid”) and didn’t understand exactly what it means.
    But anyone who owns a penis should know that if he lies down naked on his bed three times, his penis will likely point in three different directions and “up” does not equal “erect.”
    It should also be obvious that when the penis is held in by clinging shorts or pants, it will be held in whatever position it has landed in, perhaps until the next time you bend over to pick up a water bottle or lay down an oar; then it might jostle into another position and stay there for awhile.

    I think even if an athlete DID have an unexpected erection, it shouldn’t be news anymore than other natural processes like erect nipples or armpit sweat or goosebumps.

    I’m glad he seems to take this in stride, but I’d be embarrassed to have my body analyzed in the press that my grandma would read.

    I hope he at least gets a lucrative offer from Playgirl after all the curiosity he’s aroused.

  5. Miguel R says

    Umm, anyone with any intimate familiarity with penises can see that that this is an erection. Notice the tightening of the balls; the pointiness of the tip; and most importantly, the fact that the penis is actually trying to escape the fabric. Flaccid penises and the balls attached are floppy things. There is nothing floppy about Henrik’s penis. This, my friends, is a boner.

  6. craiggi says

    Xcuse me… weren’t Olympic Games during Greek days performed in the nude? Seems we’ve something to gain by tight fitting gear if we can’t get the whole picture.

  7. says

    Leftmost guy is the same height and weight class as Rummel and sports the most appropriate reaction to a bronze medal: flaccid. As in fla-la-la-la-lac-cid. That or he’s really just a normal weener and Rummel is plenty happy to see people cheering bronze medal weeners, I mean winners.

  8. MajorTom says

    When I was Rummel’s age, snug shorts would sometimes cause me to have an erection at inconvenient moments. It’s about friction and being young. It is–at worst–a mildly embarrassing but humorous situation. (Well, less humorous for him, more for us.) I certainly don’t think it is anything for him to be called out or ridiculed over. So he had a stiffy at the wrong moment. So what? Happens to most guys sooner or later.

  9. says

    Couldn’t he just be a well-hung man that has a huge, fat flaccid cock that’s being held “up and to the left” by his tight shorts? Contrary to popular belief, white men aren’t all hung like a Christmas tree light, and black men aren’t the only men that are hung like a horse.

  10. Lewis Fuque' says

    It is not embarrassment that shall slay me. It is BOREDOM at the persistent vulgar public and its need for crotch rot gossip about NUTHING… awl.

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