1. SamIAM says

    He would never have picked her. Their theme has been to say that Obama does nothing but blame Bush for our problems. Choosing someone who was integral to that administration would be a disaster. And frankly, would have been very, very good for Obama.

    That’s not to say he won’t pick her for a Cabinet position should he win.

  2. Mike says

    Many people outside of the United States, as well as inside the United States, think that she, along with others in the Bush Administration, should be brought to trial as war criminals. So that’s another consideration.

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    I don’t think she will run for governor of CA because that would be an actual job one has to perform in.

    I also suspect that behind the scenes several people turned Romney down, for various reasons of their own, leaving him with no choice but Paul Ryan.

    As a Sec’y of State Rice was a real zero. She bought new shoes and a dress and flew off to some foreign country to make a speech to a handful of foreign bureaucrats who dismissed her as nothing more than a school marm who normally lectures a bunch of teen-agers at Stanford.

    I think she knows her limitations and is smart enough to appreciate having a comfortable slot at Stanford.

  4. Jack M says

    Yes, Condi stills carries the stench of the Bush Administration with her wherever she goes. Plus, she’s smarter than Romney, and, in GOP Land, that couldn’t be allowed to happen.

  5. jamal49 says

    In other words, by not choosing Ms. Rice, Romney has shown his true character: that of a full-fledged coward; a political prostitute who wants to be POTUS so badly that he will unabashedly sell himself to the highest bidder, will grovel before the most outrageous bigot, solely to garner the nomination of political party that is so un-American, so seditious, so hateful that after November, the American electorate, without blinking an eye, will toss it onto the trash-heap of American history.

  6. Paul R says

    There’s also the possibility that she didn’t want to do it. Being VP is often pointless. (Quick: who was VP under Ford or Bush 1? What has Biden done?) She knows that she can achieve her goals in other ways.

  7. Joe says

    Sadly, half of the GOP would be aghast if they found out who she loves. Her shame in denying who she is even sadder. But the GOP has a long history of high-profile closet cases, who are complicit with or support anti-gay policies.

  8. Steve says

    VP is really something that could be done away with as a distinct post. In other countries a high ranking cabinet minister – such as the foreign minister – often doubles as second in line after the president or prime minister

  9. PAUL B. says

    Let’s see…I’m a lez, so I believe in civil unions. I’m a woman, so I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I’m black…sort of…so I believe in whatever is up and running on that front. And…I’m an american, so I believe the rest of the world should be submissive and follow our lead….right into hell if I say so because I’m rich, educated and the center of the universe.

  10. Gregoire says

    I have a sneaking suspicion that she would not have taken the vice presidential role anyway. She may have ‘auditioned’ for the part, but the distinction is more in being considered, not being chosen. Its why bland politicians like Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels are constantly in the conversation.

  11. AT says

    She wouldn’t have taken it anyway. She’s said she would never want to be in elected office. Also, she’s not nearly as conservative as Romney… Or even the bush administration on many issues, other than foreign policy.

  12. Rick says

    “Let’s see…I’m a lez, so I believe in civil unions. I’m a woman, so I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I’m black…sort of…so I believe in whatever is up and running on that front. And…I’m an american, so I believe the rest of the world should be submissive and follow our lead….right into hell if I say so because I’m rich, educated and the center of the universe.”

    “I’m black…sort of…so I believe in whatever is up and running on that front.”…..That would be affirmative action, without which she would never have held any of the positions she has ever had, including the current one…..

  13. Brad Naksuthin says

    If Republicans elect Romney as president they need to be aware that they are voting for a PRO ABORTION CANDIDATE. That’s because Romney has gone on record saying that he approves of the taking of an innocent unborn life …or murder…under certain arbitrary conditions.

    If Social Conservatives give Romney a “pass” on his approval of abortions in the case of rape or incest, they have lost the argument that
    1. all the unborn are persons
    2. taking an unborn human life is murder.

    To try make an exception for innocent unborn children born of an incest or a rape strips these children of the God given protection that should be afforded ALL the unborn.
    And since Romney’s exceptions for rape and incest are totally arbitrary..that is, not based on any principle or religious teachings , but on society’s aversion to rape and incest, Social Conservatives and Christians have also swung the door wide opened to other “common sense” exceptions for abortion…as in the case of a severely physically handicapped fetus or a fetus that requires a lifetime of expensive medical care or a fetus that will only survive a few months after birth or a mother too young or too poor to rear the child.

    So if you are a social conservative and you vote for Romney, knowing that he approves of the murder of innocent babies under “certain circumstances” not only are you voting for the death of future unborn children of rapes and incest
    And you have agreed with Pro Choice advocates that the issue of abortion is no longer about murder…it’s no longer about an innocent life…it’s no longer about killing a human being….it’s just about under which circumstances society thinks abortions may be performed…and that fits right into their agenda.

    Social conservatives had a chance to push for a real champion of life: Santorum who does not accept Romney’s “exceptions”. Instead they nominated a Pro Abortion candidate.

  14. PAUL B. says

    @ Brad…well, better not drive a car honey…it can cause you to speed and get you a ticket. Better not have a beer…you might become a drunk. Can’t cross the street…might get hit by a drunk driver. Don’t forget…no sex either…could lead to disease or addiction. No jerking off either Brad…could stunt your growth. Oh, that’s already happened, sorry.

  15. says

    She might have been a good VP choice if it weren’t for her ties to the Bush administration and their abysmal failures in foreign policy, and it’s pretty hard to run away from that.

    @Brad: Clearly, you have become lost on the Internet. Social conservatives do not live here. May you get back safely to wingnut land.

  16. BobN says

    I’m not exactly surprised that, in California where gay couples are MARRIED and will soon be able to MARRY again, she supports civil unions…

    Always GOP. Always wrong.

  17. David says

    She may have favorable views on social issues, but she will always be known as a Yes-Woman for George Bush, who, with him, chose to ignore intelligence reports stating that terrorists were planning to fly planes into skyscrapers. That should stick to her for life. I don’t care if she’s a lesbian, she’s an evil one with no credibility.

  18. Rich says

    I didn’t take Brad’s posting as pro-life, and my personal views are probably closer to the Chinese position on abortion than that held by most Americans. He points out the logical inconsistency in Romney’s current position — if abortion is murder, then self-defense is about the only counterclaim that society otherwise recognizes.

    So long as women are free to surrender custody of unwanted children, I don’t see any argument (other than the basic one of pro-choice) for allowing women to terminate pregnancies brought on by rape and/or incest but not otherwise.

  19. andrew says

    Why don’t people who say abortion is murder ever tell us what the punishment should be for the women who hire someone to “murder” there unborn child. Are we talking death penalty or life without parole? They don’t even mention community service or a fine as punishment because they know it would DOOM their movement!!!

  20. andrew says

    Mabye he passed over her because she was so deeply involved with the Cheney/Bush administration that got us involved in a needless war that killed tens of thousands. By the way, where are those weapons of mass destruction that another Bush mouthpiece, Powell told the UN were in trucks being moved around Iraq? He even had pictures. I guess our survalence lost track of them. And all those killed and wounded for nothing. And a trillion $$$$$$$ spent.

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