1. Dave says

    Amazing and creepy. Was it the Matrix series, where people are in cocoons, living through stimulated realities without actually doing anything? One step removed. Well done despite being creepy.

  2. Oz in OK says

    This is very cool, and an interesting progression… in the late ’90s and after 2000, the vogue was ‘virtual reality’ in which the person is in a completely computer-generated environment (think ‘The Matrix’) but technology progressed – we now carry our ‘online environments’ with us via our smartphones, and Augmented Reality (AR) is the logical step in that development.

    Since we already use our phone apps to navigate, to meet up (or hook up), leave reviews of places we go and so on, it only makes sense that this trend continue to develop.

  3. sparks says

    That’s slick as hell. I’d love to believe it’s
    just another Clockwork Orangish unrealistic preview of our future, but I think we’re a lot closer to this right now than most people would realize.

  4. Tom says

    I don’t get it. Feeling pretty dense over here…anyone mind explaining it to me. How exactly does he have control over her? Is she just a robot? The future kind of looks cool minus the ending.

  5. barryearle says

    I was confused by the ending, too. But I think it has something to do with the company he works for being involved in the whole augmented reality thing and he’s working on some changes in the system. I suspect that means some people having control over others. In fact, it means a very small elite have control over large populations. But isn’t this called television and right-wing talk radio?

  6. says

    He “stunned” her with a brief but intense flash of light generated within the lens and directly fed to her retina, short-circuiting the optic chiasma and momentarily paralyzing her, like what the flash gun did in Michael Crichton’s “Looker” (1981). This also erases the last 30 seconds of short-term memory, giving his line a truly literal meaning “Let’s start over.” What he did was illegal, of course, which scared and offended her.

  7. gr8guya says

    Hmm…I thought that the ending meant that the whole thing had been a sort of video game that he had created and was living in.
    He had gotten to a certain level of play, but made an error, So, like
    any gamer, he was going to try again to get a better score.

  8. Natamaxxx says

    The ending makes perfect sense. She mentioned rumors regarding his company using the “sight” as a means of controlling people, which he immediately brushed off, then changed the subject. It’s clear at the end that those rumors were indeed true. Nice cautionary-type story about how modern technology might bring about something like this into the world.

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