Former Log Cabin Head Happy Gay People Are So ‘Visible’ In GOP

PelephantIn a piece about the relatively friendly treatment gay groups like GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans received at this year's Republican National Convention, an event traditionally hostile to LGBT people, CNN spoke to former LCR executive director Bob Kabel.

According to Kabel, the GOP will soon evolve to keep up with the times. When that evolution will take place, however, is anyone's guess.

Bob Kabel says the
evolution of the roles that openly gay people play at the convention —
and in the party itself — has been remarkable. Kabel was the chairman
of the Log Cabin Republicans from 1993 to 1999. He went on to be elected
the first openly gay person in the nation to chair a state Republican
Party, in the District of Columbia.

Early on, he says, he felt forced to
stand up at a public meeting and shame the Republican National
Convention chair into an official meeting with Log Cabin.

"The current RNC
leadership has been much better. They've been great," Kabel said. "We
feel so much more welcome, and the voices of the Tony Perkinses in the
party will be drowned out as more young people come into the party. This
is not a negative issue for young people in our party. And we are more
visible than ever."

We're certainly visible in the GOP platform, which vows to fight for a constitutional amendment discriminating against same-sex couples. Is being seen as a problem worth being seen at all?


  1. Steve says

    Nothing but battered wife syndrome. They keep getting beaten, but desperately seek any small sign of attention and will believe any fake profession of love to prevent more abuse and feel better about themselves.

  2. Vora says

    So unnecessary to ridicule and belittle our own. Why is it so difficult to realize and accept that it takes all hands pushing from different angles to move this thing forward? Differ and disagree, yes; but never demean and demonize. A difference of opinion is not a betrayal of common interest. Always, however, keep pushing toward the common goal of equal recognition and equal rights.

  3. Bernie says

    I know that I am a month past due for my eye exam this year, but I am not sure that would make a difference. I think what I am reading is fiction, delusion or wishful thinking.

  4. Jakeinlove says

    I agree. They saw you long enough to say, “Get the hell out of here!”

    That’s progress!

  5. Butch says

    Because promoting an organization that is inimical to your own existence is indeed a betrayal of common interest.

  6. BrokebackBob says

    StarDate: 70237.1
    The RepubliThug(tm) Party today abandoned their rejection of gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered people’s rights, their right to marry, have equal right in employment, healthcare and housing and a litany of other negative positions they have held for hundreds of years. “Better late than never” said the New York Times op-ed page “considering that all of these issues were resolved 200 years ago”. The RNC had no comment.

  7. Disgusted American says

    VORA – this Brand of GOP will NEVER bend….Nver – they HATE GoProud and LCR’s….they’re just represent hungry people who stand around a table waiting for scraps/crumbs to be thrown to them like bones to a dog.

  8. Jay says

    Wow – I seem to recall the Log Cabinets and GoProud n’ Hide making a HUGE deal about President Obama taking his time to “evolve” on marriage equality…all while he has done more to advance LGBT issues on a national level than any other previous administration.

    But…the GOP gets a free pass on evolution?

    Nice pink elephant! But try a pink dinosaur next time.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    And the Elephant said, “Children should be seen and not heard. Now go wash the elephant poop out of your hair. And stop pestering me I have a platform to write. Go spend your allowances!”

  10. jamal49 says

    I cannot help but be amazed at the pool of delusion the Log-Cabinettes keep swimming in.

    Bob Kabel surely must have been doing too many party drugs for him to actually say about the GOP, “The current RNC leadership has been much better. They’ve been great”.

    Son, I just don’t want to rain on your parade, but not in this generation or the next will the GOP change.

    It is destined to either crash and burn after the reelection of Mr. Obama in November or become a permanent, pain-in-the-ass, minority party that, if I read the Tea-Party leaves correctly, will probably attempt to initiate a civil war with the rest of American society.

    Perhaps, Mr. Kabel (my favorite typeface, for what it’s worth), out of the ashes of the resounding defeat the GOP will suffer in November will emerge a new, more moderate political entity, one that is as inclusive as you dream it might be, but also one that might pursue those so-called “conservative” principles that many Log-Cabinettes find so appealing.

    Until then, Mr. Kabel, please stop deluding yourself. The GOP as it now stands from now unto the next generation will never, ever accept you.

    The sooner you and the thousands of others who continue to drink the Log-Cabin/GoProud Kool-Aid realize this, the better your chances are of moving on, of getting out what is obviously a battered-wife, Stockholm-syndrome relationship with a political party that, since the late 1980’s, has made it as clear is it possibly can that THEY DO NOT WANT YOU IN THEIR PARTY.

  11. Randy says

    First, we must understand that the GOP is the anti-party. Whatever Obama says or does, the GOP’s only reaction is to do the opposite. If Obama says the sky is blue, they will jump up and say no it isn’t, it’s yellow.

    So the fact that Obama has now embraced marriage equality means that the GOP must do the opposite. This will remain their policy unless and until they drop the anti-party stance.

    The won’t drop the antiparty stance until Obama is out of office, at the earliest, that’s for sure. So assuming Obama is reelected, that’s another four years of gay bashing.

    Second, the party is in thrall to religious conservatives. It doesn’t matter how many young people support marriage equality — their base does not. And the base provides votes, money and volunteers.

    The entire party will have to do a Sister Souljah moment in order to change. But that won’t be easy. Gay issues is front and center o the religious right — they have come to make it a central aspect of their religion and politics. If the GOP reverses on marriage equality, it won’t be just turning off the a few people of the far right like Tony Perkins — it turns away about half of their electorate. They can’t afford that.

    At the point when two-thirds of all current Republicans support marriage equality, that’s when the GOP only consider slightly modifiying it’s anti-gay stances. (Proof? Almost 90% of all Americans supported repeal of DADT, and yet the GOP still won’t approve.) So you have to have near unanimity among Americans on gay issues before they will change.

    It will change, of course. But we’ll all be dead by then.

  12. says

    the GOP can’t ever give up the “gays and abortions!” rhetoric because without it they’d have to just talk plainly about their fiscal policies, none of which in any way help their Base.

    you can’t approach their base and say “you know what? vote for us and you’ll continue to be broke and unable to access affordable healthcare” so instead they say “Gays want to convert your sons to stylists and make your daughters abortion-addicted Muslims!”

  13. Gregoire says

    As long as you pander to super right-wing Baptists, you’re never going to move forward into the future on any basic issue.

  14. Fix It Again Tony says

    “He went on to be elected the first openly gay person in the nation to chair a state Republican Party, in the District of Columbia.”
    Uh, the last time I checked, DC was NOT a state.

  15. TonyJazzTon says

    I never thought that the Log Cabin Republicans would ever seem like decent people. Well, I was wrong. GOProud makes the Log Cabin folks look like angels.

    GOProud should just hook up with the KKK, as that is a good home for those fools….

  16. BobN says

    The “gay presence” in the GOP consists of:

    “Gay activists” who spout the GOP party line and never say anything pro-gay and get ignored.

    “Gay activists” who beg for tiny morsels of progress on gay rights and get ignored.

    Former GOP officials who RETIRE, then come out and get ignored

    Still, I suppose it’s progress…

  17. Johnny says

    oooook, would love to be able to hear the hate comments people whispered behind their backs…just saying.

  18. JustSaying says

    Some of you guys need to follow your own advice and respect the diversity of opinion within the gay community. First, not all of us are thrilled being gay. It may be who we are but has never been preferred. Parents don’t want it, families don’t want it, and being the outsider gets old. A few of us believe our path is about getting past our sexuality and living for something more than being gay. Some of us actually care about the security, status, influence, and fiscal solvency of our country and see the GOP as our best stewards for these concerns. These are higher priorities than what goes on between two people in private. And it is my choice to think, work and vote accordingly.

  19. cbhermey says

    I’ve about given up any hope that the republican party will evolve. After all, evolution is just a ‘theory’ and a substantial number of the party faithful don’t believe in it.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    LRC and GOProud think they are visible in the Republican party? Why aren’t they listed on the homepage along with Blacks, Hispanics, and Women as Coalition Support?

    Regarding evangelical activist Gary Bauer, president of American Vales and former president of FRC, Michelangelo Signorile wrote, “He also dismissed the conservative gay groups GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans, which are both organizing at the convention: ‘I have no problem with any gay group that says they’re Republicans, but I will fight them tooth and nail if they try to change what the Republican Party believes.'”

    OK, you’re not invisible, but so what?

  21. andrew says

    Many a beggar has been happy getting a few crumbs from the tables of the wealthy. It seems to me that the Log Cabin Republicans lack a real sense of self worth.

  22. Sam Molloy says

    Gay acceptance is inevitable, but will suffer a major setback if we are seen to lose with Obama. Nobody would have a future worth a darn under his Socialist Agenda anyway.

  23. andrew says

    @Sam Malloy: President Obama is a centrist democrat. He follows in the traditions of FDR, Truman, JFK, Johnson, Carter and Clinton. He is an outstanding man who this gay white Navy veteran will proudly vote for again this November.