1. Gregoire says

    Oh brother, they are running with this, aren’t they. I want to punch Floyd Corkin in the face just for opening the door for FRC to blather about this for months.

  2. kpo5 says

    “Floyd Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy,” Perkins said on Fox News today. “I believe the Southern Poverty Law Center should be held responsible that is leading to intimidation of what the FBI has characterized as domestic terrorism.”

    “(Random hate crime criminal) was given a license to (harm/kill) an unarmed LGBT man/woman by organizations like the FRC, NOM, etc., that have been reckless in publishing harmful, untrue claims about gay people.”

    We can do that, too. Jerk.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    Don’t go there, Tony Perkins.

    Not after your irrational organization has demonized gay people for way too long.

    Don’t even look down that road.

  4. woodroad34 says

    I think Tony Perkins should take responsibility for this. No one would be that upset with him and his thugs if he didn’t take every conceivable moment to rile people with his hate talk. Heil, Perkins! Nazism’s great white hope.

  5. EchtKultig says

    Fox News is going to milk this until the cow keels over from dehydration. Anything to distract from Romney and Ryan, and stir up homo-hatred (and self-hatred) in the tea partiers.

  6. Cris says

    One deranged gay man =/= hundreds of deranged conservatives (counting gay bashings/killings only)

    I’m with Jed, we can not let them frame this on their terms. Yes, we call them crazy and hateful, but we don’t encourage physical retaliation. Ever. They do. Over and over again.

  7. Greg says

    But it’s OK for groups like NOM, FRC and others to say gays are representing the devil and Satan?

    Let’s not forget, people, what the church did to the witches in Salem.

  8. RandyOwen says

    Am i the only one who thinks this is a weird attack? Why not blame the HRC, or any of the other pro-gay associations out there? SPLC is a very wide ranging group, not necessarily pro-gay but anti-bigotry. I don’t know, what do you all think?

  9. Manny says

    @JED DEFINITELY AGREE. If Perkins insists this was done because they were labeled a hate group, then I think the “leaders” of large gay orgs need to step up and shed light to the world about WHY they were labeled a hate group.

    If FRC wants a pity party for being labeled a hate group, let the American people find out exactly WHY.

    CNN did a great job in pushing back and showing the types of statements FRC has made that lead to them being categorized as a hate group.

  10. CPT_Doom says

    Here is a list of all the statements FRC has made about the recent rash of murders of trans women in DC and attacks of gay men and lesbians in the same city as this shooting:

    (sound of crickets chirping)

    That’s right, not a fracking word from FRC. A man is beaten in broad daylight 24 blocks from the FRC offices just because he’s gay and the FRC does not denounce the violence.

    Perhaps if Tony and his buddies did not continue to demean, dehumanize, belittle and attack innocent LGBT Americans, they would not be labeled a hate group. And guess what Tony, even without the label from SPLC, your group has certainly done enough to cause an enormous amount of anger and resentment.

    BTW Tony, how’s your old pal David Duke? Do you boys still stay in touch? (for those who don’t know, Perkins was a Congressional staffer when he purchased Duke’s mailing list after he gave up on obtaining public office. Then Perkins tried to cover up the purchase and got fined by the Federal Elections Commission, IIRC. Perkins has also spoken in front of White Citizens’ Councils, claiming he did not know they were racist groups).

  11. Strepsi says

    NO ONE gave this nut a “license” to shoot anyone, and 100% of gay and human rights groups have condemned the actions.

    FRC ***IS*** A HATE GROUP.

    That fact does not change, nor does it license people to commit violence. WHat a liar.

    @JED: I agree, as we saw with the Chik-Fil-A, we lost that one because the lying forces of the Christian right told the lie that it was about gays oppressing freedom of speech and religion. No, it was about protesting dollars being used to deny civil rights, but no matter. As Republicans know, the FIRST to define / frame the story wins. We need to be loud, and fast, with the truth.

  12. andrew says

    There are very few objective and honest people on the American political stage, either left or right. Almost everyone spins every event that happens to their political advantage. In this case Flyod Corkins alone is responsible for his evil deed. So let the shameful spinners spin.

  13. ajax2828 says

    As KP05 points out above, this is the very definition of irony: Brian Brown and Tony Perkins placing blame on the Southern Poverty Law Center for violence directed against the Family Research Council, when the FRC has encouraged, justified, and provoked who knows how much violence against gays through their reckless hate speech. Also, how self-blinkered can they be? Do they really believe that if Floyd Corkins wrongfully acted out of terribly misdirected political motives, he did do so not in reaction to the FRC’s hate speech directed against gay and lesbian Americans, but because the Southern Poverty Law Center called out the FRC by labeling it as a hate group? Yeah, boys, it’s all the fault of the SPLC, not the obvious consequence of your own persecutorial hate speech.

  14. gb says

    “[Alleged suspect] was given a license to harm/kill homosexuals by groups/individuals/Corporations such as FRC,Michelle Bachman,Rick Santorum etc. that have been reckless in labeling gays as demons, murderers,child molesters,anti-christs etc. because they disagree with them on religious scripture”. “I believe the Republican Party/FRC/NOM/Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity and others should be held responsible for acts of intimidation in what the FBI has characterized as domestic terrorism.”

    Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.

    American religious “Patriots” are what’s destroying America.

  15. Matt says

    This is the violence you’ve been advocating forever. Now that you see it, you want to blame someone else. It’s YOUR fault this happened; this is what you wanted.

    It’s like they say: be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

  16. Sargon Bighorn says

    NOTE TO PERKINS: Discrimination is NOT “public policy” nor is it a “culture war”. Discrimination comes from a place of hatred. FRC is a hate group in words, deeds, and attitude.

  17. Mike says

    CIA style propaganda, blame your enemy and make them the target not you when you are the guilty one. A lot like the closet gays pointing the finger at other people and saying they are gay when it is them the one who is pointing out the other person is gay, the fact is the person who is point it out is gay but in the closet trying to hide and fit in by doing what the antigay Christians do, point out the gays and make them look bad.

  18. anon says

    The problem is that the mainstream press gives FRC every opportunity to appear on TV while counterpoint arguments are few and far between. If the press didn’t elevate the FRC and NOM to such a high degree then Tony’s allegations would be mute.

  19. PAUL B. says

    toni purkitten and brian poopy pants would be no-name psudo-gangsters if it were not for the gay community. WE can decorate, do hair, cook fabulous meals, host elaborate dinner parties, write music/screen plays/novels, be great husbands, wives & parents…and now WE have the power to turn garbage into famous garbage.
    Are WE brilliant…or what !!!

  20. john patrick says

    I think what Tony Perkins did was disgusting and slimy. His guard was shot. But what does he do today? He uses the occasion to blame the group that correctly called him out on his lies and hatred.

    I don’t know how I would react if I were the guard. I think I might be quite angry with Tony for using my misfortune to make a point.

  21. andrew says

    @Rick Roberts: If Tony is “quivering because he knows the bullet was intended for his head”, is that a good thing? Do you think assassination is an appropriate political weapon?

  22. MateoM says

    Andrew, I don’t want Tony to feel physically intimidated. I don’t want him to feel emotionally intimidated. What happened was terrible. But if you can’t appreciate the irony of all of this then I feel sorry for you. Tony has gotten a taste of how many LGBT individuals in this country feel much of the time, that is afraid of physical or emotional intimidation because of who they are. It’s not a good thing that this shooting happened. But you’d think the intended victims would reflect. Alas, they are oblivious.

  23. andrew says

    @Matemom: Are you a spokesman for Rick Roberts? Don’t feel sorry for me. And I don’t believe that many Lgbt people feel afraid of physical or emotional intimidation because of who they are. Are you suggesting that the intended victims of violence should remain silent and not express their opinions about the political and social issues of today?

  24. pdxblueyes says

    Wait – so now the BULLIES are victims, because they got a taste of what’s been happening to the LGBT community as a result of their defamatory and hate inciting rhetoric? Come on. Bullies. HOWEVER, I would never advocate violence against anyone, but you have to admit, there is some irony here…

  25. just_a_guy says

    I don’t believe it. This sounds like a hoax. Hate-group FRC is not below staging a shooting. I’m waiting to hear more before I believe it.

    Furthermore, another TR commenter’s apt comparison of this situation to an early 20th-century Jewish kid who shot a Nazi official because the kid was upset to face EXILE, thus triggering CAMPS, is foreboding. I’m sad to say it, but the far right is not that different today.

    It’s scary stuff if Romney wins; we need to keep a close eye on stuff, and keep our passports up-to-date–just in case. The Republicans would LOVE to put us in camps, but I ain’t goin, y’all; no way.

    The far-right Scientologists have a new movie out that might parade their hater-founder as a hero; this is scary because L. Ron Hubbard SPECIFICALLY asserted that gay people should be put into CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Scary sh**. And NO LESS SCARY if Hubbard’s gay-hatred was so strong because he himself was secretly gay or bisexual. But if Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” paints a Hubbard as worthy, that’s another sign of a frightening impending world, y’all.

    BUT WE NEED TO STAND STRONG IN THE FACE OF THESE ASSAULTS ON OUR VERY PERSONHOOD. I can’t see myself condoning murder, certainly not of Perkins, who WISHES HE COULD BE A MARTYR. However, I’m still waiting to here the alleged perpetrator’s story.

    COULD IT HAVE BEEN IN SELF-DEFENSE, for example?? I’m not inclined to quickly trust Perkins’ account; he has a consistent track record of telling extreme lies.

  26. andrew says

    What do the ideologues of the left and right have in common? They are both the enemies of honesty and truth. They care not about the facts of any issue. They are only interested in how they can spin things to their ideological advantage.

  27. "The Gay" says

    ANDREW: I’d like to know what proof you have that gay people have been advocating for this type of violence.

    Are you going by the anonymous remarks here, that could be made by ANYONE, including people just pretending to be gay ?

    Let’s see you back up your assertions for a change, ANDREW.

    Back your crap up, or STFU.

  28. Chaz says

    Just a thought – it would not surprise me if we were to find out down the line that this whole shooting had been staged by the FRC. We’ve already seen how low they will go to divide the BME and LGBT communities and the lies and bile they publish.

    (for fun let’s file this one under conspiracy theory in the spirit of what the right wing like to do)

  29. jamal49 says

    Gee, Tony, you been spewing hate all these years and somebody gets po’d because of all your hate and you blame an organization that has rightly labeled your group the FRC as a hate-group because that’s exactly what you are.

    See, Tony, one day, maybe real, real soon, you and I are going to accidentally bump into each other and I’m going to, well, let’s just say I’m not going to be friendly.

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