Gay Couple Sues United Airlines After Finding Dirty Sex Toy Taped to Their Luggage

A gay couple is suing United Airlines after retrieving their luggage and finding a sex toy which had been taken from one of their bags, covered in a dirty oily substance, and "taped prominently" to the top of the bag, NBC News reports:

Bridgeman_borgerChristopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger of Norfolk, Va., are seeking damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and negligence in a lawsuit filed against the airline on Friday in the District Court of Harris County, Texas.

“It still brings butterflies to my stomach,” Borger, 35, told NBC News when recalling the episode.

United countered that it has conducted a thorough investigation and determined that there is no support for the allegations, spokeswoman Christen David said in a statement.

“United does not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” David said. “We will vigorously defend ourselves and our employees.”

The couple was returning from a vacation to Costa Rica:

“I knew exactly what it was when I saw it,” he told NBC News. “I was absolutely and utterly shocked and embarrassed and humiliated and I didn’t even know what to do at the time.”

Onlookers began laughing when they saw the bag, causing the men severe emotional trauma, according to the lawsuit. Bridgeman speculated an airline employee went through the bag — which was closed with a simple zipper — found the sex toy, saw that it belonged to a man and decided to humiliate the owner.

“I absolutely, fervently believe that this was intentional,” Bridgeman, 34, told NBC News. “It was very sick and it was very wrong and it was just maliciously taped to the top and targeted because we’re gay.”

The incident took place in May 2011.


  1. John says

    I’m not saying this couldn’t have happened but why are they waiting 15 months after the fact to file a lawsuit?

  2. Weepy says

    And they aren’t horrified & distressed talking about it to NBC news? Now that they want $$$, of course they aren’t. If they’d walked away no on would know who they are, now they get interviewed on the news about it??? Doesn’t make sense

  3. castaway says

    I suspect this was done in Costa Rica (more believable, maybe even as a joke) and only discovered in the US.

  4. gr8guyca says

    Someone broke into their suitcase somewhere along their travel route. Was it a United employee? Was it a baggage handler? Was it a security screening? More than a year later, how could anything be proved?

  5. AJ says

    This is the weirdest, dumbest thing I have ever heard. Wow. Just don’t get it, even as a joke!

  6. NCScotty says

    This makes no sense. They were targeted because they were gay just because the item was in a man’s bag? That doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure straight couples sometimes take sex toys on vacation and there’s a man’s name on the bag. Just doesn’t make any sense….

  7. Scott says

    Cuz @RICK, they wanted to- why does it matter to you?

    There was a case of a woman a year a two ago who had a TSA note left inside her baggage basically making if of her using a vibrator…. She caused holy hell, and the TSA agent was rightly fired.

    People who have access to the very personal elements of our lives -(urologists/ gynecologists examining you, bank officers transferring your money, and TSA/ airline employees who are there to ensure safety by checking everyone’s luggage) are held to a high standard- and if they betray that trust, they need to be prosecuted.

  8. endo says

    Interesting social experiment:

    If you follow Andy on Facebook, all of the comments are supportive of the gay couple.

    Here on the site, where anonymity is allowed and anti-gay trolls like Rick thrive, most of the comments are negative or question the gay couple’s motives.

  9. GUEST says

    Honestly, who brings a sex toy in their luggage on travel. I mean really LOW CLASS!

    they were utterly shocked and embarrassed? You are the ones that put it in your luggage, why are you embarrassed?

  10. Jack M says

    @Guest, they were embarassed because everyone saw it taped to their luggage. Everyone has a right to privacy. It’s not illegal to bring a dildo onto an airplane. However, I don’t know how the airline could be held responsible. They have no reasonable control over some idiot deciding to do something like this.

  11. David in NYC says

    HA! All you people acting like THESE GUYS were at fault for even bringing the dildo on their vacation probably have the world’s most boring sex lives.

    I hope they get to successfully sue every single party involved and get an apology from United.

  12. GregV says

    “And they aren’t horrified & distressed talking about it to NBC news?”

    That’s a very good question.

    I’m also unclear on why they think the baggage handler would not only know both that the bag belonged to a man and that that man is gay and discriminated because of BOTH of those facts.
    There COULD have been clues to the sex and orientation of the bag owner. For example, a bag was labeled “Christopher” (not “Chris Bridgeman or C. Bridgeman) and contained men’s products (rasors, etc.) as well as a nightlife guide to gay Costa Rica.
    But a lot of people would think a sex toy of any sort is fun to laugh at no matter who owns it (male, female; gay, straight or bi). The baggage handler could just as easily have said “Let’s have some fun and watch whatever girl or guy owns this thing turn red” or “His wife will be so embarrassed.” So the “discrimination” aspect (against either males OR gay people) is really hard to prove.

  13. BobN says

    “Why are they traveling with a dildo?”

    Cuz it’s cheaper than finding a good dildo sitter…

  14. ChicagoR says

    From the pictures on their “Oh, Mary!” website, it appears to be a huge blue double-headed dildo.

  15. Markus says

    I saw the pictures. It was an enormous purple dildo. They probably laughed when they bought it.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “Cuz it’s cheaper than finding a good dildo sitter…”

    You shouldn’t be able to find a good sitter. Everyone should sit on their own dildo.

    As I was told about a comment I made on this blog the other day– that’s utter nonsense. Just don’t buy one that’s too wide. Baby steps, remember…baby steps.

  17. Marty says

    so is it that they are embarrassed that their giant double headed dildo was found or are they embarrassed that everyone now knows they are both bottoms?

  18. Max says

    The US airline industry is probably the most gay-friendly industry in the world. Most airlines were providing partner benefits before it was cool to do so, primarily because so many of their employees are LGBTQ. United, as a company, doesn’t deserve the blame for this.

  19. Clifford says

    How on earth can a company be trusted when they say:
    “United does not tolerate discrimination of any kind”, and then add:

    “We will vigorously defend ourselves and our employees.”

    Next they’ll post all sorts of examples of how the airline is gay-friendly, so this couldn’t possibly have happened.

  20. M Duran says

    If you cannot live without a dildo for a few days of travel there is something wrong with you. Furthermore, these bags are screened by Costa Rican authorities before getting on the plane so this probably happened in Cost Rica and that is more probable. Once bags are on the plane there is no need for further verification until customs.

  21. M Duran says

    Oh. Forget me, this happened during their layover in the USA so it was either a TSA or United employee. Still dumb and now with their faces on every paper we all know they travel with their dildo.

  22. Nat says

    “Here on the site, where anonymity is allowed and anti-gay trolls like Rick thrive, most of the comments are negative or question the gay couple’s motives.”

    While there are some unduly negative comments, I would think that, given the number of false allegations that have emerged over the past year, people are right to exercise a bit of skepticism, and not accept the allegations at face value.

    My advice is to reserve judgment until more facts come to light.

  23. Joe in CT says

    OK, what happened was wrong, but boyz, the moral of this story is, leave the big sex toys at home.

  24. Francis says

    First of all, the problem is not that the men brought this dildo with them to Costa Rica. The problem is that they were intentionally embarrassed by an official in Houston, Texas and had their personal sex toy taped on their bag. There is nothing wrong with bringing a sex toy with you, as a couple, if that’s what you are into. We all have our likes and dislikes.

    The response from United is very poor, but there needs to be more information released before we all hold them fully responsible. I’ve read stories like this in the past regarding opposite-sex couples, where personal items have been taken out of their bags, including sex toys. A United or perhaps a TSA official thought this was something funny to do and did something incredibly insensitive and offensive. Hopefully the couple wins this lawsuit and finds some closure.

  25. says

    There’s a lot of BS being written by posters on this page.

    On the facts, as alleged, these guys are perfectly entitled to sue for damages; their contract was with the airline, United; if United subcontracted to a negligent baggage handler they can join that party as a co-defendant.
    I say, sue the bastards for everything.

  26. jaragon says

    Hmmm well the lesson here is that if you are going to travel with your dildo- make sure you keep it more tamper proof bag. But really how did the baggage handler know the men were gay? Where they also carrying the latest Joe Gage video and a copy of Leathermaster?

  27. BobN says

    “how did the baggage handler know the men were gay?”

    Because use of double-headed dildos is pretty rare among heterosexuals.

  28. MaddM@ says

    It’s unfortunate that in this day and age people use the contracting-subcontracting subsubcontracting to distance themselves from any kind of liability. I also wonder how that business model is successful with so many people not actually doing anything but just “facilitating” down the line til you get to the actual employee doing the actual work.

    I’m kind of surprised that baggage nowadays isn’t under constant video surveillance. Where are republicans asking “What if that was a double headed dirty bomb?”

  29. nico says


    A. this is really, really stupid.

    B. why didn’t they clean the fcking dildo before putting it in their suitcase?? ??? ?


  30. says

    If this happened to an intteracial couple… EVERY single anti gay commenttor blaming the couple would be livid. Such a double standard on this homophobic blog

  31. USC Trojans Fan says

    I’ve also noticed this site has a zero tolerance policy for racism but visitors constantly side with homophobia OR dimiss allegations of homophobia. I cant help but wonder if the posters who go livid over “racist” stories are the first to be dismissive toward homophobic stories

  32. LD says

    Its fascinating the trolls on here want to judge someone for having sex toys in THEIR lugage. You are some Hitler Nazi moter effers. People are allowed to travel with any sex toy within the privacy of their luggage as they want.

  33. Greg Cali says

    You want to know how sick Conservatism and religion is in our country? Just read some of the comments on here… You have people arguing why a couple wanted to take personal possessions with them on THEIR trip.

    If you really think there isn’t a movement to round up gays and put us in a concentration camp… Just let this story be a reminder to you. You have posters on a gay blog arguing against the freedoms of what we can and shouldn’t pack on our trips.

    Religion is EVIL

  34. says

    Theres nothing more pathetic than a bunch of prudes acting like they are Miss America and they are gay. Puhhleaseee, you look down on a couple traveling with sex toys in their bags? Meanwhile, you STILL put a p-nis wher fluis come out of it in your mouth for pleasure. You still intercourse with a scrotum where filth comes out of it. I do too. And I have no shame in it. People who turn off their own freakiness in the bedroom only to judge others are the reason gay rights are behind 500 years. The disgusting protect the children crowd

  35. jaragon says

    I don’t think we are blaming the couple- but at the same time if you are going to travel with naughty material- porn, videos, sex toys- there is always a chance that this will be expose

  36. CJ says

    Are people REALLY demanding to know why this couple traveled with personal erotic items? And claiming they shouldn’t? Wow. Just wow. Some scray times we’re living in.
    I swear if it were up to a vote, a considerable amount of folks would make masturbation illegal, and gay porn punishable by death. Scary ass times we’re in.

  37. Steve-ATL says

    Who cares if they were traveling with a dildo? Good for them. I have too… Many times. You pretencious Mother Teresa types are the biggest closeted freaks. Heck, those of you who clutch your pearls at others Daring to have sex toys are usually the ones with a sick collection of child pornography stored in your basements. Judging others to feel more content with your own flaws. So transparent too

  38. Austintine says

    I can’t believe I’m actually reading some say they shouldn’t have traveled with those items. I mean seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m straight up in 1954.

  39. Geliond Cortiz says

    Anyone who tells people they shouldnt travel with stuff, that clearly doesnt harm anyone, is a freedom fighter. Plain and simple. No different than people demanding gay CIVIL UNIONS even be taken away from loving gay couples. Just remember; when you want to start policing morality, it’s YOUR rights that could be next!

  40. Fion says

    Jaragon… You’re an absolute idiot. There’s very little difference between you and Rick Santorum. Very little difference. Both of you should be living somehwere in Iran where you’re antiquated views are very much the norm an your lack of personal liberty is honored there

  41. Piers says

    There’s a lotta trolls on here. The reaction to this story and “bottoms” and anti gay remarks are very telling.

  42. says

    That the reaction brought out by some is WHY gays travel with personal sexual items, and pretty belittling comments with that… As opposed to a possible homophobic incident and a clear violation of privacy speaks volumes about the homophobia in out country, lack of freedoms in our society, and the wide sweeping conservatism that has swept our nation. Really telling and disturbing.

  43. says

    That the reaction brought out by some is WHY gays travel with personal sexual items, and pretty belittling comments with that… As opposed to a possible homophobic incident and a clear violation of privacy speaks volumes about the homophobia in out country, lack of freedoms in our society, and the wide sweeping conservatism that has swept our nation. Really telling and disturbing.

  44. Star says

    Who cares if they traveled with dildos? I have before. Does that mean I’m open to public ridicule by employees at a public space. What next? Going to have all the employees open all my bags and go around making jokes at every single one of my personal belongings. I mean some of you really need to check yourselves. You have no clue what the idea of freedom and privacy entails.

  45. Real Talk says

    I love when the gay posters on this blog, and it usually is just this very gay blog this happens, act like puritan, innocent angels. And come down harshly on anything involving identifiable gay sex, porn, eroticism. Happens all the time and it’s time we break down what gay sex involves– shall we?

    If people were to view a tape of your sex life, between the putting of a penis in an a hole, same penis in your mouth, and your tongue in an a hole, I’m sure they would be just as horrified, disturbed and disgusted as some of you are by those who travel with sex toys. Please queens. The last people who have nerve to judge other peoples sex lives is gays and lesbians. Our sex lives are hardly some Pixar fairytale. Fake people make me vomit.

  46. Kyle says

    @ Greg Cali
    Well said! I guess according to some on here, next time I travel, I better make sure it’s ‘moral proof’
    Can I take sexy photos of my partner in my private photo album, or is this completely flawed and shouldn’t occur either?
    I guess I better just travel with a Bible. Anything else is less than honorable.

  47. Klien says

    Homophobia is alive folks and reading some of these comments reaffirms it: When you come here and read a story about a gay couple with private intimate belongings possibly being targetted and in turn, them violated, and the narrative by commentators is not why that happened but why a gay couple would have a dildo they travel with.

    SMH. Homophobia isn’t just when you beat to death a gay person for being gay. It’s also adopting a “blame the gay” mentality which a few on here gladly do often.

  48. Duration & Convexity says

    Good for them for taking the airline and potentrial employees to task. Of course some people here want nothing more than for gay men to accept their fate and a homophobic society. Notice how so often the victim in anti gay stories is questioned, made to feel guilty or in this case, blamed? It’s all part of an M.O to get you to remain complacent or silent toward homophobia. There’s a fraction of the gay population who actually APOLOGIZE for being gay. They believe it should be hidden, like some plague, not seen by any eyes, and kept completely out of public view. Same said gays take issue with other gays wanting respect for who they are. They mock and ridicule them, and call into question their integrity.
    Don’t buy their bull.
    They are the problematic ones, not the proud gays out there loudly fighting for their rights & respect, even if it gets uncomfortable and awkward

  49. FoxHill says

    I have to say, it’s rather disturbing how often in stories about a gay couple being potentially tragetted that a select group of posters will question the authenticity of the claims being made, as if homophobia just can’t possibly exist in our society. Or they call the couple dramatic, coupled with other vile homophobic names. I can’t think of any other minroity group who attacks each other, and dismisses the prejudice they face. 30% of the gay community actually thrives off homophobia and resents it being fought. I mean can we really go around preaching to heteros about treating us fairly, when a sizeable amount of gays truly resent other gays?
    Let’s tackle the internalized homophobia, which is overwhelming, within our own community first. Reading these comments illustrate the problem.

  50. dave says

    Naive guys. When you travel internationally you have zero right to privacy, and should pack accordingly. Is it really that difficult to go a few days without a dildo? That being said, I hope they win their suit. The airline employees are jerks.

  51. dave says

    FOXHILL : It’s true – many(most?) gays hate other gays. It’s often a reaction to coming out and finding the so-called “gay community” couldn’t be further from what one hoped. This results in a bitterness that is taken out on each other. The cycle continues when younger gays come out into an increasingly bitter “community”. 30 years of plague(HIV) doesn’t help either, along with addiction, mental illness, poverty, body fascism, etc. etc. Gays learn to lie at a young age as a survival mechanism and just continue that behavior as adults. I think these days it’s better to be celibate, career focused, and in the closet.

  52. Will says

    Why are most comments on here about, “oh its their fault they had a sex toy.”?


  53. Mike says

    I hope they sue United Airlines for all they can get. I had United Airlines employees call me fag and queer. I should have sued them then but didn’t. I wonder if it is too late to sue them in light of this new anti-gay act by United Airlines? Maybe we can get a class action law suit.

  54. lazerbeamlights says

    I guess the memo here by some is that we shouldn’t have freedom to pack what we want on our trips, unless it fits a very narrow vision of what religious conservatives would view appropriate.

    So we shouldn’t have kiss ins because they offend heterosexuals.

    We should cool it with the marriage equality talk, because other issues are more important.

    And now we need to also be judged and controlled for what we choose to pack in our private suitcases for our private trips.

    Sounds like some in the gay community are in locki step with a modern day Nazi Germany.

    Next, we’ll have to ask premission to even openly talk about sex, even privately.

  55. Collins says

    I’ll pack whatever the hell I want on my trip (within rules of the flight industry) including things some might find ‘too sexual’ I live in America, in 2012, as a tax paying citizen. NO ONE has a right to tell me what to pack for my travels, and if I were to catch someone going through MY PROPERTY because they didn’t agree with my belongings in my bags, you can be sure they would be physically attacked. Touch my stuff, and violate my belongings and either expect to be hurt on the floor, or paying a nice hefty price in a lawsuit.

  56. bobbyjoe says

    Translation of two-thirds of this comments thread:

    “I’m too scared to buy and/or travel with a dildo, therefore I believe no one else should. Also, I’d like to demonstrate how very, very much I need that dildo I’m so scared to buy, because I’m almost unimaginably clenched and uptight.”

  57. Sevety Tex says

    To the fools who argue they had it coming for packing what they did, here’s to someone infringing on YOUR rights and taking part in ridiculing your property in the future. I mean seriously, are we at a place in society where people are dictating what others should take with them on a vacation? This is some out of hand BS and I sincerely blame it on religion and this puritant outdated mindset that is turning our society into some disgusting witch hunt. I swear, raiding people’s homes for homosexuality will be next. They are already raiding our bars. And the same crowd who is favor of that practice is the same crowd in the comments here in favor of airport staff going through your stuff, and trashing what they find funny.

  58. Observer says

    @ Will

    Most comments seem supportive of the couple, and are fair minded enough to object a notion that we shouldn’t pack “inappropriate belongings”

    The other comments you read are y a select few fringe posters who have a history of ‘blaming the gay’ in stories like this, and frequently deny the notion of gay bashings, gay discrimination, or anti gay insjustices. They usually also turn the story around to somehow blame the gay individual involved. It’s all very calculating, but easily transparent if you stay around here long enough.

  59. WorksEm says

    Even some gay people seem to be losing their sense of humor. I think it’s funny. There is no expectation of privacy, Bill of Right’s be damned,when you enter an airport. Keep that in mind next time you take daddies, or mama’s little helper along.
    And oh…get over yourselves.

  60. Lets B real says

    LOL the first few comments bashing this couple for being so crude as to dare travel with a sex toy on a couples relationship probably have some nasty, crazy @$$ fetishes they are into themselves.

    It reminds me of a quote from a movie “the people who pretend to be classy are usually the biggest freaks behind closed doors”

    Whenever someone tries to give you a lecture on morality, know you’re in the presence of a complete freak who has some very shady things behind their own closet. Classic, deflect and distract practice.

  61. C says

    Worksem…if you touched my stuff, or my boyfriends stuff, you would be crippled on the floor, you hetero worshipping POS.

  62. Leo says

    Good for this couple. It’s time to put these ghetto, homophobic, entitled employees in their place. Take no excuse for homophobia. I respect gay people who proudly stand up for their rights!

  63. Meriad says

    Love the courage this couple had to take action, and even go to the media. That’s exactly what that homophobic vile employee didn’t think would happen, and how they set it up, thinking they’d shame the couple into silence. If I ever witness any case of injustice, I stand up for it and shun the person who did it. There’s way too many thugs working airports and the airline industry these days. Don’t be timid to stand up for your rights and respect.

  64. WorksEm says

    Sorry “C”, Out, loud, and proud here, but thanks for proving my point. And oh…I’ve seen your boyfriend’s stuff,I thought that was funny too!

  65. THE QUEEN says


  66. Nat says

    “I have to say, it’s rather disturbing how often in stories about a gay couple being potentially tragetted that a select group of posters will question the authenticity of the claims being made, as if homophobia just can’t possibly exist in our society.”

    Perhaps there’s skepticism because there’s been 30+ cases in the past two years where an alleged prominent homophobic incident was manufactured or twisted by the complainants?

    Some reticence to pass judgment until the facts are clearer (i.e. discovery begins) is warranted.

  67. Crown Jewel says

    It’s actually frightening reading some of these comments, luckily just a few, that suggest these men shouldn’t have packed the item. Wow. Just wow. I would be willing to bet my house these same posters would have a serious issue if a gay employee were to rip out something sacred to a religious heterosexual couple and find that to be appropriate. Nope, they’d lecture us on how evil gay people are and play martyrdome for the poor hetero victims.

  68. J.J says

    @ Crown Jewel

    How many stories do we have to sit through on here where if gay people react to homophobia, we are lectured and schooled about how we’re ‘hurting the cause’ yet when homophobes act homophobically, same said people laugh at it, or claim the homophobic incident never happened. Never ever be amazed by what the homophobic trolls on here have up their sleeves. They can literally twist and ravel any story to make the straight man look like a saint, all while faulting the gay individuals. Happens all the time. I’m glad people’s radars are going off though.

  69. says


    Citation please. Cite all those 30 + cases.

    Nice number you pulled out considering the many number of incidents you chose to overlook involving anti gay stories.

  70. Aaron says

    @ Nat

    And for those 30, I can quote 3,000 in the past 2 years where anti gay crimes did occur. So where’s your thinking of those crimes, you’re so eager to overlook them and reference the FAR FEWER crimes where they were bogus, but so willing to overlook the realities of homophobia that are rampant. You’re homophobia is showing dear, and that’s your problem. The gay community has no problem supporting our own and being galvanized.

  71. 2Dads says

    I’ve read Nat’s rants before. In every story regarding an alleged anti gay incident, she/he (probably a she, as lesbians often are most cynical toward the gay community) is more than willing to side with- her own words, skepticism. Well, Nat, some critical thinker you are. You claim you’re waiting for more facts to come out, yet you’ve already decided the outcome with your skepticism. Being skeptical of something already indicates a tilt toward one position. You approach every anti gay incident with skepticism, which speaks volumes about you and your character than it does about gay people.

  72. Scott Johansen says

    Let’s just be honest with ourselves, you have a great deal of homophobia you harbor. I know, I know. You’ve convinced yourself homophobia is only the act of killing a gay person, and not disdain or resent toward them as a people and their cause. But I hope you don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; you harbor some unhealthy and unnatural fixation toward homophobia. Your attempts to shoot down claims of homophobia by gay people who even the most homoiphobic elected official, agrees get persecuted, is your basic attempt to muster up the notion that homophobia doesn’t exist or is fabricated most times. That is what you imply in virtually all your posts. No different than white supremicist who in the height of the civil rights era questioned racist incidents and claimed they were self-made by black individuals. Were there a few cases of false police reports of racism made by black people? sure. But those were outliers, and no one questionned that a great majority of incidents did occur. You choose to focus and consistently highlight the outliers of fabricated homophobia. Why? let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s your very calculating and rather evil way of discrediting homophobia. It’s your evil way of encouraging homophobia to exist without consequences. For you see, someone like yourself resents we live in a society that would correct homophobic behavior. You’re sense of entitlement dictates homophobia should go ignored, if not be encouraged. As it has for centuries. Now that gays are standing up and speaking up, you and your ilk truly are angered by that. How dare those gays stand up to homophobia. Well, standing is just our first move. We fill trounce every homophobic action and speak collectively as a community, 30 million strong and growing, and will call out the calculating ploy by souls like you every chance we get. I’ve seen your posts, I recognize your evil. You needed to be checked. The gay community, our movement, and our unwavering commitment to FIGHT for our rights and equality won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Buckle up.

  73. What Now? says

    Nat just done got READ by Scott Johansen. Nat, ur ass got called out. Own up to who you are and ur motives for posting on here. tryin to make a complacent, indifferent gay out of us. wont happen. every gay who didn’t care about our movement 5 years ago is now an activists today. we’re allll activists. and most of us are proud to be so.

  74. Soliace says

    Religion disgusts me and is evil. Spread the word against religion, it’s hypocrisy and speak against it loudly and as often as you can. Ridiculous we hold fake lies like religion as something of value.

  75. Jack W. says

    I own a dldo, have USED it too, many times (SHOCK! HORROR! GASP!) …and? proud of it! Love the sensation.

    Most of the librarians here who are just dismayed by such “unclassy” talk probably watch scat porn in their spare time. c’mon now. gay men pretending to be prudes actually make me vomit.

  76. says

    There’s a lot of homophobic trolls amongst us, some who pass for being gay, most who come here from a conservative blog that linked this site and encourages it’s members to pollute our site with ways to get us to see their side. Get you to be more understanding of anti gay forces and accept “difference of opinions”

    for a perfect illustration of that, visit the link below of a recent towleroad story, where days after the story had cleared, the anti gay forces had a pow wow against gays (with homophobic bigotry attached) in the comments section. You really think these same bigots just picked up and left? Please. Most are still lingering on with various names still on here now. Commenting on stories like this.

  77. millerbeach says

    Gratit Gracious Pete, I only see one comment after August 4th, dated August 18th. That is only one comment. As for the trolls, my heavens, just ignore them. They are like weeds…they’re everywhere. If you know you are above them, (and you are) it is quite easy to chuckle at their futile attempts. It’s a desperate action in a sad kind of way.

  78. Lee says

    I cannot believe the amount of people on this site who say that it is the couple’s fault that this happened, that they shouldn’t have traveled with a sex toy in the first place. Really? I mean, REALLY?! Internalized homophobia much?

    Their privacy and trust was violated, they have the right to have this investigated (although I doubt that anything will come of it).

  79. Francis says

    For the people who are saying “some people have no sense of humor”. Um, hello! A couple’s personal belongings were tampered with. Not only was their dildo taken out of the bag, but the employee smeared stuff on it to embarrass this couple. And since the couple actually had the bag after leaving Costa Rica and arriving in Houston, that means this occurred in the states, in Texas. Texas is Texas, and there have been several anti-gay airline stories out of Texas alone, so what is the surprise? This is homophobia, pure and simple.

    Sex toys are sex toys. Let’s get real and stop acting like a dildo is a machete. There have been numerous stories regarding sex toys and invasion of privacy and they’re all horrible, but this was blatant discrimination and the people at fault need to pay.

  80. Ode says

    I feel bad for the guys, they must have been DYING! But that’s just life. You can’t sue every time you feel embarrassed. They knew it was a possibility that they will find it. They did and everyone saw it and laughed. Even if this was a really traumatic incident for them, which i can imagine it might be. They still don’t have a right to sue. Screaming homophobia is actually the worst thing they can do, for them and for the community. If of course, the charges are false. We really don’t know what went down. The guard may have guessed or seen what it was and did want to play a mean joke on them. Still it’s not because they’re gay, it’s because they had a dildo.