Gay Florida Lawmaker Vows To ‘Bring People Together’

DavidRichardsonSet to be his first openly gay lawmaker, Floridian Democrat David Richardson vowed yesterday to work for all citizens, not just LGBT people.

"I did not run as a gay candidate and I'm not going to serve as the gay legislator," said Richardson, an accountant who beat the other three Democrats in this week's primary and is running unopposed on the November ballot. "I know how to bring people together." Nor has his sexuality been an issue with voters.

"Not one person closed their door to me because I'm gay," he said of his canvassing efforts. "Not one person brought it up."

In addition to fighting anti-LGBT employment discrimination, Richardson says he hopes to use his business background to tackle Florida's bedraggled budget.


  1. says

    You know… In a time when SO many politicians are running for office strictly to pass laws aimed at belittling LGBT… And are succesfull at stripping our rights, I dont think theres anything wrong with a gay electEd official stating he does want to serve gay people being treated equally. I mean in most places in this country we can be refused housing, a job, basic human rights and even not allowed in a restaurant if its known we’re gay. So why dont we have more GAY elected officials fighting that and proudly so? Why can heterosexual Christian politicians LOUDLY be against us and shove their religion down our throats and liberities, but God forbid a gay politician say “yeah, I’m gay and know the struggles that the LGBT community faces, a demographic more openly discriminated in society than any other, and I really hope to change that as much as I can, along with doing other positive things that help all people”

  2. Cali Greg says

    Sometimes when gay people get in a place of power and gain acceptance by heterosexuals, they will automatically distance themselves from other GLBT and even be critical of the GLBT community. Think Elton John. It happens a lot. They think they found a ‘new home’ and are suddenly better than those gays. It also happens VERY frequently with gays who are embraced and accepted by their friends and family. Everyone around them is accepting so they cant possible grasp that many other families arent, and as a result, you’ll hear this fringe in our community always question the existence of homophobia. It’s all unfortunate.

  3. YellowMellow says

    Florida has some of the most anti gay laws in the books, not to mention what a homophobic cesspool Miami has become. This guy should be a little less concerned with not appearing gay and more concerned with… Oh I dunno, the mistreament of thousands of gay floridian families who contribute a lot to his state but get so little in return?

  4. Austinite says

    Its so weird to even read that statement
    “In addition to fighting LGBT getting fired from their jobs for being LGBT”
    That that even happens, and still happens today in 2012 is revolting. We’ll see what he’s capable of. As others noted, just because someones gay and a politician does NOT mean they’ll have our back. It’s sad but true. I think some of them are so greedy and don’t want to be seen as a ‘gay politician’ that they actually go out of their way in adopting indifferent stances on issues that really affect our LGBT community. It’s sometimes all about what serves THEM and their pocketbooks sometimes

  5. Jay says

    What a disappointment to hear this politician actually say something. He took money from the Victory Fund, but he is quite ready to kick gay people under the bus. This is one reason why I no longer donate to the Victory Fund. They give money to self-loathing gay people.

  6. Smartypants says

    Semantic quibble — technically a lawmaker is anyone who serves in a legislative body, which would include a a city council, county commission, or a state legislature. Richardson is the first openly gay member of the Florida state legislature, but there are a few dozen openly gay officials in the state, most of whom serve as lawmakers on city councils and county commissions. There are also a number of openly gay and lesbian judges in the state.

  7. Icebloo says

    I expected big things from this guy but now he’s getting all stupid with the “bringing people together” bulls#it. This is why Obama wasted his first two years in office. He was too naive and actually believed you can work with the Republicans like decent people.

    He needs to wake up fast ! Someone shake him ! This is not the 1950’s. Politicians are not gentlemen any more. The Republicans will literally KILL you these days to get what they want. They don’t work together, they don’t compromise, they attack.

    This guys needs to wake up from his childish naivety and start fighting from day one or else he is going to be out of office very quickly for failing to achieve anything.

    When will Democrats stop trying to be nice ?