1. RHR IN TN says

    At least they’re not even trying to pretend any longer that they are working for equality from the inside.

  2. Icebloo says

    Why do these Grubs (Gay Republicans) hate themselves so much ?
    Why do they long to belong to a club that hates them and takes away their basic human rights ?
    Even if the Republicans were beating these idiots with a bat they would still beg to be part of the gang – this has to be some kind of mental illness.

    Maybe instead of hating the Grubs we should feel sorry for them. They are pathetic.

  3. Rich says

    Poor guys. Maybe one day the popular kids will invite them sit at their lunch table. Doubt it, though.

  4. Brian says

    This was hard to get through. But I especially enjoy the line at the end, while thanking CFA, that reads: “..also for not shooting lasers at gay people”. That’s ironic, because the organizations that they give millions of dollars to would love to eradicate gay people. Lasers or otherwise.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    The odd thing is that many of those patrons that went out of their way to eat at Chic-Fil-A would love to do to those two men, exactly what they were so silly to create.

  6. Dan Cobb says

    They congratulate Chic-Fil-A for standing up for what they believe “even if it is unpopular”…. meanwhile they’re just awed by HOW MANY PEOPLE are eating at Chic-Fil-A. That’s the logic of a GOP gay. Guys, if what Chic-Fil-A was doing was unpopular, no one would be eating there and the only passers-by would be heaving bricks through the windows.

  7. rayrayj says

    So just to get this accurate: He wants to show his support for a company that donates money to groups that are working to deny his right to marry the loved one of his choosing, to groups that teach that he is a pedophile, and to groups that would try to change him from being gay even though it does not work and is probably harmful to try to change. Wow…

    This is not about Mr. Cathy’s freedom of speech. This is about what Chik-Fil-A does with the money the public provides when they purchase from Chik-Fil-A. Yes Mr. Cathy has the right to do what he wants with his money, and the public has the right to know what he does with the money the public provides.

  8. Fenrox says

    They don’t hate themselves at all guys, They hate you. They hate gays but do not consider themselves gays. They are racist elitists. They want their idea of homosexuality to be the only one. Also, GOProud is a mostly straight organization, the few gay people they have working for them are just simply selfish. They have a lot of money and are well connected. They feel that they do not have to join in with us, They haven’t felt rejection because capitalism shields them from that, while they are rich.

    So just like how Focus on the Family and the other hate groups are LYING about being normal organizations, GOProud IS a scam. It does not compute because it IS scamming us.

    The best thing one can do in this age of constant misinformation is to not let these things lie to you. GOProud, you are a straight hate group.

  9. Matt says

    Pardon the double (now triple) post. I guess I am REALLY saddened by this!

    And, indeed, I am.

  10. Ricky says

    Gay Republicans are always self-loathing masochists – who thrill to the humiliation and rejection of the party they crawl after.

  11. anon says

    At best he’s being an inarticulate clown. If he wants to separate Cathy from CFA then he should also denounce Cathy and NOM.

  12. kpo5 says

    Dad: This one’s going on the fridge, son!

    …pats Bruce’s head

    Dad: Oh, and I would invite you to that foursome we have scheduled next week, but you know, Dave is going to be there, and he’s our biggest client, and I don’t want him having to wait for all those six over pars you’ll shoot, haha, you know what I mean. Maybe some other time, Bruce – I think there’s a co-ed tournament next month.

  13. AJ says

    Can we please have a Hatechicken icon on this site that people can click on (or cluck on) when they want to read about these disgusting antics? This site has been filled to BURSTING with this chick-fil-a BS for weeks. Don’t want to hear any more. Quit giving these hateful bigots one more outlet to spew their hatred!

  14. says

    I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    Seriously. Does anyone get this? It’s one (strange) thing to be a member of GOProud, but to spend the time and (three) dollars to make a video like this?

    Don’t get it.


    Hey read my new gay novel Man*hattan! Available exclusively on Amazon.

  15. Mikey says

    I agree with the sentiment “they hate you, not themselves.”

    For too long we have considered Gay Republicans to be self-haters, yet they seem to consider homosexuals-who-aren’t-Republican to be a species all its own.

    As far as I’m concerned, Gay Republicans aren’t brethren who have lost their way. They are as dangerous and vile as any anti-gay straight Republican.

  16. says

    The few Gay Republicans I have met were all white men who were greedy, they didn’t want to pay any taxes, and came from religious families who were uniformly disappointed that their son was a pervert.

  17. AG says

    @Icebloo, the answer to your question has historically been along the lines of “We support the GOP because we are not one-issue voters, and LGBT rights are one issue among other more pressing matters of defense and the economy. We are more concerned about terrorism and the the deficits and unemployment than this gay pride buffoonery.”

    My response has usually been along the lines of, “Really? Bush torpedo’d the economy by supporting two wars that did nothing to further our interests in the world and put the country on credit with tax cuts that not only failed to create growth, but ate up a surplus and sank us into debt and a recession from which we’re still recovering. Romney wants more of the same bad policies while giving his 1%-er friends more tax breaks and shifting the debt burden onto the middle and lower classes. And GOP congressmen think nothing of playing chicken with the country’s credit rating and future just to make things worse for the president and secure their own chances of re-election. How is this supposed to work for you again?”

  18. Paul R says

    I’m with AJ. Many if not most of us don’t give a damn about Chick-Fil-A. We get it. It’s a nasty restaurant run by nasty people, bigots like to eat there, and fair-minded people do not.

    At this point complaining about it is just playing into their hands and lining their pockets. The kiss-in tomorrow is a terrible idea.

  19. Mike says

    I wonder if there were African Americans in the south that used to say “Thanks for standing up for what you believe in” when businesses enforced the Jim Crow laws. If you don’t learn from history you are bound to repeat it.

  20. says

    This guy banned me on Twitter simply for asking him if he wanted to do an interview on my show.

    Something is just not right with him in the head.

  21. MarkUs says

    The vid: cheap.
    The reactions it provokes: priceless.

    Face it, the hate chicken campaign has been a bust.
    It’s a free country. Eff are eee eee.

  22. CKNJ says

    Not that it really matters, because the moron is still undeniably a pathetic self loather, but the guy’s name is Bruce Carroll… not Campbell. Ugh, I even feel dirty for having looked it up on GOProud… what stupid brainwashed sons of asses they are!

  23. John says

    I think the boycott is silly and pointless, but this video really takes the cake. It’s stupid and misses the point of the boycott.

  24. Matt says

    The more they push this Chick-Fil-A brouhaha, the stupider they seem. This little burst of conservative support will die off, and then comes the backlash, 1) for the statements, 2) for the overwhelming amount of time spent focusing on this. Short term gains, long term losses. Count on it.

  25. Dan Cobb says

    These guys remind me of mindless 15 year olds who love to be provocative to get a rise out of other people. Miscreants. Flies in the ointment. That’s their personality and they’ll be starved for attention until the day they day –they won’t change. Like good and mature adults, we would do well to ignore these smirking punks who have never grown up and can’t be serious long enough to understand that gay activists are the people who have handed them this largely tolerant society. Were it not for Stonewall and its progeny, they would still get arrested for gay sex or for getting a drink in a gay bar.

  26. Lose 40 pounds you pig says

    This fatso shouldn’t be eating Sh1t-fil-A or any other fast food for that matter.

  27. GeorgeM says

    As much as it saddens me, right-winger Markus is correct. We need to regroup. Focus on winning, that’s our best revenge. Eff CFA but I hope we put this much energy in to winning in November. Well those of us on the left who believe we have a right to get married.

  28. JD says

    These must be the type of guys that like to be put in a sling and fisted. They obviously like to inflict pain on themselves.

  29. says

    I suppose there are people in the world less sexy than the pathetic boys of GOProud, but not many. He looks like Karl Rove’s sister.

  30. Rick says

    “Why do these Grubs (Gay Republicans) hate themselves so much ?”

    I don’t think most of them do. They just hate the prevailing gay culture and hate the willingness of most gay activists to whore themselves out to the Far Left.

    Both of which they are right about…..the problem is, they have no idea what to do about it and so you get bizarre and pathetic displays like this.

    The entire gay movement has degenerated into gender-non-conformist freaks affiliated with the Far Left on the one hand and, in reaction to that, guys like this, on the other. No sensible middle, anywhere you look, any more.

    Really sad and pathetic all the way around…..and it is going to be hard to fix things, as I have discovered.

  31. Iwontgrowup says

    You can never fight hate with hate. It only drags you down to their level.
    Are they wrong?, yes.
    Do they have the right to their views?, yes.
    Do we have the right to boycot ?, yes.
    Do they have the right to refuse us service because we are gay ?, NO.
    Is this 1 company’s policy make a difference
    in our fight ?, no.
    We don’t give them any more attention. We move on the the legislators and the courts and make the changes we need to make.

  32. PK says

    I thought it was actually pretty humorous. I believe tolerance is a two way street. If homosexual people want other people to find tolerance for our lifestyle, then we also need to show tolerance.

    It doesn’t matter if Chik-Fil-A’s view on homosexuals being able to marry is different than your own, or how they choose to spend their money. That is their opinion and they are allowed the right to express their opinion based on the first amendment.

    I am a gay american, and I am not ashamed of it, yet I feel other people are also entitled to their opinions, Chik-Fil-A included. I also see bashing the men from the video by posting childish comments, or attempting to degrade them to make yourself feel better on the internet as being very narrow minded yourselves.

    How dare you ask for tolerance, and yet be so intolerant of other peoples religious beliefs, or their personal point of views. I am not saying I condone, or agree with their opinions, but I can respect them for having enough strength in their beliefs to stand behind them publicly, when they knew there would be negative backlash on their company.

  33. says

    Can these self loathing gays kill themselves already?

    NO ONE LIKES YOU. We self respecting gays feel sorry for you, and the heteros you all worship think you are evil. You are a sad pathetic bunch. Self hating gays don’t have a place in society. Hence why they are always so angry and republican.

  34. Thomas says

    HAHAHA how many references did “PK” the troll (using different handles) on here make in the post above that CLEARLY make it obvious he’s not gay.

    I LOVE when homophobic trolls come on here and make themselves out to eb gay in their post, but then make so many identifiable remarks that make it clear they are not gay and only pretending to be to help “validate” their point. Sorry but you kids are always sooo transparent and give yourselves away too easily!

  35. JP says

    Gays who are apologetic toward homophobia and accept it as a matter of life (without confronting it) have the blood of every gay child who killed themselves on their hands, and they know it.

    As others noted, these types of gays hate being gay so much that they project it on those of us who are actually comfortable in our skin. But we call them our for the miserable walking cancer cells they are. Can you imagine walking this planet and hating yourself and who you are?

  36. says

    This poor guy. This video came across like an epic mental break down. Emotional and mental break down. I’m assuming he has some deep rooted issues with bothing being gay and his family. I imagine his life will not end pretty. Won’t get morbid, but I see a very disturbed individual in this video who needs mental professional help.

  37. NY2.0 says

    Are gay republicans seriously standing with the likes of Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Chic fil A??? Wow, how demented and down right undignified!

  38. says

    A) My last name isn’t “Campbell” — did you actually WATCH the video? LOL

    B) GOPROUD had nothing to do with this video, please retract your headline which is a lie.


  39. kpo5 says

    Hey Bruce! If you have to call yourself a
    “Patriot,” you’re probably not one…

    same thing goes for “Christian.”

  40. GeorgeM says

    Do groups like NOM bother you? Do you confront anti gay republicans or just democrats?
    For the record I don’t care what this guy said I care more about what he does. For me I just won’t eat there and hope other gays won’t either.